Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 987

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For a long time, Wade Swire clenching one’s teeth and said: “Uncle, since it is inevitable for Dongfeng Airlines to enter the market to compete with us, it is useless for us to prevent it. It is better to find a way to join the Shareholder Wind Airlines.”

“In this way we can always know the latest situation of Dongfeng Airlines.”

Norman Swire slightly nodded agrees, which is also his idea.

He already had an idea in his mind just now.

In his view, Dongfeng Airlines has already appeared, and Swire Group wants to influence the Government of Hong Kong not to grant Dongfeng Airlines a shipping license. The success rate is very low.

Directly colliding with Dongfeng Airlines is a last resort.

After all, from the registered capital and shareholders, we know that Dongfeng Airlines is very strong.

Strong strength means strong resistance to pressure. Cathay Pacific’s struggle with Dongfeng Airlines is likely to put Cathay Pacific into a quagmire of competition and put tremendous pressure on the entire consortium.

Since the hazard of a violent collision is so great, it is better to infiltrate Dongfeng Airlines.

Then think of a way to make Cathay Pacific targeted suppression, such as occupying popular routes, forcing Dongfeng Airlines to fly to only small and unpopular routes in the market, when the time comes, Dongfeng Airlines will definitely suffer serious losses.

As long as Dongfeng Airlines loses money year after year, even if Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok have money, they will definitely not be able to handle it.

When the time comes, let Cathay Pacific or Swire Airlines come forward and find a way to acquire Dongfeng Airlines.

Although this method takes a long time, it is better in operability and the success rate seems to be relatively high.

Previous life Swire Group used this insidious approach when faced with the later menacing Dragon Airlines formed by Yue-Kong Pao and the others.

Dragon Airlines hasn’t made a profit for a year. In the end, the shareholders each and everyone couldn’t help but lose their confidence to exit. Yue-Kong Pao couldn’t hold it anymore, and finally left the market sadly.

Of course, the previous life Dragonair’s failure was so miserable that it had something to do with its late admission. The admission was already in 1985. At that time, Hong Kong’s economy was already booming, driving the development of the aviation industry, and Cathay Pacific was powerful. A lot.

Like this life, at this time, Cathay Pacific’s strength is not particularly strong, and it has just embarked on the road of international development, with only a few direct flights outside of Asia.

As for this life, Dongfeng Airlines not only has more powerful Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok, but also BUG-rank and other Xia Yu, so the development of Swire Group in the aviation field is destined…

Unfortunately, Norman Swire is not a reincarnator, he does not know these things.

“Wade, what do you think of this method…”

Norman Swire slowly expressed his thoughts.

After listening, Wade Swire’s eyes were bright and nodded repeatedly said: “Uncle, your method is great. As long as we delay the development of Dongfeng Airlines, we will speed up Cathay Pacific’s route network construction. Dongfeng Airlines can only fly If you fly on less popular routes, you lose once. Even if Yue-Kong Pao and the others have money, they can’t support it. When the time comes, our chance will come.”

Norman Swire said calmly: “Wade, all of this is just our idea. Whether it can be implemented depends on Yue-Kong Pao’s attitude.”

“Moreover, even if Yue-Kong Pao and the others are willing to take out Dongfeng Airlines’ equity shares, they will definitely put forward harsh conditions, and Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd’s equity shares will definitely require them, but the company’s value is too low. If we want to change Dongfeng Airlines’ equity shares, it’s far from enough.”

“It would be best if he is willing to accept cash to invest in shares, but this probability is extremely low. We should not have too high expectations.”

“You go talk first, and when it’s suitable, I will personally come forward to negotiate with Yue-Kong Pao!”

Wade Swire replied solemnly: “Okay!”

At this time, the nanny brought the last dish and walked over and whispered Norman Swire to eat.

Norman Swire had to stop the discussion for a while and smiled and said to his nephew: “Wade, you haven’t eaten lunch yet, let’s come together, and talk afterwards.”

“OK Uncle.”

One afternoon, Norman Swire and Wade Swire’s uncle and nephew 2 were discussing in the living room, and halfway through they called for a powerful brainstorm.

Considering that little information is known about Dongfeng Airlines, and the meeting with Yue-Kong Pao only ended this morning.

So this time, Norman Swire is no longer so anxious and intends to be completely ready to do it again.


When Swire Family was planning a scheme, Xia Yu was not idle.

The first is London, UK.

With the continuous purchase of HSBC shares from London stock exchange for more than a year, Bright Fund has already held 100/6 equity shares and entered the Board of Directors of United Kingdom HSBC Holdings.

George Berkeley’s long sleeves help one dance beautifully and Bright Fund’s influence is also great. Continuously deepened the cooperation with HSBC Holdings, which made him enjoyable in HSBC Holdings.

After receiving Xia Yu’s assignment at this time, for the sake of safety, George Berkeley started with HSBC Holdings as the parent company of HSBC Hong Kong.

Even if Michael Sandberg has a very good relationship with Norman Swire, it is HSBC Holdings that pays him his salary and social status. He can make suggestions in the face of orders from the parent company, but if the parent company does not adopt it, he still has to implement it and must Execute according to the requirements of the parent company, such as keeping this point confidential.

According to a report by George Berkeley.

His proposal to transfer the 20% of Cathay Pacific equity shares held by HSBC Hong Kong and the equity shares of Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company 100/8 to the parent company has been passed by HSBC Holdings. board meeting.

For the sake of safety, he has arranged for the staff of HSBC Holdings to come to Hong Kong to directly find Michael Sandberg and execute the order forcibly. There is no need for HSBC Hong Kong’s Board of Directors.

The reason for this is to let only Michael Sandberg know the news, and to prevent others from leaking the news.

Xia Yu estimated that it would take a few days to reap the results.

There are no problems with Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, so the only thing that is not clear is Hong Kong Song Family.

For Song Family, Xia Yu is also the lowest in the whole process.

After all, the relationship between Song Family and Swire Group is too deep.

Song Family shares 10% in Hong Kong Swire Group at 3, Swire shares shares 5/100/6, in Cathay Pacific shares 7%, and there are some shares in other companies. It can be said that the connection is very close. Old partner of Swire Family.

Xia Yu specially ordered someone to collect Song Family information, and he is very clear about the strength of the very low-key Song Family in Hong Kong.

Powerful but extremely low-key, this has a great relationship with Song Family’s inheritance of scholarly heritage and discipline. The Aristocratic Family who can always inherit, basically look like this.

At the beginning of the Republic of China, the Song Family was a wealthy man in Shanghai. He was originally a landlord, and then worked as a foreign comprador, and then started a factory, operating a pharmaceutical factory, a textile factory, etc. The Song Family’s property in Shanghai was based on the street. The unit, to describe it as dong, is definitely a derogation of Song Family.

Many celebrities such as Cai Yuanpei and Fu Lei are tenants of Song Family.

In the survey data, Xia Yu also found some interesting relationships.

For example, Song Family’s Song Chunfang was the earliest scholar who studied and introduced Western drama and theories in the 3rd year of Xuantong in the Qing Dynasty in modern drama, and is the cousin of the Republic of China Literature Master Wang Guowei.

Song Qi, one of Song Chunfang’s sons, is close friends with Qian Zhongshu, Zhang Ailing and the others.

The chat passed by.

At this time, Hong Kong Song Family Patriarch is not Song Qi, but his cousin Song Bo, the son of Song Chunwang’s big brother Song Chunwang.

Different from Song Chunfang’s this lineage, Song Chunwang’s this lineage came to Hong Kong to take root during the Anti-Japanese War. Other clansman in China came to Hong Kong in batches before the founding of the People’s Republic of China and in the 6 70s.

After Song Chunwang and his descendants’ hard work, coupled with the original rich family property, Song Family’s strength has continuously increased. Although there is no explosive growth, it is even more difficult to seek steady progress.

“The ability to inherit so far has a lot to do with Song Chunwang’s ability to judge the time and judge the situation, but I don’t know if his son has inherited his wisdom…”

When the car drove to Gadoli Mountain and was about to reach the Song Family mansion, Xia Yu thought quietly.

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