Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1082

“You know from the name, Warwick Castle is in Warwickshire. This castle was built in the 11th century and is one of the oldest castles in England. It can even rival Windsor Castle in history. Of course, Warwick Castle is much smaller than Windsor Castle.”

“Warwick Castle has a very glorious history. A total of four 12 Earls lived there. This castle has changed many owners, and it has fallen to the Beaumont family, the Beauchamp family, and the Neville family. , Jinque Hua Family, Dade Lee Family, and Greville family. In the past two hundred years, they belonged to the Greville family.”

“However, because the Greville family fell, the castle was sold to the Cavendish family in 1978. It is now in the hands of the Cavendish family’s Pearson Group’s Tussauds Group. The castle has been built into a tourist attraction. It is still being renovated and has not yet opened. If you want to buy it, you must contact Duke Porter Philip Cavendish as soon as possible.”

Xia Yu finally remembered hearing Duke Carter Howard’s detailed explanation.

The Warwick Castle he was talking about, also known as Warwick Castle in the later generation, was indeed operated by the Tussauds Group, which was the company that operated Madame Tussauds.

This castle is indeed a top-notch castle, much more advanced than the Block Castle he bought in Scotland.

Not only in England, even if you zoom in to the entire Great Britain, they are considered top castles, not inferior to Howard Castle of the Howard family.

“Mr. Xia, what do you think of this castle?”

Xia Yu humorously said with a smile: “It’s a pity to take this castle for sightseeing.”

Duke Carter Howard was taken aback, then laughed: “Need my help?”

Xia Yu not at all refused. Although he played golf with Duke Porter Philip Cavendish a week ago, he is still not as good as Duke Carter Howard in terms of intimacy.

Since Duke Carter Howard is so enthusiastic, he has no reason to refuse. It doesn’t matter if you owe him more favors.

Anyway, the future is a family, so it’s not a trivial matter to tell what to do.

He said gratefully: “Sir Carter, if you can, I will trouble you.”

Duke Carter Howard didn’t know what Xia Yu was thinking. If it was understood, he would never give Xia Yu a good face.

Of course, he was destined to not know what Xia Yu was thinking.

Duke Carter Howard said nonchalantly: “No trouble, he should give me this face, but I will tell him to help you buy, after the acquisition, you will have a better call with him.”

Xia Yu smiled and nodded: “Okay! I will thank him when the time comes!”

Talking again for a while, seeing that when the time comes is not early, Xia Yu said goodbye.

Duke Carter Howard did not stay and watched Xia Yu’s motorcade drive away from Castle Howard.


Running all the way, with Xia Yu’s physique, I can stand it, but Elena, a weak girl, feels physically and mentally exhausted.

After returning home for a good rest night, Xia Yu drove to the Bright Fund Headquarters in the City of London in the morning of the next day.

He just came to the office to sit down, and Elton Colin, who was arranged by him to buy Chelsea, knocked on the door of his office.

On the way to the company, Xia Yu has already learned the general situation through the newspaper.

The news of the change of ownership between Chelsea Football Club and Stamford Bridge has spread throughout the United Kingdom. Readers are understood. The buyer is the Bright Fund, but the Bright Fund did not stand up to explain, so there is no specific insider newspaper. .

“Elton, I have understood the general situation, thank you very much!”

“Your work efficiency is very high!”

From the time when the task was received on November 6 to the successful completion of the task on November 21 yesterday, just half a month, this efficiency is indeed worthy of praise from Xia Yu.

“Boss, no hard work! This is what I should do!” Elton Colin was delighted in his heart, but said very modestly on the surface.

“This is the detailed acquisition, including the equity shares of Chelsea Football Club and Stamford Bridge Assets. At the bottom is the list of all United Kingdom players and coaches collected, and a simple analysis report.”

While speaking, Elton Colin put the thick stack of documents in his hand on Xia Yu’s desk and gently pushed it in front of Xia Yu.

Xia Yu raised her brows and looked towards Elton Colin in surprise and asked: “In such a short period of time, has the situation of the players and the coach been investigated?”

Elton Colin nodded, explained: “Yes, the reason why it is so fast is mainly because the “Sports Life” newspaper under the Mirror Group has a very detailed database for the football field. I have mobilized “Sports Life” newspaper resources.”

Xia Yu understands that the accident in her heart is gone, he smiles and admires: “A good way.”

After speaking, he looked down.

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