Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1077


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Looking at the appearance of Henry solemnly vowed, as if he wanted to bring Xia Yu into the gang, and he really loved Chelsea, Xia Yu laughed.

He looked at each other with Elena, then looked towards Henry, who was looking forward to it, nodded and said: “Okay, I have come to United Kingdom so many times, I haven’t watched a football match yet!”

“I promise not to disappoint you. Although Liverpool is very strong, Chelsea will never lose!” Henry said in a spirited spirit.

“Well, Henry, if you want to have the strength to cheer for Chelsea all the time, now you have to fill your stomach.”

Hearing the elder sister’s words, Henry calmed down a bit. He shrugged and said to himself: “Maybe, you are right!”

After speaking, he continued to enjoy breakfast.


After eating breakfast, Xia Yu and Elena accompanied Henry to join his classmates, and then took the car to Stamford Bridge.

Stamford Bridge Stadium is the home stadium of Chelsea. It is located on Fulham Road in the west of Fulham, very close to the Thames and the famous King’s Road.

This stadium was officially opened in 1877. In the top 20 eight years, it was almost exclusively used by the London Sports Club, as a venue for sports games rather than as a football field.

Until 1904, H.A. Mills and his younger brother J.T. Mills got the ownership. Before that, they also got the land in a big market near the stadium. Build a football team on five acres of land. Initially this stadium was intended to be used by Fulham Football Club, but Fulham Football Club used a cheaper Craven Farm, so it refused this opportunity.

No way, the unwilling Mills brother made up his mind to set up a football club.

Because the name of the “Fulham Football Club” that previously represented the Fulham area has been taken up, Mills Brother changed his name from “Stamford Bridge Football Club”, “Kensington Club”, “Chelsea Club” and “London Club” “Waiting for the proposal, finally “Chelsea Football Club” became the name.

It’s also interesting to say that the Kensington-Chel Western Region is next to Fulham, which is also a wealthy area.

So if foreigners who are not familiar with United Kingdom football come to London, it is easy to think that Chesil Football Club is located in the Western Region of Chelsea, but it is not known that it is located in Fulham District.

Elena’s residence was in the Fulham area, so it took Xia Yu and the others about five minutes to arrive outside Stamford Bridge.

At this time, there are already a large number of fans lined up to check the tickets to enter the stadium. Xia Yu, who is not bad for money, naturally bought the best seats, and even changed the tickets of Henry’s classmates, so that everyone can gather. Together, this is mainly for safety reasons.

After checking the ticket, everyone took the ticket to find the location, and came to the entrance seat of the West Stand. Not far away was a sculpture of King Osgood of Chelsea.

Because the game hasn’t started yet, Xia Yu and Elena sitting together chatted, and Henry talked very happily with a group of classmates.

As time passed, more and more fans from both sides entered the stadium, and Stamford Bridge became more and more noisy.

When the Liverpool team wearing the red jersey and the Chelsea team wearing the blue jersey entered the stadium, as the music rang, the whole stadium burst into deafening cheers. In this atmosphere, Xia Yu had a blood spray a feeling of.

After introducing the players, the players from both sides dispersed, and with a whistle, the game officially began.

Only a minute or so after the game was at first, the Red Army began an explosive offensive. The 20-year-old Liverpool star Ian Rush showed his sharp edge and rushed to the Chelsea goal with the ball.

At this time, there are still many fans who have not yet entered the stadium. They are attracted by the shocking exclamation, and urgently turn their eyes to the green stadium.

“Oh God, shovel him!”

“Come on, stop him!”

On the Xia Yu side Henry and the others hugged his head and exclaimed, panicking at Chelsea’s situation.

Xia Yu narrowed his eyes, staring at the red silhouette that drove the ball, a single thought flashed in his mind.

Ian Rush, seems to be the super striker of the Red Army Liverpool, who also maintained Liverpool’s scoring record, and was even hailed as the greatest striker in Wales history by fans and the media.

Just as Xia Yu thought about it, Ian Rush and his teammates cooperated tacitly and broke into the Chelsea field. Then he faced the siege of the two and passed the ball to his teammate Kenny Dalglish. A more mature and stable super shooter than Ian Rush received the ball and volleyed directly. The football was against the grass and rushed into the net bag before the goalkeeper fell to the ground to intercept!

The opening two points thirty two seconds, the Reds scored a goal!

The whole stadium was silent for a moment, and then the Red Army fans uttered a loud cheering, and the larger number of Blue Army fans hugged their heads and wailed, seemingly unable to believe that the team they supported would concede the ball so quickly. Up!

For a time, swearing, wailing, and even crying, one after another.

Glancing at Henry who was wailing, Xia Yu shook her head secretly.

He has already remembered that in history, at the end of the 70s and the entire 80s, it seems that they belonged to Liverpool, which belonged to the Red Army’s Legendary.

Under the command of the famous Red Army marshals Shankly, Paisley, Fagan and the others, the Red Army is like a brutal red machine, quickly crushing all the obstacles that stand in front of them, all the way In 17 years, he won 11 league titles, four Europe Cup titles, four League Cup titles, three FA Cup titles, two UEFA Cup titles and one Europe Super Cup title. The Overlord status of United Kingdom football.

Because of the Liverpool team, United Kingdom football caused a red storm in Europe, making many opponents become terror-stricken at the news.

The famous Red Army coach Shankly also shouted some classic words, such as:

“There is no best football team in the world, because all the best football teams in the world have been killed by Liverpool!”

“There are only two football teams in the world, one is called the Liverpool team and the other is called the Liverpool youth team!”


There are many other famous sentences like this.

It’s only 1981. The Heysel tragedy that interrupted Liverpool’s glory four years later in history has not yet occurred. At this time, the Red Army was in the peak period, and Chelsea wanted to win difficult as ascending heaven!

Even if you have the home court advantage!

Suddenly, Xia Yu seemed to have thought of something, caressed Elena’s hand, and asked in a low voice in her ear: “Elena, do you remember the current rankings of Chelsea and Liverpool in the league? Just now in the car It seems that Henry mentioned it on the previous page, but I didn’t remember it.”

Elena smiled sweetly and said softly: “I remember Liverpool ranked first and Chelsea ranked 19th, only one goal difference from 20th.”

“I understood.”

Xia Yu smiled and nodded.

There is no Premier League that resounds throughout the world, or even a British championship. The United Kingdom highest league is the English League. There are 22 teams in the entire League, which is more than the Premier League of the later generation. Two.

According to the last three relegation rules, now Chelsea Ranked 10th ninth is on the edge of the relegation zone.

Like the 20th place score, there is only one goal difference, so after this time, it is estimated that you have to enter the relegation zone.

The facts are just as Xia Yu expected.

No matter how the Blues fans cheer for the rest of the time, and no matter how hard the Blues fight, they will not be able to beat the Reds Liverpool.

After the whole game, the Blues’ defense was screened by the Liverpool team.

How is a group of blue-collar players in the Blues rivals this group of top players in Liverpool?

With a whistle, the game ended. Amidst the helplessness and wailing of the Blues fans, the score was fixed at 4-1!

Chelsea fell into the relegation zone and the situation is precarious!

After leaving the venue, Xia Yu sent Henry’s classmates back home, and then together with Elena, took Henry to a high-end garden restaurant.

Looking at Henry, who was still lost, Xia Yu and Elena looked at each other, he moved the stool, sat next to Henry, patted his shoulder, said with a smile: “Hi, Henry, If you want to start, the league has only started for three months and it’s still early in May. Chelsea still have a lot of opportunities. The low ranking now does not mean that you will be behind.”

Henry lifts the head, his eyes flickered, and he tried his best to explain to Xia Yu: “Today is just Liverpool. Good luck. In fact, Chelsea is very strong, but…”

“Well, I can’t make up anymore. Chelsea is really bad. The team I like has bad results. I am in a bad mood today!”

“I’m sorry for asking you to watch such a bad game together. I shouldn’t have invited you.”

Xia Yu smiled and patted Henry on the shoulder, and said again: “Henry, it’s okay. It is not shameful for Chelsea to lose to Liverpool. Look at the number of European rich and powerful families that have lost to Liverpool over the years? There should be a lot of bigger scores. I want to start, but I didn’t and so on. As long as Chelsea continue to work hard, there is still a chance.”

Speaking of opportunities, Henry looked frustrated, shook his head and sighed: “The opportunity is too slim. Chelsea has no money. It has a problem with its funds. Now that the grades are so bad, it has entered a vicious circle.” /p>

“Maybe next year, Chelsea will be relegated to the second division. Hey…Chelsea is a rich team. In fact, London’s market is very good. The market far exceeds Liverpool, but the management is terrible. , The Mills family heard that there was another problem with the funds, and they have no money to invest in the transfer.”

“Without a star to play, and no potential new star to buy, when will Chelsea create its rich and powerful family…”

Xia Yu expression moved slightly and asked Henry: “Henry, Chelsea has a financial crisis?”

Henry didn’t notice the changes in Xia Yu. He subconsciously spit out: “Yes, the Chelsea club itself is in debt, and the Mills family has expanded the Stamford Bridge stadium, which has caused financial constraints. Now the stadium expansion projects have stopped. “

Xia Yu expression was inexplicable, slightly nodded, a single thought came to mind.

Maybe this is an opportunity.

It’s not bad to buy a team to play with…

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