Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1075


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“Please speak!”

Margaret Thatcher calmly looked at Xia Yu after speaking.

Xia Yu lightly said: “Anyway, it’s only half a year. This time is not long. You can determine the harvest of United Kingdom and the role of intelligence based on the situation.”

“If it does happen, when the time comes, there is no need to hire a dedicated evaluation team. Major media worldwide will rush to report. They are the most impartial third-party evaluation team. What do you think?”

There is not enough time for half a year. Although the Governor of Hong Kong was elected first at the end of this year, the official appointment will take place around May next year. If Falklands War really happens, then it must have already happened.

Even if the new Governor takes over, as long as the Government of the United Kingdom will issue an order, the new Governor still has to execute it, no problem.

Margaret Thatcher watched Xia Yu for a long time, and slowly nodded and said: “Yes.”

Xia Yu smiled, and suddenly thought of a little more, his smile narrowed, and then said again: “By the way, Ms. Margaret, I have one more statement.”

“If it is because the Government of the United Kingdom does not value my information and has suffered a relatively large loss, then the value of my information cannot be denied.”

Is Xia Yu afraid of the arrogant John Bull or sloppy? In case he was reminded, it would still be the same as the previous life, and the French flying fish missile purchased by Argentina would destroy the cruiser. This certainly cannot be used as an excuse to shirk.

It is better to get vaccinations in advance.

Faced with Xia Yu’s apparently distrustful attitude, Margaret Thatcher was a little unhappy, but she didn’t say much, and simply nodded agreed: “Yes.”

Seeing Xia Yu’s smile, Margaret Thatcher felt unhappy in her heart. She looked at her watch and asked, “Mr. Xia, is there anything else?”

The meaning is obvious, her time is more urgent, if nothing else, then this meeting will end here.

Xia Yu knows that Margaret Thatcher must be in a bad mood, so she is not angry at her attitude.

No matter how many cases, it will disappear in the face of benefits.

He faintly smiled and said: “Ms. Margaret, I do have one more thing. I intend to invest 5,000,000,000 GBP in United Kingdom in the next three years.”

Sure enough, Margaret Thatcher was shocked when she heard this huge number, and Prince Philip was equally shocked, and her gaze towards Xia Yu changed.

This fund has been equivalent to about 2% of United Kingdom’s GDP last year.

If it can be fully invested in United Kingdom, driven by the industrial chain, it can definitely generate tens of billions of GBP in benefits. How many employment problems can it solve? How much can it contribute to the economy of the United Kingdom?

It was a momentary matter. The unpleasant moments in her heart were swept away, and a warm smile appeared on her face.

“Mr. Xia, on behalf of the Government of the United Kingdom, I welcome your investment in United Kingdom. There are many investment opportunities in China. Do you have a detailed investment plan? Do you need us to recommend it for you?”

Xia Yu looked distressed and shook her head sighed and said, “Ms. Margaret, in the past two years, I have invested more than 3 billion GBP in United Kingdom. For the time being, most of them want to invest. All of them have invested, and the remaining areas are basically state-owned enterprises, and they are not allowed to invest. I am also troubled now.”

“I heard that the United Kingdom is now reforming the telecommunications market and is preparing to establish a new telecommunications company. The telecommunications industry needs large-scale infrastructure construction, which consumes a lot of funds. I don’t know if this is suitable?”

Margaret Thatcher eyes narrowed, her smile narrowed slightly, she understood what Xia Yu meant.

Is it just that the new telecommunications company wants Xia Yu to enter?

Faced with the investment of 5,000,000,000 GBP, she fought fiercely in her heart.

For a long time, she let out a sigh of relief, and solemnly said to Xia Yu: “Mr. Xia, the new telecommunications company, I am not quite clear, I can only answer you after I understand it.”

“In any case, United Kingdom welcomes your investment.”

“Okay, I am waiting for your reply at any time!” Xia Yu said with a faint smile.

After a few more conversations, Xia Yu offered to leave.

Perhaps because of the 5,000,000,000 GBP investment invested by Xia Yu in the end, Margaret Thatcher enthusiastically sent Xia Yu out of the door to show her importance to Xia Yu.

After Xia Yu left, Margaret Thatcher immediately summoned his confidants for a discussion, while Prince Philip went to Buckingham Palace. He needed to inform his wife of the meeting with Xia Yu.


On the way back, Xia Yu was in a relaxed mood, and he did what should be done. The specific results need to be continuously strived for later.

To be honest, Xia Yu not at all has too many worries about whether Margaret Thatcher will break her promise.

Although the face of a politician is like the face of a monkey—if it changes, it has to be right for people and things. The key is to look at the factors of interest.

Hong Kong gained financial autonomy in 1958. The direct benefit that the Government of the United Kingdom can account for is mainly military expenditures by the Government of Hong Kong, which are provided to the United Kingdom’s garrison in Hong Kong.

Last year, the Government of Hong Kong spent about 100 million GBP in military expenditures, which was used for various expenses for the United Kingdom garrison.

However, Hong Kong is different from the colony of United Kingdom. It is only a leased land and is legally to be returned at maturity. This income cannot be long-lasting.

If the benefit of breaking the wrist with mainland is greater, there is no doubt that the Government of the United Kingdom will definitely choose to break the wrist.

However, in the face of Xia Yu’s huge investment and the benefits that this investment can generate, the 100 million GBP that directly benefits is insignificant.

Not to mention, if Xia Yu really invests 5,000,000,000 GBP in the United Kingdom, how can it provide the Government of the United Kingdom with 1 billion GBP in tax every year after implementation.

Although Xia Yu didn’t say it clearly, he brought up the issue of investment and the stability of Hong Kong together. With the wisdom of Margaret Thatcher, he must be clear about the relationship between them.

In the face of these, letting him open the investment threshold of the new telecommunications company alone is just a requirement that’s all that is not required.

Not to mention, before the direct monetary benefits, Xia Yu also threw out a huge value of intelligence, and gave enough.

In this case, Margaret Thatcher also has to carefully consider the consequences and losses that will result from breaking her word. After all, Xia Yu’s strength and influence in the United Kingdom cannot be underestimated.


In the next few days, Xia Yu everyday all walked through various banquets.

As the Deputy Leader of the United Kingdom Chinese businessman consortium and the Overlord of Hong Kong, there are more people who want to curry favor with him.

He can refuse invitations from ordinary people, but for invitations from people with a certain amount of energy, Xia Yu will readily accept the invitation considering the need to spread and deepen its influence.

On the fourth day after Margaret Thatcher met, Xia Yu got a reply from the Government of the United Kingdom, asking him to send someone to the government to discuss the new telecommunications company.

At the sign of Xia Yu, George Berkeley, who was already ready, led the team personally.

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