Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1081


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Faced with this problem, Xia Yu subconsciously looked towards Elena, but saw her smile and shake the head, but Xia Yu keenly discovered that while she was shy, she still had so much anticipation.

Xia Yu slightly smiled and said firmly: “Of course Princess has a castle!”

“I have to find out where there are top castles for sale…”

After listening to Elena, a happy smile appeared on her face, and a sweet feeling rose in her heart.

Although Xia Yu intends to buy a castle, and it may not be possible to buy a castle comparable to Howard Castle, she does not care. Xia Yu’s attitude is what makes her most happy.

Heidi Campbell, who ate a mouthful of dog food, felt sour in her heart, and at the same time she became more envious of Elena who had found love.

But because they are good friends who have known since childhood, she is not jealous yet, but sincerely blesses her.

She suddenly said to Xia Yu: “Mr. Xia, if you plan to buy a castle, it is recommended to buy it in Scotland. Scotland has the largest number of castles in the entire United Kingdom and is generally better preserved.”

“Scotland is known as the “country of ancient castles”. In Scotland, there are more than 1,000 castles recorded in history.”

“And I remember that after the decline of several families, they sold the castles to our family. I saw a few castles when I was a child, and they were all good.”

“If you are interested, I can ask my father. I often hear him say that in order to maintain these uninhabited castles and manors, a large expenditure is required every year.”

Xia Yu was a little surprised. He looked towards Elena and asked softly: “Elena, what do you think?”

“Elena, if you have a castle in Scotland, it will be convenient for us to meet when the time comes!” Heidi Campbell said expectantly, looking at Elena tightly with beautiful eyes .

Elena smiled and said to Heidi Campbell: “I also look forward to seeing you more!”

After speaking, she looked towards Xia Yu and said softly: “Xia Yu, I can buy the castle myself.”

Xia Yu scratched the tip of her nose with a gentle smile. Without waiting for her to speak, she looked towards Heidi Campbell: “Heidi Miss, then I have to trouble you to ask your father, which castles do you have for sale? Yes, can you?”

Heidi Campbell readily replied: “Of course there is no problem, I will ask my father!”

After speaking, the lively Heidi Campbell got up, lifted the skirt lightly, and moved towards her father.

“Heidi has been lively and cute since she was a child, even when she grows up.”

Looking at Heidi Campbell’s back, Elena smiled sweetly and explained to Xia Yu.

Xia Yu laughed, did not comment.

“Elena, eat some snacks, or you will get hungry easily.”



In the next time, Xia Yu and Elena are rarely calm and leisurely. They sit together, and no one will invite any of them to dance.

And Heidi Campbell seemed to be restricted by his father, and some reluctantly followed her father to meet the noble ladies and girls of other families.

When the prom gradually dissipated and the arriving guests began to leave, Heidi Campbell finally found Xia Yu and Elena at a light pace.

She smiled and said to Xia Yu: “Mr. Xia, my father invites you over!”

“Okay, Heidi Miss, Elena will ask you.”

“Please rest assured, I will take care of her.”

Xia Yu smiled and nodded in thanks. After she got up, she dressed and took a confident step, neither fast nor slow moved towards the place where Lord Ian Campbell was.

Duke Ian Campbell has also been following Xia Yu. Seeing him coming, he explained to a friend, then smiled and watched Xia Yu come over.

“Sir Xia, did you have a good day today?”

“Of course, thank you for your hospitality, today is an unforgettable day!” Xia Yu exclaimed with a smile.

Duke Ian Campbell laughed and invited Xia Yu to the sofa beside him: “Sir Xia, let’s sit there and talk!”

“Ok, please!”

The two sat down one after another.

Duke Ian Campbell went straight to the subject and said: “Sir Summer, listen to my daughter Heidi, you are going to buy a castle in Scotland, are you?”

Xia Yu smiled and nodded: “Yes, I also have a lot of businesses in Scotland, so I have to come to Scotland often later, so I plan to make a home in Scotland.”

He said wittily: “And Queen Your Majesty named me Knight. Although it is far less than your Duke, I also want to own a castle and enjoy the life of a nobleman.”

Duke Ian Campbell laughed dumbly, knowing the strength of Xia Yu of course it’s clear Xia Yu is cracking a joke.

United Kingdom has a lot of nobles, but how much strength can it match Xia Yu?

In this era of capital standing on the top of the world, Xia Yu, not to mention owning a castle, can afford to maintain a land even if it is hundreds of castles, except for narrow-minded people who may be jealous in private. Who would dare to put the noble spectrum in front of him?

As far as he knows, there are many Earl and Viscount struggles. Even the family castle is about to be repaired. There is only the fig leaf of the “nobleman”, and even more directly defeated reality. Take the initiative to ask for help, otherwise Clan Campbell will not take over other castles.

Duke Ian Campbell said with a smile: “Sir Xia, you are so humorous!”

“It just so happens that I still have some castles in my hand, which I took over after some local nobles in Scotland fell down for nearly a hundred years. They are basically unoccupied and spend a lot of money every year on repairs and maintenance. In recent years, I have also transferred two castles, and the rest have been planned for sale. If you are interested, I will arrange for someone to take you to see it.”

Xia Yu nodded cheerfully: “Of course I am interested!”

“About when can I go to see it?”

Duke Ian Campbell said with a faint smile: “You can do it anytime. If you plan to start watching today, there are also castles in the next county. It’s not too late today.”

“If you are farther away, you may need to watch it tomorrow.”

Xia Yu nodded: “Okay, Sir Campbell, please arrange for someone to take me to take a look at it later. I plan to make a decision in these two days.”

“You are welcome…”


After the dance, Duke Ian Campbell arranged for a middle age person named Ace and a convoy to take Xia Yu to see the castle in Stirling County next door.

In the next two days, Xia Yu wandered around Edinburgh, Sterling, Glasgow, Perth-Kinros and other places in central Scotland, and finally chose a splendid castle in the city of Glasgow——Bu Locke Castle.

This castle was built in 1465 by the Brock Earl family and belongs to one of the private castle estates of the Brock Earl family. This lakeside castle is very beautiful, although half of it is in the water, but it is well maintained.

When Xia Yu and Elena visited, according to Ace, the castle was taken over by Clan Campbell in 1954. The castle covers an area of ​​1.35 acres. Apart from this castle also includes surrounding areas. Six hundred and twenty acres of forest and grassland, these were originally the assets of the Bullock family, but it is a pity that the previous generation Pollock Earl was a wasterel gambler who defeated the family assets and reputation thoroughly.

But if it were not for the former Brock Earl’s prodigal, this top castle would not fall into the hands of Xia Yu.

Get back to business.

In addition to the fact that this castle manor is really good, Xia Yu chose Block Castle in consideration of other factors. The most important thing is that it is located in Glasgow!

The political and geographic advantages are too obvious!

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. Although the area is small, it is dozens or hundreds of times larger than those counties with administrative regions but with a population of only tens of thousands. Glasgow has a population of 600,000!

It is also the fourth largest city in the United Kingdom and the third largest manufacturing city in the United Kingdom, second only to Birmingham and Leeds. Manufacturing was once the city’s central industry, and the shipbuilding industry on the River Clyde of the utmost importance.

Although Glasgow’s economy is declining due to the impact of the World Economic Depression and the two world wars in the 30-year era. Since the 70s, it has been a dark period in Glasgow. The decline of heavy industry has led to high unemployment and low living standards.

But Xia Yu knows that when the 80s Middle-Stage starts, that is, in a few years, many financial companies will begin to move to Glasgow and gradually become one of Europe’s top 20 financial centers.

In addition to this, they will continue to wear titles such as “Europe City of Culture”, “City of Architecture and Design”, “Europe City of Sports”, “World’s Best City for Studying” and so on.

Glasgow is destined to become Xia Yu’s main base in Scotland in the future, and many of his companies will also gather here.

Owning a castle in this city is undoubtedly very convenient.

In the end, Xia Yu spent 400,500,000 GBP to buy Block Castle and the 620 acres of land around the castle. At the same time, Xia Yu took over all the servants to maintain the castle.

The price/performance ratio is undoubtedly much higher than that of the manor Xia Yu bought in London Hampshire. He spent 1 million GBP on that manor several years ago, but who made it be near London, which is how Glasgow is now Awful!

Before leaving Scotland, Xia Yu completed the handover ceremony with Clan Campbell in front of Butler Terrence Sorcy and other twenty one servants, and Xia Yu appointed Terrence Sorcy to continue to manage the castle on the spot.

After that, Xia Yu and Elena walked the entire castle with Butler Terrence Sorcy. Combined with Elena’s preferences, he gave a lot of opinions on various places in Block Castle, and then Let Butler make targeted rectifications and approved a check of 1 million GBP to Terrence Sorcy for the reinforcement of the castle and the purchase and replacement of interior decoration and daily necessities.

After all arrangements were made, Xia Yu took Elena and boarded the plane to England at Glasgow Airport.

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