Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1073


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Chapter 1072 There is a country to launch with United Kingdom…

“Prince Philip, thank you for your welcome. I am honored to be able to come to Windsor Castle. It is a very spectacular building. It is really a spectacular building.

Xia Yu extend the hand shook hands with Prince Philip, smiling flatteringly.

“Philip Uncle, good morning!”

And Elena said hello to Prince Philip in a low voice.

Prince Philip is his highest title, apart from this he also has the Duke of Edinburgh, Meliones Earl, Greenwich Baron, the Royal Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, the oldest and most noble Order of Thistle Knight, British The noble master and chief Knight of the Empire medal, etc.

As one of the dukes, Prince Philip and Duke Carter Howard are very familiar friends. Elena has met him many times and called him Uncle since she was a child.

Looking at Elena, who was smiling and staying quietly next to Xia Yu, like a gentle and virtuous wife, Prince Philip became more sure of his guess.

He smiled back at Elena, and then invited Xia Yu and Elena to sit down.

“Mr. Xia, and the beautiful Elena, please sit down!”

“What do you want?”

“I can do it. Everything in Windsor Castle is worth savoring.”

Xia Yu deliberately said in a somewhat exaggerated tone, and also gave Prince Philip a special look.

As the saying goes, it’s not surprising that many people are courteous, and everyone likes to listen to good things. It’s the cheapest way to get the favor of others.

Prince Philip was very happy, laughed up, and looked towards Elena again.

Elena immediately said softly: “Philip Uncle, mine is the same as his, thank you!”

“No problem!”

Prince Philip glanced at Xia Yu and Elena with some profound eyes, and then instructed the servant waiting beside him: “Use the best coffee.”


The servant complied respectfully, then quietly stepped back to prepare.

“Elena, how is your father recently? I haven’t seen him for two months.”

“Philip Uncle, thank you for your concern. My father had a very good time. He was with me when he came and wanted to find you to play golf.”

“Oh? It’s easy. I’ll call him later and make an appointment to relax.”


After chatting casually with Elena, Prince Philip looked towards Xia Yu again and smiled and asked: “Mr. Xia, when did you come to United Kingdom? I have met your subordinate, Manager George. When I asked him again, he said that you did not come to United Kingdom.”

Xia Yu smiled and replied: “Prince Philip, I flew to London the day before yesterday afternoon, because I haven’t been here for a long time, and there are a lot of things for me to deal with. I will visit you at a time, really sorry.”

Prince Philip smiled and waved his hand and said: “You don’t need to apologize, I can understand that you can handle things within a short time, and I admire it very much.”

“It’s me, maybe I can’t finish it in a week!”

Xia Yu said with a smile: “Prince Philip, you will be humble. My business can’t be compared with yours, and with your ability and experience, handling things must be more efficient than mine. I still have a lot Need to learn from you.”



In the middle of the casual chat, the servant brought up steaming fragrant coffee, Xia Yu brought up the topic through the coffee, and chatted with Prince Philip for a long time about coffee planting, production and taste.

For Xia Yu, a young, promising and powerful tycoon who is also a cooperation partner, Prince Philip didn’t put on airs, and talked with Xia Yu as an old friend for many years.

One more topic ended. After taking a sip of coffee and taking a break, Prince Philip finally asked what Duke Carter Howard had mentioned to him on the phone.

“Mr. Xia, I heard Sir Carter say that you want to talk to me about the prestige and influence of United Kingdom. What is it?”

Prince Philip finished the question, with a gentle smile, looking at Xia Yu quietly.

Xia Yu nodded, said with a light smile: “Yes, this matter is very important.”

“But I have a presumptuous request, I hope this matter is linked to another matter.”

Prince Philip’s smile froze slightly. Xia Yu was about to make a request, but this kind of thing couldn’t be more normal. He saw a lot and didn’t have the slightest emotion.

He was slightly nodded and said softly: “Mr. Xia, please speak.”

Xia Yu faintly smiled and continued: “Prince Philip, you may know that I am from Hong Kong, and my career and foundation are basically in Hong Kong. The reason why I have been able to invest heavily in United Kingdom in recent years is It’s because I made money in Hong Kong, so the prosperity of Hong Kong determines the upper limit of my career.”

“But some time ago, because of Hong Kong’s instability, its prosperous economy was directly destroyed. A sudden stock market crash wiped out all of Hong Kong’s achievements in the past ten years.”

“Hong Kong’s economy wants to recover again, I don’t know how much investment and how long it will take.”

“Hong Kong is still affected by unstable political factors, which is even more detrimental to Hong Kong’s economic recovery.”

“So whether it is for our Hong Kong people and business, or for my future capital investment in the United Kingdom, I hope Hong Kong can develop steadily.”

Prince Philip looked serious and looked at Xia Yu with scorching eyes, saying solemnly: “Mr. Xia, did you know? You are now interfering in United Kingdom diplomacy. This is a very serious issue!”


Xia Yu face doesn’t change, calm and collected, shook his head and said: “Prince Philip, I am not interfering with United Kingdom’s foreign policy. I am just representing Hong Kong citizens and Hong Kong capital. Hongkongers are panicked, how many families are ruined, and there are still many people worrying about the future of Hong Kong, so continuous immigration is a livelihood issue of Hong Kong.”

“Hong Kong is now under the rule of United Kingdom. It is United Kingdom’s job to manage and develop Hong Kong well. My demands should be reasonable and legal.”

Prince Philip’s facial expression grave, but did not speak for a long time.

Because what Xia Yu said is justified and well-founded, no matter what, one cannot deny one thing. Hong Kong is now governed by the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong citizens directly own the United Kingdom nationality. Hong Kong is not well developed, it is the Government of The responsibility of the United Kingdom.

This is beyond doubt!

But Prince Philip is not stupid, and he also knows the deeper things. If he dares to agree to Xia Yu’s request and the Government of the United Kingdom dares to agree, it is equivalent to give up the dispute over the ownership of Hong Kong.

Because once confronted with mainland, Hong Kong, which is in the middle, will be affected by political turmoil, and Hong Kong cannot be stabilized.

And Xia Yu agreed, then the Government of the United Kingdom can’t do all sorts of sabotage in Hong Kong.

So this is not what he is willing to agree to in his heart, nor is he able to agree.

Thinking of this, he was ready to shake his head and refuse.

Seeing Prince Philip’s move, Xia Yu said again before he said his refusal: “Prince Philip, if I know a piece of news, is there a country preparing to have a war with United Kingdom? I will use this news in exchange, What do you think?”

Prince Philip opened his eyes, stood up abruptly, blurted out in shock: “War?”

“Are you sure?”

Xia Yu faintly smiled said: “I will not lie about this kind of thing!”

“Which country dares to provoke the majesty of the British Empire!”

After Xia Yu’s affirmation, Prince Philip said angrily, staring at Xia Yu with round eyes, hoping that he would say the answer immediately.

But Xia Yu remain unmoved, still smiling, Serene said: “Prince Philip, I can’t say this easily.”

Prince Philip took a breath and felt a little irritable. He took a deep breath and sat down again. He stared at Xia Yu and said, “Mr. Xia, you are also a citizen of United Kingdom. Maintaining the security of the country is what a citizen should do Obligation, if you want to talk about the Hong Kong issue, then you can put it to the next step. When it comes to war, every minute and every second is important.”

Xia Yu didn’t laugh any more this time. He said to Prince Philip with a serious expression: “Prince Philip, the reason why I associate the prosperity of Hong Kong with this incident is also because of my status as a citizen of United Kingdom. If the Government of the United Kingdom thinks that I am a citizen of the United Kingdom with legitimate rights and interests, then the government has the responsibility to maintain the prosperity of Hong Kong and to develop Hong Kong. I want to receive the rights and benefits of citizens, then I will definitely do my best Obligations.”

“If the government does not treat me as a citizen and I cannot enjoy the rights and benefits, then I have no reason to fulfill my obligations!”

“Rights and obligations are equal!”

“Isn’t it?”

Prince Philip was speechless.

This is a closed loop. He can’t find a valid reason anymore. In the case where the high-sounding words fail, he can only use real benefits.

Prince Philip condensed his eyebrows for a long time, and then slowly said: “Mr. Xia, I have no right to express my opinion about Hong Kong, and I cannot promise you.”

“I will go to meet the Prime Minister with you, and you will talk to her.”

Xia Yu mouth raised a smirk, nodded said: “No problem!”

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