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Chelsea happened to have no game today, and the team was training at Stamford Bridge.

However, even if there is a competition, it must not be a good result.

When Xia Yu and Elton Colin arrived at Chelsea Football Club, Elton Colin ordered someone to notify the team’s head coach John Neal.

After receiving the notice, John Neal, who was instructing the players to train, immediately ordered the players to train freely, and then hurriedly returned to the club’s office building.

John Neal was surprised when he saw Xia Yu standing next to Elton Colin, but he didn’t have time to think about it, and walked towards Xia Yu and Elton Colin quickly.

“Mr. Elton Colin, hello!”

“Hello, gentleman, I am John Neal, the head coach of the Chelsea first team.”

“Coach Neil, very happy to meet you!”

Xia Yu said with a faint smile, while speaking also took the initiative to extend the hand to John Neal.

John Neal immediately shook hands with Xia Yu and even said hello.

At this time, Elton Colin introduced Xia Yu to John Neal: “Coach Neil, this is the board member of our Bright Fund Company, Mr. Xia Yu. The acquisition of Chelsea was his order. Starting today, he will be the chairman of Chelsea Football Club!”

What Elton Colin said was exactly what Xia Yu told him on the road when he came.

His external status is a board member of the Bright Fund, not a Board-Chairman or Boss.

The reason why he suddenly decided to become the chairman of Chelsea Football Club was based on many considerations. In short, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Learning that Xia Yu’s true identity is the club chairman, John Neal was more respectful and once again said hello to Xia Yu.

“Are Coach Neal, the players and the management team all here?”

“Yes, they are all training at Stamford Bridge Stadium.”

“Call them all here, I will meet them.”

“Is there a conference room here?”

“Yes, I will take you there.”


Although the players and management team are surprised by Xia Yu’s age and skin color, they are all very interesting. After all, Xia Yu is their club chairman.

Although most of the players in the team, including the head coach team, will be replaced, but Xia Yu not at all told them, just to make them business as usual for the time being, he is now mainly to solve the legacy problems of Chelsea Football Club.

No way, now Chelsea has fallen into the relegation zone, and the turmoil continues, and the performance becomes worse. Even if Alex Ferguson is brought in later, it may not be able to fill this hole.

“Of course.”

“Our company purchased Chelsea Football Club at a price of one GBP and assumed the company’s corresponding debts. In addition, we also purchased Stamford Bridge Assets at a price of 2.2 million GBP…”


“Dear Sir Xia, what is your next plan for Chelsea Football Club?”

“We will repay all the debts of the club and Stamford Bridge Assets in advance to relieve the burden of the club. After that, Stamford Bridge Assets will be merged into the club. From then on, the club no longer needs to worry about the lease period of the stadium.”

“In addition, we are going to make a first issue of capital injection to the club, with a capital of 10 million GBP, which is mainly used for the reconstruction of the stadium, the operation of the transfer market and the improvement of employee benefits.”

“In the past, the Stamford Bridge Stadium has been rebuilt for four years and has not been completed. This has seriously affected the team’s games and the enjoyment of the fans. We plan to complete the remodeling of the stadium before 1983!”

“Dear Sir Xia…”


Most of the reporters present were from various newspapers under the Mirror Group. They were notified before they came, so the order of the entire press conference was maintained very well, not at all sharp questions.

During the Q&A, all the important information was publicly explained clearly, and the bursts were full.

The entire press conference took nearly 40 minutes, and finally Perfection ended.

Reporters who were already impatient rushed to their newspaper offices.

Of course, the first benefit was some evening papers. After the urgent revision, the evening papers were delivered to various newspaper stand at stuck time.

As the after-get off work crowd bought the newspaper, details about Chelsea Football Club began to spread, and the Chelsea fans had the biggest reaction.

Although the new club chairman is a Chinese, some arrogant British are very upset by race issues, but fortunately, Xia Yu also wears the title of “New Jazz” on his head. This halo offsets the great Partial bias.

Of course, what excites the fans most is that they see the hope of Chelsea’s rise from the great generosity of the Bright Fund.

Stamford Bridge Stadium is completely Chelsea, and with the debts paid, the new Boss paid Chelsea 1.7 million GBP, which is a huge amount.

Even if the 7 million GBP to pay debts is removed, the remaining 10 million GBP of capital injection will have to bear the cost of stadium renovation, but at least 7 million GBP will remain.

If these 7 million GBP were invested in the transfer market, it would be incredible. You must know that when Liverpool’s current top striker Ian Rush was signed by Liverpool last year, it only cost 300,000 GBP, and the price was broken. United Kingdom 20 years old player value record for the following players.

Now the transfer price of top stars is only 5,600,000 GBP, and 7 million GBP is definitely enough for Chelsea to build a luxurious camp!

The hope of Chelsea’s rise is here!

Early the next morning, with the launch of major daily newspapers, Chelsea’s news was not limited to London, not only England, but also Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Different from the surprises of the fans and the crowds watching the crowds, the clubs in England football, which have the most direct competitive relationship, have the most complicated moods. Most of them are envy, jealous, and hate. They satirize Chelsea as an upstart in private, losing London’s face.

But Chelsea fans don’t care about this, as long as Chelsea has hope of rising.

Under this boiling public opinion, Elton Colin approached Alex Ferguson and sent him an invitation to go to Chelsea as the head coach.

There is no doubt that although Aberdeen is one of the major cities in Scotland, it is definitely not comparable to London. Now the intensity of competition in England football is higher than that of Scotland football.

Alex Ferguson has been in Scotland since he was a player until he became a coach. England football has a certain attraction to him.

Not to mention, Chelsea Football Club has changed drastically now and has the foundation to build a rich and powerful family.

And this point is also the beneficial influence of Xia Yu’s high-profile operation of Chelsea.

previous life Barcelona and Imperial Family Madrid have set the best example for Xia Yu. In Xia Yu’s plan, Chelsea will also follow this rich and powerful family road, making Chelsea the Holy of world football Land, by then, as long as Chelsea throws an olive branch, the best players worldwide will not be able to refuse the temptation to go to Chelsea…

Finally, under the constant sincere persuasion of Elton Colin, Alex Ferguson decided to make a request, he wanted to see the chairman of Chelsea Football Club.

Elton Colin decisively agreed. After contacting Xia Yu, considering that Aberdeen will have a game in the near future, Alex Ferguson, the head coach, could not stay away. Xia Yu decided to meet him. Scotland City of Glasgow.

Xia Yu, who had just returned from Glasgow, had to board the plane to Scotland again.

As for the meeting place, Xia Yu settled at the home he had just bought—Brock Castle.


Alex Ferguson, who is in his prime of life, has a very good mental outlook. At this time, he does not wear glasses at all, unlike the later generation with a scholarly temperament.

“Mr. Ferguson, welcome you!”

“Sir Xia, I am honored to receive your invitation!”

“Please sit down!”

“What do you want?”

“A cup of black coffee, thank you!”

“Ok, please wait!”

After a brief greeting, the distance between the two narrowed a bit, and Alex Ferguson also relaxed a little.

Xia Yu didn’t waste too much time, and straight to the point said to him: “Coach Ferguson, Elton Colin should have told you something, you know what, he at first recommended to me Bob Paisley, Bu Laien Clough and Tony Barton are three coaches. I am not boasting. Apart from Bob Paisley, who is about to retire, I have the confidence to invite them to Chelsea.”

“But I don’t have one!”

“I think you are the commander-in-chief that Chelsea needs most. You are no worse than any of them!”

Suddenly hearing Xia Yu’s high evaluation, Alex Fergusonton felt flattered.

Although he has always been very confident, he also knows the gap between himself and the three legendary coaches from England.

He did not doubt the strength of Xia Yu, because he used the limited time yesterday to inquire about the strength of the Bright Fund. Yesterday, he was shocked!

So Xia Yu values ​​him so much, and his mentality has changed a lot.

“Sir Xia, thank you for your recognition of me.”

“I want to ask, if I suppose Chelsea, how much support can you give me?”

After the question, Alex Ferguson fixed his eyes on Xia Yu.

Alex Ferguson is so direct, it also gives Xia Yu a greater sense of confidence.

He stared directly at Alex Ferguson and said seriously: “Coach Ferguson, we have an old saying in Chinese, “No doubt about employing people, no doubt about them!”

“If you become the head coach of Chelsea, I will give you the greatest authority in the entire United Kingdom football world!”

“In addition to the management of the team, I also give you all the transfer rights!”

“You don’t need to think about funding, nor do you need to worry about the commercial operation of the team. I don’t care if the club is profitable!”

“You can buy which star you want to buy, even if you create the top eleven transfer prices in the entire football world!”

Alex Ferguson was shocked and looked at Xia Yu in a daze. His emotions continued to emerge in his heart.

On the field, the number of a football team is eleven. Xia Yu’s metaphor is telling him.

As long as he wants, he can build a team with the world’s first man in every position!

This kind of support is unprecedented!

This kind of trust, he is impossible not to be moved!

Xia Yu looked at Alex Ferguson quietly, waiting for him to calm down.

Seeing him came back to his senses, Xia Yu smiled and asked: “Coach Ferguson, I hope you can personally build Chelsea into a blue Legion resounding throughout the world until the end of your coaching career at Chelsea.”

“Are you willing?”

Alex Ferguson took a deep breath, nodded: “Sir Xia, thank you for your importance and trust in me, I am willing!”

Xia Yu smiled, got up and stretched out a hand to Alex Ferguson: “Coach Ferguson, welcome you to join!”

Alex Ferguson extends the hand and Xia Yu is tightly held together.

After sitting down again.

The distance between the two has narrowed a lot.

Xia Yu said with a smile: “Coach Ferguson, I haven’t mentioned your salary just now. I don’t know about the salary system of United Kingdom football, but I can promise that your salary will be the highest in the United Kingdom. .”

Alex Ferguson smiled more and respectfully thanked: “Thank you!”

Xia Yu continued: “Coach Ferguson, I hope you can clarify the situation with the chairman of the Aberdeen club immediately after you return, so that he can find a coach to take over as soon as possible.”

“The winter transfer period is coming soon. You can now find the players you need, the entire Chelsea team, and the transfer will operate as you wish.”

“My requirements are not high this season. There are only two requirements, one is to run in the team, and the other is to leave the relegation zone.”

“Of course, if you are downgraded accidentally, there is no way, and you will be promoted again next season.”

The last sentence, Xia Yu is said with a smile, with a very peaceful mind.

But Alex Ferguson promised with a serious expression: “Sir Xia, please rest assured that Chelsea will never be downgraded!”

He still has this confidence. With the support of Xia Yu’s unlimited transfer rights, Chelsea would still be relegated and he would have no face to be a football coach anymore!

“I see your performance!”


After finishing the old Sir Alex, Xia Yu returned to London with a happy mood.

After returning, he also added a position to Elton Colin-the financial manager of the Chelsea Football Club, and explained his support for Alex Ferguson.

After everything was in order, Xia Yu took a break and went to France in a low-key manner.

Continuous events have delayed his France itinerary, and now it is about to enter December, it is time to pass!

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