Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1074


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After Xia Yu and Elena left, Prince Philip packed up his things and returned to London. He met his wife and Margaret Thatcher and informed them of the meeting between him and Xia Yu.

The two people’s opinions are very unified. Margaret Thatcher will meet with Xia Yu on behalf of the government. The stability of Hong Kong can be discussed, but the premise is that Xia Yu’s news can play a huge role in United Kingdom. .

10:00 a.m the next day.

Xia Yu arrived at 10 Downing Street and saw Margaret Thatcher, who hadn’t seen him for a long time, and Prince Philip, who had just met yesterday, in the prime minister’s luxurious parlor.

Politicians have always done a good job of surface work, and the atmosphere of meeting is very friendly.

After a simple greeting, Margaret Thatcher sat on the main seat and asked Xia Yu to sit on the sofa on the left, and Prince Philip on the sofa on the right.

According to the division of labor as stated yesterday, today Prince Philip is mainly as an observer, and the negotiation is dominated by Margaret Thatcher.

Because of the urgency of time and the serious issue of war.

So Margaret Thatcher didn’t chat with Xia Yu too much, and went straight to the topic.

I saw her looking at Xia Yu solemnly and said: “Mr. Xia, Prince Philip told me the general information yesterday. After discussion, we reached a preliminary opinion.”

Xia Yu eyes narrowed, looking straight at her, her attention is highly concentrated.

Margaret Thatcher continued: “Hong Kong’s stability can be negotiated, but only if your information is of great help to United Kingdom.”

“I represent the government, and Prince Philip represents the royal family and is responsible for this promise!”

“Of course this is fine!”

Xia Yu smiled suddenly, nodded said.

Since the stability of the Prime Minister and Philip’s pro-Royal General Hong Kong is on the negotiating table, the last trace of worry in his heart is gone.

He has more confidence!

“Then, please tell us the details you know.”

Margaret Thatcher said immediately.

Xia Yu laughed and said: “Speaking of which is a long story. I just prepared in advance and wrote the relevant information on the notebook. Please wait!”

After speaking, Xia Yu opened the briefcase she brought, and in the eyes of Margaret Thatcher and Prince Philip, took out a notebook, and then solemnly handed it to Margaret Thatcher.

The latter immediately took the notebook and opened it, and Prince Philip also looked up and read it together.

The above information is purely handwritten by Xia Yu, and the printer is useless.

Fortunately, his handwriting is very beautiful and there is no obstacle to browsing.

When they saw an obvious country name, both Margaret Thatcher and Prince Philip looked incredulous.


It turned out to be Argentina?

Why do they have the guts?

It’s just a wild talk!

Margaret Thatcher wanted to throw this notebook out of her hand for a moment, but considering that Xia Yu was used as a bargaining chip to negotiate, Xia Yu was impossible to fool them, so she kept her patience and kept looking down.

Just as she browsed continuously, her mentality gradually changed.

Looking at Margaret Thatcher and Prince Philip’s faces becoming more solemn and cold, the corners of Xia Yu’s mouth raised slightly, and she picked up her coffee and drank freely.

At the same time, his mind once again deduced how to negotiate more appropriately for a while.

For a long time, Margaret Thatcher and Prince Philip finally read all the information on the notebook, and their faces were very solemn.

“Argentina Provisional Military Government!”

Thinking of all the things about Argentina’s interim military government in her mind, a cloud of haze flashed in Margaret Thatcher’s eyes.

If someone told her before that Argentina dared to provoke the United Kingdom and start a war against the United Kingdom, she would never believe it.

Although Argentina is now a major country in South America and the influence of United Kingdom is weakening, it is not something that Argentina can provoke!

Furthermore, she has not received the following report on the attitude and instability of the Argentina military government.

And to be honest, the territorial conflicts between United Kingdom and Argentina are mainly concentrated in the Malvinas Islands.

With the continuous loss of overseas colonies after World War II, United Kingdom’s attitude towards overseas colonies has changed.

In the past two decades, the Government of the United Kingdom has analyzed the Malvinas Islands, which are isolated in a corner of the South Atlantic, many times. This is a heavy burden, and giving up is the best choice.

It’s just that because of the lack of resources on the islands, most of the residents are of British descent, neither have independent capital, nor do they want to become Argentinas, they have been pending, and even the Government of the United Kingdom has repeatedly persuaded the island’s Residents accept Argentina to get out of it.

Especially in the past ten years, the Government of the United Kingdom has been actively negotiating with Argentina to try to properly resolve the Falkland Islands issue. It has also signed a number of agreements. The United Kingdom not only agreed to Nationality, oil, fishery and other resources were allocated to Argentina. Even after Margaret Thatcher came to power in 1979, he further mentioned the new plan of returning the island Lord power to Argentina and gradually transferring the administrative power.

No matter how you look at it, it’s as if Argentina is waiting to receive the island!

One wants, one wants to give. Negotiations have been going on for almost 20 years, and the results will soon be seen.

So after seeing Argentina at first, Margaret Thatcher would feel ridiculous, and only when Argentina gets his brains will initiate the war.

But after reading Xia Yu’s intelligence and analysis, Margaret Thatcher is now dubious.

She somewhat believes that the risk of war exists, and it is not small.

Because “foreign wars can transfer internal contradictions” has been tested by history, this is a mistake made by dictators in the past!

The stupid big fellows of the Argentina military government are really likely to do unreasonable things.

The domestic situation in Argentina has become out of control. Let alone a military government that has barely shown its ability to govern the country in several decades, it may not be possible to reverse it if it is replaced by the Government of the United Kingdom.

After all, the situation in United Kingdom is not too light compared to Argentina. For that matter, United Kingdom is still struggling in the quagmire.

According to the information written in Xia Yu’s notebook, Argentina’s internal conflicts are now very acute. Statistics show that in the past six months, Argentina’s inflation rate has exceeded 5%, and its GDP is three consecutive The quarterly decline was more than 10% year-on-year, the decline in manufacturing output has fallen by more than 20%, while the increase in worker wages has not exceeded 20%.

Argentina The Federation of Trade Unions, which has gained more and more supporters in the country, has launched a long-term general strike, and the government is spurned and hated by the people.

Argentina’s military governing committee chairman and army commander-in-chief Opoldo Fortunato Galtieri is incompetent and incompetent. He has been relying on high pressure to reluctantly maintain his rule. Now Argentina’s domestic opposition is one after another, and Galtieri desperately needs political achievements. To prove the timeliness of the military government and prove that you can change the country!

The solution is to take back the island of Malawi with a tough hand, the incarnation Argentina national hero.


For a long time, Margaret Thatcher put the notebook on the table, her complexion recovered, and she looked at Xia Yu quietly, slowly said: “Mr. Xia, I have read the information, but this information is full of uncertainty Sex.”

“And most importantly, Argentina will never be our opponent, we will not fail!”

In the last sentence, Margaret Thatcher said powerfully, as if she was telling an established fact.

The negotiation has officially begun!

Xia Yu faintly smiled, neither fast nor slow said: “Ms. Margaret, although the United Kingdom army has not fought for 20 years, the strength of the United Kingdom is beyond doubt. I believe that in the world Within the scope, Argentina is definitely not an opponent of United Kingdom.”

“But Falkland Islands is next to Argentina, but it crosses half of Earth for United Kingdom. The supply and troop lines are too long.”

“I believe that before seeing my information, anyone will not believe that Argentina wants military force to retake the island. For example, if you have not received such information, you can see that the people below simply don’t This matter takes it seriously.”

“In this case, can the Falklands garrison resist the Argentina army?”

“Once the Government of Argentina succeeds in retaking the Falklands, the reputation of United Kingdom will be hit hard.”

“With my current intelligence, as long as the United Kingdom prepares in advance, it can thoroughly teach the Argentina military government, and it will definitely achieve a full victory, whether it is for you or for United Kingdom. It’s a huge victory.”

“To be honest, the value of this information is extremely huge.”

Margaret Thatcher’s eyes flickered, and her heart moved.

She has been in office for so long. Because of the privatization reform, the unemployment rate has risen sharply and her support rate has been declining.

And her diplomatic achievements have not been much. If she can show her tough foreign policy by beating Argentina, she will definitely be able to temporarily stop the decline of United Kingdom’s influence, and she will also be able to gain greater Support rate……


Hong Kong’s stability issue is also a relatively important direction of her diplomacy. Hong Kong’s geographical position in Asia is also very important, and she still doesn’t want to give up.

The benefits must be maximized!

After thinking about it, she looked at Xia Yu sharply and asked: “But Mr. Xia, none of this happened. This intelligence contains too many speculations. When do you think the Argentina military government will act? What?”

Xia Yu pretended to think for a moment and said affirmatively: “According to the current situation in Argentina, Galtieri can’t hold on for too long, he can only hold on for more than half a year at most.”

Margaret Thatcher frowned on the weekend and asked questioningly: “In other words, Galtieri will act in April next year. What if he doesn’t act?”

Faced with Margaret Thatcher’s overbearing gesture, Xia Yu’s smile faded away. He sat upright and seriously said: “He will definitely act. This is the only way he can maintain his rule. , If he doesn’t do this, he will only be ousted.”

“As a dictator, he has a high probability of doing so.”

Margaret Thatcher bit a bit and retorted: “But none of this has happened yet, and it may not even happen.”

“So if you want to use this information as a bargaining chip, it is not enough.”

Prince Philip also sipped and said: “Mr. Xia, the Prime Minister is right. The value of your intelligence cannot be reflected intuitively. It is full of uncertainty.”

Margaret Thatcher looked regretful, and her tone was full of regret and helplessness: “It’s a pity that we can hardly agree to your terms.”

Xia Yu brows tightly knit, said solemnly: “Ms. Margaret, first of all, I have to declare one more point. The Government of the United Kingdom has the right and obligation to manage and develop Hong Kong, even if Argentina will not be outdone. Action, United Kingdom is also obliged to restore Hong Kong to prosperity.”

Seeing Margaret Thatcher’s face a bit ugly, Xia Yu’s tone became softer, slowly said: “Of course, what you said is reasonable, then we can choose a compromise!”

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