Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1079


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In the office, Xia Yu smiled and drank tea indifferently with expression.

After listening to Xia Yu’s calm recount, Elena said with joy: “Xia Yu, in fact, with your contribution to the United Kingdom, the royal family should have knighted you long ago. Although it’s a bit late, it’s finally Coming.”

“From now on, do I have to call you Sir Xia?”

Elena blinked her big beautiful eyes and looked at Xia Yu playfully and said.

Although her father is a Duke, her level is much higher than the noble title of the jazz that the royal family wants to award Xia Yu, but she is still very happy for Xia Yu, because it represents the royal family’s recognition of Xia Yu.

Xia Yu stroked Elena’s hand, cracking a joke and said: “Elena, then why should I call you, my lady?”

Elena’s pretty face blushed, subconsciously looked towards the door with a guilty conscience, and found that the office door was still closed before she relaxed.

She gave Xia Yu a provocative look, and said with a little arrogance: “It doesn’t count what you said, you have to ask my father if I agree.”

Xia Yu laughed, hugging Elena in her arms, and said domineeringly: “If you don’t agree with your father, you have to agree, such a good son-in-law, can worldwide find second?”

After that, Xia Yu didn’t wait for the shy Elena to answer, and lowered her head directly, catching the soft and warm XX.

For a long time, Xia Yu lifted the head again, and seeing the pretty face ruddy, her eyes blurred, like a beautiful rose waiting to be picked by Elena, a sense of satisfaction rose in her heart.

Xia Yu’s hot gaze made Elena feel soft and could not feel it. Her instinct told her that if Xia Yu was allowed to continue, more things might happen.

Therefore, after regaining some sanity, Elena reluctantly broke free from Xia Yu’s arms, tidyed up her top, and provoked the topic to divert Xia Yu’s attention.

“Xia Yu, do you plan to accept the royal knighthood?”

Xia Yu smiled and nodded and said: “Of course, even if I abandon the assets of United Kingdom, it is impossible to abandon you. Since it is destined to have a deeper connection with United Kingdom, it is much more convenient to accept the royal title, although The title of this jazz is not precious.”

Although I know that Xia Yu is deliberately coaxing her, women are the same, they all like to listen to the sweet words of their beloved, Elena’s heart is beautiful, and the gaze looking towards Xia Yu becomes more gentle and admiring.

Get back to business.

As Xia Yu said, the title of jazz is not precious, so I have to mention the honor system of United Kingdom here.

United Kingdom’s honor system is very complicated. I won’t mention the others, just talk about the distinction between Lord and Sir.

The Lord is the honorific title for the Fifth Level nobles of the United Kingdom, the noble title of Lord does not actually exist. This is a blind spot for many people.

Except for the hereditary aristocrats of since ancient times, almost all the nobles granted by United Kingdom now are life-long nobles, and the Baron of life-long nobles and hereditary nobles is of the same rank, so they also enjoy the title of lord.

But for Jazz, there is a clear difference.

In the honor system level, the jazz is a class lower than the baron but higher than the gentleman. Like the gentleman and baron, it does not belong to the nobility.

Queen of England can confer the Order of Jazz to people from any country.

However, only the citizens of Queen of England, including citizens of United Kingdom and some citizens of Commonwealth of Nations, have the right to enjoy the title of “Jazz”.

For example, Kimchi Lee is a citizen of South Korea, and the Queen of England can grant him the Knight of British Empire, but Kimchee Lee cannot call himself Sir Kimchee Lee because he is not loyal to Queen of England.

So almost all foreigners who contributed to the United Kingdom were awarded the knighthood, not the noble title. Even if the noble title is granted to the noble, the noble title cannot be used by the noble because of disloyalty to the Queen of England.

However, Xia Yu is a Chinese with dual citizenship in the United Kingdom and the United States. When he was in Hong Kong, he assumed the status of a United Kingdom national (overseas) by default. Legally, he was a citizen of Queen of the United Kingdom, so once he accepted In addition to titles, the titles of Queen of the United Kingdom can also be used as nobility or jazz.

It is okay for others to call him Sir Xia.

However, Xia Yu is “people in Cao Ying, heart in Han”, even if he accepts the knighthood of Queen of the United Kingdom, he plans to let others call himself “Mr. Xia” instead of “Sir Xia”, He can only use this name unless he is attending a gathering within the United Kingdom aristocracy later.


Three days later.

Xia Yu entered Buckingham Palace in a formal suit, and found that besides Prince Philip and his wife, there were several dukes inside, which surprised him.

Carter Howard, Duke of Argyll, Ian Campbell, Duke of Argyll, Robert Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster, and Porter Philip Cavendish, Duke of Devonshire.

In addition to Duke Carter Howard, among the other three dukes, Xia Yu is slightly familiar with Duke Porter Philip Cavendish, because most of his equity shares of the Financial Times group are from Porter · It was purchased from the Pearson Group in the hands of Duke Philip Cavendish.

As for whether these dukes happened to be here, or whether they came here to be a witness, Xia Yu didn’t know and didn’t ask.

Under the witness of everyone, the Queen of the United Kingdom held a ceremony for Xia Yu, and personally put on Xia Yu the highest rank Grand Cross of the five ranks of the Knight Medal (male and female abbreviated as “GBE “), the level is still higher than the Yue-Kong Pao who was knighted the year before.

Become the third Chinese in Hong Kong after Jian Yueqiang and Zhong Shiyuan to win the noble title of Noble Class and the highest honor of Knight.

Xia Yu was only slightly surprised when he saw this medal, and then some guessed that the royal family gave him such a high-level honor.

But he doesn’t care, whether United Kingdom is for the sake of face-saving, or for the psychological comfort behind it, a trifling jazz title cannot hinder Hong Kong’s stability and money.

It can even be said that the royal family suddenly awarded him honors. At this time, he was further enveloped. In fact, he was already planning for the worst. For Xia Yu, this was a good thing.

So Xia Yu was in a good mood all morning.

After the ceremony was over, Xia Yu planned to leave, but Prince Philip invited to play golf, and several other Grand Duke would go.

Xia Yu graciously agreed.

Have a good lunch at Buckingham Palace. During the period, the queen also actively asked Xia Yu about many things about Hong Kong. Xia Yu’s answer was both prudent and interesting. Some sensitive and profound topics were He hit Tai Chi and passed.

After lunch, the entire group boarded the royal Bentley motorcade and headed to the London Golf Club 20 kilometers away. This is one of the highest golf clubs within London. It has a 36-hole championship golf course and is a United Kingdom. Even one of the best hilly courses in Europe.

During the chat, Xia Yu also learned that Prince Philip is still one of the major shareholder of this London golf club.

Led by a major shareholder, everyone is a powerful person. Naturally, they enjoy super VIP treatment. Under the leadership of the staff, they went to the last central area.

Standing on the hillside, the breeze is blowing, looking at nearly 700 acres of rural scenery, a quiet and peaceful breath assaults the senses, giving people a whole-hearted enjoyment.

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