Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1083


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As you browse continuously, Xia Yu’s face shows a satisfied smile.

The first is the acquisition results.

For Chelsea Football Club, the Bright Fund was only bought for a symbolic cost of 1 GBP, at the cost of the club’s debt of 6 120,000 GBP.

Chelsea Football Club has two teams, one is the current home team, and the other is the youth team of Chelsea Football Academy.

The former participates in the League One, the latter participates in the Youth League.

The first team now has 18 players and the youth team has 12 players.

The coaching team consists of five people with the newly appointed head coach John Neal in July this year. The remaining four are the first team coach, the youth team head coach, the youth training supervisor and the Goalkeeper coach.

After the management team and the player list, the status and salary are listed. Xia Yu didn’t want to look at it after a glance. There are four old players on the first team free transfer, and the other fourteen players are also very valuable. Low and generally older.

There are only a few outstanding potential stocks for the youth team, but they are not particularly prominent.

It can be seen that Chelsea Football Club not only has poor performance now, but also has no future. If it does not change blood, it will continue to sink.

Fortunately, Xia Yu Xia Yu took over……

Except for Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge Assets, which has total assets of 9 million GBP and liabilities of 6.4 million GBP, was bargained to 2.2 million GBP and bought it, which is 400,000 GBP lower than net assets. (Analyze the reasons yourself)

Of course, the 600,400,000 GBP debt was also taken over by Bright Fund.

After reading the results of the acquisition, Xia Yu turned to the list of coaches and players from all United Kingdom collected by Elton Colin.

He put the player list directly aside, looking at the coach list first.

Football is a collective sport. Whoever can drive the team and let everyone play their best ability, then this person will help the team the most. He is the leader of the team. This leader can be a player or Can be the head coach.

But Xia Yu can handle it clearly, even the top stars have to eat young food, but the head coach is different, as long as he has the ability, 20-30 years can go on.

In the overwhelming majority situation, a top coach is much more important than a core player.

Without a good coach designing good tactics, even if he builds the most luxurious star team, he will still be ruined by bad tactics.

Now he has to see if he can find a big fish.

The first one is Bob Paisley, the head coach of the Reds Liverpool. Born in July 1919, he is now 62 years old. He has coached the Liverpool team for seven years since 1974. He is also a Liverpool team. The coach with the highest winning percentage since then is also the coach who has won three European Champions Cups in Europe’s history.

This Legendary coach is a bull, but the assessment rate of job-hopping is extremely low, because he is 62 years old and has repeatedly declared in public that he will end his coaching career with the Liverpool team. It is estimated that his retirement will be here. Two years.


second ——Bu Laien Clough, head coach of Nottingham Forest.

The head coach is only inferior to Bob Paisley in honor. He has coached the Nottingham Forest team, which had fallen into the second division since 1975, and suppressed Liverpool in 1978 and 1979, winning the League Cup. The championship, using the team’s limited resources, won the Europe Cup in 1979 and 1980.

The Nottingham Forest team he coaches is also the only team that can threaten the Overlord status of the Red Army.

Born in 1935, he is only 46 years old now, in his prime of life, keep it!

Third place-Tony Barton, head coach of Aston Villa Football Club in Birmingham.

His rise trajectory is similar to that of Bu Laien Clough. He used to be a high-efficiency shooter. After retiring, he took the coaching path.

Bu Laien Clough started coaching the Nottingham Forest team that fell into the second division in 1975, and he was a little earlier, in 1974 coaching the Aston Villa, also in the second division.

In his first year in office, he led his team to win the England League Cup and also brought the Aston Villa team into the First Division that season.

In the following years, the Aston Villa team took one step at a time, won the England League Cup again the following year, and entered the European League Cup quarter-finals. Last year, they led a group of unfamiliar players to beat like The sun at high noon’s Liverpool and Nottingham Forest team, with a remarkable record of 61 points, boarded the first division championship after 70 years.

In this season, the Aston Villa team is still brave, winning streaks in the league and the European Champions Cup, and even in the European Champions Cup. The momentum is stronger than the Liverpool and Nottingham Forest teams. There are media predictions. It is estimated that this tournament is likely to be defended by the Aston Villa team for England.

He was born in 1937, younger than Bu Laien Clough, only four and 14 years old, which is prime time!

The fourth place…

The fifth place…

Xia Yu one by one watched it and made notes after the names of several outstanding coaches.

After reading the England area, look at the Scotland area.

Until… I saw a special name.

Alex Ferguson?

Is that the future Sir Alex?

Seeing this name, Xia Yu eyes narrowed, a single thought flashed in my mind, and I concentrated again, carefully looking at the resume recorded above.

Sure enough, it was him!

Alex Ferguson, born in 1941, is only 40 years old this year. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He ended his playing career at the age of 32 and officially retired. Then he became the East Level player of the Scottland Football League in 1974. The head coach of the Stirling County football team, 3 months later coached the St. Mirren team of Scotland’s first division, and won the championship in the third year and was promoted to the Scotland Premier League.

In August 1978, he became the head coach of the Aberdeen Club, a member of the Scottish Premier League. Once he took office, he led the Aberdeen team to the fourth strongest in the league with superb tactics, and reached the Scottland football team. The semi-finals of the League Cup and the League Cup.

In the 1979-1980 season, led the Aberdeen football team to win the Premier League championship, becoming the first team to break the Glasgow Celtics and Glasgow Rangers club’s monopoly of the Premier League championship in 15 years.

This season, Alex Ferguson’s tactical system has become more mature, and Aberdeen’s league results are also quite good. They have never fallen out of the top five and are a strong contender for the championship of the Soviet Super League.


Seeing Alex Ferguson’s information, Xia Yu was a little emotional.

The “Lord Sir” hasn’t gone to Manchester United yet, and now 40 years old, he has won a regional top league championship, and he can also be called a champion coach. He is definitely strong.

Xia Yu, who also has a memory of the later generation, knows very well how brilliant Alex Ferguson’s future achievements will be. He has been in charge for more than 20 years until he retires, and he won the most championship trophies. According to the vote, He was also selected as the most successful head coach in the history of United Kingdom football.

And the most impressive thing about Sir Alexis is his tactical thinking that keeps pace with the times and is fickle, as well as his aggressive offensive football.

It’s him!

No need to look again!

Xia Yu directly closes the coach list.

When I saw Alex Ferguson, Xia Yu knew that he was the commander of the Blues.

If Chelsea wants to become a rich and powerful family, it must be shaped by numerous championship trophies.

Moreover, he shouldn’t rely on the ugly iron bucket to win the championship. He plays vigorous and aggressive offensive football. He can also bring championships and definitely win the hearts of fans!

Alex Ferguson is one of the very few people who can achieve this point!

Moreover, he is loyal enough to the team to be able to stay in the Red Devils Manchester United for more than 20 years until retirement. Xia Yu prides himself that he has this capacity for people, and he is not afraid of anyone with financial resources. Max Ferguson’s maximum tolerance and trust can best make him what he can in World War I.

Xia Yu is looking forward to the fact that if Alex Ferguson is brought over, the old prince without any constraints will initiate a ruthless attack, who can stop the blue torrent of United Kingdom and even Europe football!


Seeing that the Boss didn’t even look at the player list, Elton Colin’s heart was full of tension. Could it be that there is a problem with his coaching profile?

Just when he was worried, Xia Yu smiled and threw the coach list on the table in front of him, saying: “Elton, give you a task, dig him over for me, he will The future commander of Chelsea!”

Elton Colin will pick up the information curiously, and when he sees the name on it, his eyes are full of consternation and surprise.

It turned out not to be Bob Paisley, Bu Laien Clough and Tony Barton, the three legendary coaches who are now ranked in the top three in England football!

It’s an Alex Ferguson from Scotland!

Just when he was astonished, Xia Yu’s gentle voice sounded again: “Elton, can you complete the task?”

Elton Colin a shivered came back to his senses, he nodded sharply and said, “I promise to complete the task with all my strength!”

Xia Yu smiled with satisfaction and whispered: “I am waiting for your good news.”

Elton Colin just wanted to leave, remembered one more thing, and asked inquisitively: “Boss, the news that Chelsea Football Club changed hands has been exposed. Now the team is a little unstable and the outside world has been In exploring, do we need to hold a press conference?”

“One more thing, the management of the Mills family is still on the job for the time being, but as agreed, all will leave after half a month. The club also needs a complete management team, including the team chairman.”

“The team has more problems now, and we need to make plans for the team’s future development as soon as possible.”

Xia Yu slightly nodded, after thinking for a while, a decision was made in her mind, instructed by Elton Colin: “Elton, you take me to Chelsea now and notify the Mirror Group to assist. A press conference will be held at 4:00 pm today!”

“Okay!” Elton Colin shook his whole body, and he replied with a guess in his heart.

After that, Xia Yu got up from her position, picked up the suit from the support hanger and put it on her body, and strode towards the door.

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