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Duke of Argyll’s invitation once again disrupted Xia Yu’s plan.

Fortunately, there is still plenty of time, so it doesn’t matter if you delay some days.

In order to go with Duke Carter Howard, Xia Yu went to Norfolk one day in advance and stayed at Castle Howard for one night.

Early the next morning, the entire group went to Inveraray, Argyll, Scotland. The name of the town was named after Clan Campbell’s castle, Inveraray.

On the way, Duke Carter Howard introduced to Xia Yu in advance the noble title of Duke of Argyll and the history and current situation of Clan Campbell.

Although Xia Yu knows a lot about Clan Campbell, and even approached Clan Campbell’s intelligence organization when he made his fortune in Hong Kong, he still listened patiently to Duke Carter Howard.

Clan Campbell’s Fiefdom is in Argyll County, because the title is Duke of Argyll, and the current patriarch Ian Campbell is Argyll XII.

It is worth mentioning that Duke of Argyll also has other titles, such as “Scotland Royal Hereditary Supervisor”. The main responsibility of this position is to be responsible for the internal affairs of the Imperial Family to Scotland. Therefore, as long as the Queen of the United Kingdom stays in the Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, the Duke of Algay will always appear in various ceremonies.

In terms of strength, Clan Campbell is also much stronger than the Howard family. Although most of the family assets are fixed assets such as land, forests, and minerals, at least they exceed 10,000,000,000 GBP.

Although the history of the Howard family is longer than that of Clan Campbell, there is no way, who let Clan Campbell seize several historical opportunities!

About 10:00 a.m. 40 minutes, Xia Yu and the entire group came to Invera Castle, a Gothic Revival manor house on the shore of Lake Fini, the largest sea lake in Scotland.

This huge castle, which started more than two hundred and thirty years ago and has been designed and improved by several generations of architects, was finally completed in 43 years. It is one of the symbols of Clan Campbell’s glory. The family’s Howard Castle is inferior and is one of the highest castles in Scotland.

The castle was originally a product of Europe in the Middle Ages. In addition to being used for residence by the nobles, it also served as military fortification and political division. And Invera Castle is a quadrilateral shape, except that the four corners are cylindrical arrow towers, and the top of the tower is crowned with a conical spire. There is a tower in the middle of the three-story castle, and the top of the tower is flying. banner.

Paving the road through straight red gravel, Xia Yu and the others came to the gate of Invera Castle and greeted them by the Duke Ian Campbell who had just met a few days ago.

Earl and the Marquis do not need Duke Ian Campbell to come out, but Duke Carter Howard not only has the same status as him, but the two are friends who have known each other since childhood, so when he received the notice from the servant, he left in person Come out to meet.

“Sir Carter, Sir Xia, and beautiful Elena and handsome Henry, welcome to you!”

“Dear Sir Ian, good morning!”

“Sir Ian, I greet you!”


The way four people say hello has nothing common with each other. Duke Carter Howard is obviously a lot more casual, Xia Yu is not humble, and Elena and Henry, as juniors, use the interests of the nobles to orderly Duke Ann Campbell says hello.

“Please come inside!”

“Elena, and Henry, Mia, Heidi, Tokushir, and Weber are all upstairs. I will ask you to take you up to find them. They will be very happy to see you. Of.”

Duke Ian Campbell was in a very happy mood and said to Elena and Henry with a warm smile.

“Thank you! I haven’t seen Mia and Heidi for a long time, I miss them very much!” Elena said expectantly.

During chat and laugh, Duke Ian Campbell escorted the four into the castle.

In the huge castle hall, it has been temporarily remodeled and arranged. There are already many beautifully dressed men and women in it. Xia Yu glanced at it and felt that a small number of them were familiar, and most of the nobles did not know him.

But it doesn’t matter, Duke Carter Howard has already said before coming, and will introduce him throughout the process.

After that, Elena took the younger brother Henry to the top of the stairs, and Xia Yu began to socialize.

The guests who are eligible to be invited to the coming-of-age ceremony of Clan Campbell First Heir are all aristocrats with a certain degree of strength, and ordinary Baron and Viscount are basically not present.

These nobles have brought the outstanding children of their families, hoping to allow their children to establish contacts on this platform, and even to see if they can find the right person to facilitate the marriage of their families.

Xia Yu just glanced, and saw many young and beautiful girls wearing dresses like Elena, wearing white sand gloves on their arms, white gauze on their heads, and some jewelry on their bodies. Show off your good side.

But these noble Misses are beautiful, just look at them. Xia Yu doesn’t plan to hook up. It’s better to communicate with their father when you have this time.

The time passed slowly, more and more VIPs arrived, and the atmosphere on the scene became more heated.

When it was 11:30, Xia Yu had just finished communicating with an Earl, and heard someone calling his name softly.

It’s Elena’s voice.

He followed the prestige, and there was a flash of surprise in his eyes.

Elena was walking down the stairs with five pure and beautiful girls, each wearing noble dresses, and most importantly, two of them looked exactly the same.

Xia Yu expression walked over calmly and bowed slightly to say hello to several beauties: “Beautiful ladies, hello, i am Xia Yu!”

“This is my friend, and of course my current Boss, Xia Yu.”

Elena walked out of them and introduced Xia Yu to them.

Xia Yu obviously found that a few people had a smile in their eyes, and they looked towards Xia Yu and Elena looked a little ambiguous.

“Xia Yu, let me introduce to you, they are all my good friends.”

“She is the daughter of the Marquis of Connor, Ruth Connor.”

“Hello, handsome Mr. Xia, I am Ruth. I am honored to meet you!”

“Hello, beautiful Ruth Miss.”

“She is Mia, the eldest daughter of Duke Campbell, and this is twin younger sister Heidi.”

The girl named Mia showed a gentle and quiet smile and said hello to Xia Yu, while the identical younger sister Heidi blinked her eyes, looking a bit lively and playful.


Under the introduction, Xia Yu remembered the names and appearances of Elena’s five friends with his powerful memory.

However, he also noticed that these six golden flowers gathered together and attracted the attention of many people in the hall. Some young people also began to stir, obviously wanting to come over and talk to a certain girl.

In this case, it is undoubtedly a hate to continue to occupy the time of the six girls, and he can keep his Elena.

Just when he apologized to several beauties and made excuses to leave, it happened that Duke Ian Campbell’s eldest son Tokushir Ian Campbell’s coming-of-age ceremony was about to begin, and some young people with ideas had to Sorry to suspend the operation.

“Xia Yu, Mia and Heidi are beautiful, aren’t they? They are still single~”

While standing by to watch the adult ceremony, Elena suddenly whispered in Xia Yu’s ear.

Xia Yu just wanted to say that she was beautiful, and she reacted instantly, looking towards Elena with a smile on her face, said with a smile: “Elena, where are they beautiful?”

“I don’t believe it, you keep watching them secretly.” Elena’s mouth raised slightly and whispered.

Xia Yu expression calmly explained: “You just introduced me and I still know each other, but now I’m just thinking, which of them is the elder sister and which is the younger sister.”

“How do you distinguish them?”

Elena couldn’t help laughing, she covered her mouth and whispered: “They are really hard to tell, but there are some subtle differences in their bodies, especially the younger sister Heidi has a mark… You still look at their pendant, right? , The color is silver white is elder sister Mia, and the color is light purple is younger sister Heidi.”

“Oh, there is indeed a difference.”

Xia Yu found out that the pendants on their chests were of different colors.


“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for participating in my child Tokushir Ian Campbell’s adult ceremony…”

Duke Ian Campbell and his wife personally presided over the coming-of-age ceremony for their son, Xia Yu looked towards the blond boy next to him who was looking forward to his son.

I have to say that Tokushir Ian Campbell is a talented person. If he has a more romantic personality, I don’t know how many girls’ hearts will be hurt.

Xia Yu remembers that according to the historical trajectory of the previous life, Tokushir Ian Campbell will inherit the noble title of the family and become the thirteenth Duke of Argyll. It is not a pioneer, but at least it is a defensive one. More than, saved Clan Campbell’s glory.

There is nothing to say about adult ceremony. Xia Yu follows the crowd. Applause when it’s time to applaud. After the protagonist steps down, with the sound of melodious and soft music, the time for free socialization comes again, for those who want to drink, and those who want to eat. I want to dance.

In Elena’s expectant gaze, Xia Yu took her hand into the center of the dance floor.

While Xia Yu was dancing with Elena, Duke Ian Campbell, who was drinking, jokingly asked Duke Carter Howard on the side: “Sir Carter, it seems that your baby daughter is in love with Sir Summer?” /p>

Duke Carter Howard glanced at Duke Ian Campbell and said expressionlessly: “I don’t know the situation. You know my character. I respect the privacy and freedom of the children.”

After finishing speaking, Duke Carter Howard took a sip of red wine and counterattacked: “I am not like you, a devil who is going to marry you with so many families. Who do you plan to choose?”

Duke Ian Campbell expressed his self-sufficiency and retorted: “My love and care for the children, this World is too complicated, and my daughters are so simple. As a father, of course I have to protect them. “

“I don’t want my daughter to be wronged in the future. If I want to marry my daughter, I have to pass my test first.”

Duke Carter Howard shrugged and said, “Your eldest daughter may listen to you, but your youngest daughter has a lively personality and is not easy to look after.”

Duke Ian Campbell calmly said with a smile: “My daughter is obedient…”

Before he finished speaking, Carter Howard’s jokes sounded: “Really? Look there!”

Duke Ian Campbell immediately looked towards the direction indicated by Duke Carter Howard, and saw that Xia Yu and Elena were already off the dance floor, and his youngest daughter Heidi was sending out an invitation to Xia Yu to dance.

Although the aristocratic etiquette does not stipulate that women should not actively invite men to dance, the daughter now actively invites Xia Yu, which undoubtedly shows that his youngest daughter is more outgoing, which does not match what he just said.

His face was a bit ugly, and he said to Duke Carter Howard angrily: “I’m optimistic about your future son-in-law!”

Duke Carter Howard deliberately laughed up and said, “I can’t control it.”

His laughter made Duke Ian Campbell depressed and drank the red wine in his glass.


Let’s talk about the dance floor.

Xia Yu gentlemanly put his hand on Heidi Campbell’s thin waist, the distance between her body is relatively wide, and Heidi Campbell put her left hand on Xia Yu’s shoulder, the right hand and Xia Yu’s Holding their left hands together, the two danced on the dance floor in soothing steps.

Heidi Campbell blinked and stared at Xia Yu: “Mr. Xia, were you secretly watching me and my elder sister just now?”

Xia Yu didn’t expect that she would say that, but Xia Yu was also thick-skinned, and the expression naturally said: “Heidi Miss, it’s not a peek, but a just and honorable look. I was just distinguishing you two, who is the elder sister and who is the younger sister.”

Heidi Campbell came to be interested, and curiously said: “Then do you have a clear distinction now?”

Xia Yu smiled and said softly: “It’s clear.”

Heidi Campbell hurriedly asked: “Hey, how do you distinguish it?”

Xia Yu looked down towards the light purple pendant in the middle of Heidi Campbell’s towering chest, and said: “Your elder sister Mia’s pendant is silver white, and your pendant is light purple.”

Heidi Campbell suddenly understood.

At this moment, Xia Yu suddenly asked a question that made her pretty face blush.

“Heidi Miss, Elena said you have a sign that is clearly different from your elder sister. Where is it?”

Heidi Campbell looked at her chest subconsciously and blushed and said, “I can’t tell you.”

It seems that because of nervousness, even the dance steps are a little messy, almost stepping on Xia Yu.

Xia Yu lowered his head and looked towards the white snow and the temptation ravine, and instantly reacted, could it be there?

Embarrassed  ̄□ ̄||

He was busy lifting the head, and just wanted to find a topic, but he never thought that the shy Heidi Campbell would distract the topic first, and it still meant a counterattack.

“Mr. Xia, are you dating Elena?”


Xia Yu was taken aback, then said frankly.

Heidi Campbell’s tone was a little envious: “She told me and elder sister before that she was not going to fall in love before 25 years old.”

“But it can also be seen that it is destiny that made you meet.”

“Can you tell me how you met? How long have you been together?”

Xia Yu’s mind showed the scene of her first encounter with Elena, and a knowing smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, which made Heidi Campbell who had been watching Xia Yu envy.

She couldn’t help looking forward to the appearance of love.

Because of the strict supervision of her father since she was a child, she rarely had contact with the opposite sex, and because of her family education, her vision became unconsciously high, and she has never had a boyfriend until now.

She is very curious whether the love of her good friend Elena is like the fairy tale.

Unfortunately, a dance song ended at this time. The men and women on the dance floor began to walk out, and the people outside the court began to walk in.

Heidi Campbell and Xia Yu looked at each other, and could only follow Xia Yu out of the dance floor and returned to where Elena was sitting.

It happened that Xia Yu just saw Elena smile and refused a young man’s invitation to dance.

Just sitting down, Heidi Campbell grabbed Elena’s hand and asked curiously: “Elena, Xia Yu told me just now, are you in a relationship, right?”

“How did you meet before? How long have you been together?”

Heidi Campbell’s sudden question made Elena a little shy. She glanced at Xia Yu subconsciously, with love in her eyes naturally.

“I’m a little hungry, go eat some food first.”

Xia Yu, who had just sat down, got up at the right time, dropped a word and left, leaving space for Elena and Heidi Campbell.

Heidi Campbell became more vigorous, holding Elena’s hand and said expectantly: “Elena, Mr. Xia is gone, don’t be shy.”

“You said before that you were less than 25 years old and were not going to fall in love. Why did you break this promise? Tell me…”

Can’t help Heidi Campbell’s request, Elena flashed scenes of past encounters in her mind, with an unconscious smile on her face, and in Heidi Campbell’s enviable and curious eyes, she whispered: “… …”


Xia Yu not at all walks away, holding red wine and eating snacks not far away, looking towards Elena and Heidi Campbell who are whispering from time to time.

Wait until they seemed to have finished talking, and when Elena started looking around for him, he took a tray and walked over with a stack of snacks and two glasses of red wine like a waiter.

“Two beautiful Miss, after talking for so long, are you thirsty? Do you need some red wine?”

“Thank you!”

Heidi Campbell politely said thank you, then gracefully held up a glass of red wine.

Elena also smiled and picked up the red wine.

“Bless you!”

Looking at Heidi Campbell holding the wine glass looking towards herself and Elena and sending out blessings, Xia Yu and Elena looked at each other, and also picked up the wine glass and touched her lightly.

“Thank you!”


Next, the three chatted, unconsciously talking about Clan Campbell’s Invera Castle and life in the castle.

Heidi Campbell’s expression calmly commented on her family’s castle: “I think it’s okay. My family’s castle is not as big as Elena’s, and I grew up in the castle since I was a child. Apart from some peers in the family, I There are only a few friends, Elena is one of the few friends.”

“This point you can ask Elena, I still have an elder sister to accompany me, Elena was even more lonely when I was a child!”

Xia Yu can imagine this scene, he looked towards Elena with a distressed look.

Elena said with a faint smile: “This was true when I was young, just like the Princess in the fairy tale. We are all curious about the life outside the castle after leaving the family. I really have few friends. Most of my time I write letters to friends I know.”

“When my father took me to other Uncle’s homes, I would meet peers. We played in the garden together. This is the deepest and happy memory of my childhood.”

“Of course, in retrospect, the life in the castle is actually very good. Without the hustle and bustle of the big city, the quiet, peaceful and quiet atmosphere allows me to relax and feel the beauty of nature.”

“Yes, this is an obvious feature of life in the castle.” Heidi Campbell agreed.

After speaking, she suddenly said to Xia Yu playfully: “Mr. Xia, do you have a castle?”

Xia Yu didn’t know, so she shook her head and said frankly: “I don’t have one!”

Heidi Campbell looked at Elena and blinked her beautiful eyes and said: “Elena likes the comfortable life of the castle. When she marries you in the future, she will rarely return to Castle Howard. What should I do? ?”

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