Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1078


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After going to work in the afternoon, Xia Yu did not go to the busy George Berkeley, but called an executive in the investment banking department-Elton Colin, and ordered him to investigate the details of Chelsea Football Club and make Acquisition plan.

The reason for choosing him is that Xia Yu knows that he is an old fan. Maybe he will have a better understanding of the inside story of Chelsea Football Club and work more efficiently.

The result did not disappoint Xia Yu.

It took three days before and after. Elton Colin got a full picture of the Chelsea Football Club situation and made a complete acquisition plan. On November 6th, It was presented to Xia Yu early.

The real situation of Chelsea Football Club is uncovered in front of Xia Yu.

Chelsea Football Club really is in crisis!

Furthermore, there is no hope of rising after falling into a trough!

In the past few years, Chelsea Football Club has been in good times and bad, and the results have been quite unstable.

Especially in the past two years, it has been declining and has been on the verge of relegation. The team’s poor results hurt the hearts of the fans and disappointed the fans again and again, so that the fans voted with their feet, leading to Chelsea Football Club’s Ticket revenue and advertising revenue plummeted.

Before 1977, when Chelsea Football Club’s performance was good, the Mills family had already started the reconstruction of the East Stand at Stamford Bridge in order to increase commercial income, preparing to build a high, middle and low three-tier suspension. The structure of the grandstand not only has more seats, but the creativity of this design is also far ahead now, but the difficulty and cost of construction have also increased.

As Chelsea Football Club’s performance declined, the ticket purchase rate for the game also continued to decline, and the sharp decline in income caused the Mills family to begin to be restrained.

That’s all.

What’s more terrible is that the United Kingdom’s economy is still in a quagmire these years, the main business of the Mills family has also been greatly affected, and the family business capital chain is tight.

For this reason, the Mills family had to delay the reconstruction project of Stamford Bridge Stadium. Four years later, the progress of the stadium reconstruction has reached half of the design level.

Despite the delay of the reconstruction, the interest from the bank loan has been accumulating. The income of Chelsea Football Club is no longer enough to pay the bank’s interest, and it is not even enough to maintain the operation of Chelsea Football Club, let alone Buy superstars in the transfer market.

The vicious circle has appeared!

To this day, Chelsea Football Club has been in debt of 120,000 GBP.

Stamford Bridge Stadium does not belong to Chelsea Football Club, but the private property of the Mills family, which belongs to the Stamford Bridge Assets Company. The Mills family owns 100% of the company.

However, in order to expand the Stamford Bridge Stadium, the Mills family has a debt of 6.4 million GBP, and this debt continues to increase every year due to interest.

One thing worth noting is that of the 600,000 GBP debt that the Mills family has on its back, 38160,000 GBP belongs to Royal Bank of Scotland, which is a major creditor of the Mills family.

In the acquisition plan, Elton Colin evaluated the assets of the Chelsea club, and the result was that the old or talentless players and the coaches were worthless.

And the Mills family is now saving themselves the family business, so it is very likely to negotiate to take over the Chelsea club for free at the cost of 6 120,000 GBP.

As for the Stamford Bridge Assets Company, only Stamford Bridge Stadium is valuable. The company is valued at around 9 million GBP. Excluding the debt of 6.4 million GBP, the net assets are around 2.6 million GBP.

Considering that the Mills family is now in trouble, it is in urgent need of funds and also wants to get rid of the debt burden, so it will take the initiative in the acquisition.

“I understand!” George Berkeley nodded solemnly.

Xia Yu was slightly nodded, and instead of repeating the instructions too much, she asked about the Dadong Telecom Company.

“How is the transfer of equity shares of Dadong Telecom’s Hong Kong Branch Office?”

“The progress is relatively smooth, and at most half a month can be successful.”

“Okay, let me know after success.”


After talking to George Berkeley again, Xia Yu sent him away.

The matter of Mokerui Communication Company has been settled, and he has also had a worry, so next, the focus will be on France!

Two days later, just when Xia Yu was about to start the action, he received a call from Prince Philip and learned a piece of news that surprised him at first but felt reasonable.

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