Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1076


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About eleven o’clock in the morning.

Xia Yu was still working in his own office at the headquarters of the Bright Fund, and George Berkeley took the people back.

Seeing that George Berkeley’s expression was relaxed, Xia Yu said with a light smile: “George, did the negotiation go well?”

George Berkeley, nodded, walked to the chair at Xia Yu’s desk and sat down, and reported to Xia Yu.

“Boss, the negotiation situation is fair, right”

“The government has planned this way. The newly established communications company must inject capital of 500 million GBP. Investors subscribe to the corresponding capital to inject the company based on equity shares. The government will not profit from it.”

“So the threshold for investing in a new telecommunications company is not just capital, but other ancillary conditions.”

“At first, the government offered to give us 10% of the equity shares of the newly established telecommunications company, but the ancillary condition is that we need to invest more than 3 billion GBP in the United Kingdom within a year, and the Ministry of Commerce will supervise the implementation. This article will also be written into the contract. If the standard is not met, we are in breach of contract and the government will withdraw 5% of the equity shares for free.”

“After preliminary negotiations, the investment amount within one year was reduced to 2 billion GBP. After feeling the negotiation was difficult, I temporarily suspended the negotiations and came back to ask you for instructions.”

Xia Yu sneered, apparently dissatisfied with the attitude of the Government of the United Kingdom.

There is no doubt that today’s negotiator must have been instructed by Margaret Thatcher above.

In his opinion, today’s negotiation is a test.

But Xia Yu is not naively fooled.

The investment of 5,000,000,000 GBP that he and Margaret Thatcher made was aimed at the stability of Hong Kong, not the new second telecommunications company. The latter is just adding that’s all.

And Margaret Thatcher wanted to use a second telecommunications company to trap part of his investment. When the time comes to talk about the stability of Hong Kong, his bargaining chips were reduced, or the negotiation failed. Or Margaret Thatcher will take the opportunity to make other requests.

Closed my eyes and thought for a long time, Xia Yu re-eyes opened and looked at George Berkeley, decisively instructed: “George, you continue to negotiate with them, you can be stronger. Now it is the Government of the United Kingdom. Begging us to invest, our bottom line It’s a ratio of one to ten.”

“Let us invest in the second telecommunications company as much money as we can multiply the capital invested in United Kingdom by ten times within one year.”

“You can ask them to put forward a condition that if the investment does not meet the standard, half of the equity shares will be recovered, but we also have to declare here that the investment time is not fixed, even if no investment is made in the first eleven months, as long as Twelfth months The investment is full and the United Kingdom Department of Commerce cannot interfere.”

The registered capital of the new telecommunications company is 500 million GBP. If the Government of the United Kingdom wants them to invest 2 billion GBP according to the bottom line proposed by Xia Yu, it would have to spend 40% of the new telecommunications company’s equity shares. Come.

When such a volatility condition is proposed, the initiative will be on Xia Yu’s side. It depends on how many equity shares the Government of the United Kingdom will give to them.

As the investment time became looser, Xia Yu also considered that Falklands War would happen in half a year. He could not invest much except investing in new telecommunications companies, and wait until the Government of the United Kingdom has finished talking about Hong Kong invests after stable things.

At that time, even if the contract has been signed, as long as the funds are not implemented, the Government of the United Kingdom will definitely be more scrupulous and be able to gain more negotiation initiative for Xia Yu.

George Berkeley smiled after listening, and nodded said: “Okay, Boss! I know what to do.”

Xia Yu smiled and nodded, and then said: “George, you can get Dadong Telecom to also participate. Anyway, Dadong Telecom also has 40% of government shares. Nine, and it can also provide technical support. If two telecommunications companies want to compete, they must not be without technology.”

“Okay!” George Berkeley responded again.


While George Berkeley was busy with the second telecommunications company, Xia Yu checked the Rolls-Royce Motor Group and other companies in the afternoon.

That’s how one day passes.

In the evening, Henry came out of school on vacation and held a party at his house in London and invited Xia Yu to join him.

That night, Henry’s classmates came a lot, and Xia Yu and Elena were the only ones in the apart from this party.

Everyone celebrated until 12:00 a.m. They left. Because it was too late, Xia Yu simply stayed there for one night. Of course… it was sleeping alone.

Xia Yu got up early the next morning and practiced Tai Chi in the fresh air garden.

Although London is located in the northern temperate zone, and now it has entered the November winter, since England is surrounded by the ocean and affected by the warm North Atlantic current, it has a temperate maritime climate, so England’s winter is not cold.

In November, the temperature in London is between 5°C and 10°C. When it is hot, the temperature can reach 20°C during the day.

Thanks to Xia Yu practicing Tai Chi all the year round, his body is strong, and his resistance is very strong. Therefore, his upper body is just wearing a thin sweatshirt, which is formed by the heat that he exhales between The fog formed a strong sense of contrast.

“Xia Yu, put on your coat, don’t catch a cold.”

Just as Xia Yu closed her fist and stood by, Elena, who appeared to be watching quietly, came over with a coat and said in a soft voice with concern.

I felt a heavy weight on my shoulders, and a thick coat was added to him.

Looking at the beautiful face close at hand, Xia Yu showed a warm smile. He grabbed Elena’s jade hand, but felt a chill.

Xia Yu froze for a moment, and then realized that Elena must be standing outside with her coat, causing her hands to not keep warm.

Xia Yu’s heart warmed, subconsciously holding Elena’s two hands, and then holding both hands in front of her, exhaling heat into her hands.

Looking at Xia Yu warming her hands seriously, feeling the temperature from her palms, Elena’s face bloomed with a more beautiful smile.

The usually steady and domineering Xia Yu suddenly showed such a gentle side, which made her feel the incomparable charm of Xia Yu all over her body.

Unconsciously, Xia Yu’s head also lifted, looking at Elena with a gentle look. Elena’s eyes flickered, and her long, curled eyelashes quivered slightly.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I seem to see a picture I shouldn’t watch.”

At this moment, Henry’s voice sounded not far away, and Xia Yu and Elena woke up, who wanted to have closer contact with their emotions warming up.

Looking at Elena withdrawing her hand in a panic, Xia Yu was very sorry, looked reluctantly towards Henry not far away, but only saw Henry walking back.

It seems that this is really just an accident.

Xia Yu shrugged, gave Elena a regretful smile.

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