Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 989

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Song Bo frowned and thought for a moment before sighed and said embarrassedly: “Mr. Xia, you have caused a big problem for me.”

“Your words are reasonable, but they are not applicable to any situation. It just so happens that my Song Family’s situation is special.”

Song Zhicheng also echoed: “Yes, Mr. Xia, you make us very embarrassed!”

Xia Yu said with a light smile: “What is embarrassing, we all know that in business, everything has a value, as long as the price is right, it can be sold, no one can point to it, right?”

Song Zhicheng glanced at his father and immediately retorted: “But Mr. Xia, if you know the partnership between our Song Family and Swire Family, you should know that there are some assets that we can’t sell if we want.”

“We Song Family and Swire Family have cooperated for several decades. Among many companies in the Swire Group, our Song Family has equity shares, and Cathay Pacific is one of them.”

“It’s just that compared with other assets, Cathay Pacific’s equity shares are very special. If we sell equity shares to you, we will be betraying our old friend, which is unjust to us.”

“Moreover, the strength of Swire Family is far above our Song Family. If our Song Family sells Cathay Pacific’s equity shares to you, Swire Family will lose Cathay Pacific.”

“They can’t help you, but they can retaliate against our Song Family. By then, our losses in other areas will be hard to estimate, and may be more valuable than Cathay Pacific’s equity shares.”

Just as Song Zhicheng said these words in a series, Song Bo looked unhappy, scolded: “Zhicheng.”

Song Zhicheng just smiled and did not continue.

Song Bo apologized and said to Xia Yu: “Mr. Xia, Zhicheng is straightforward, but has no other meaning, just objectively state the facts.”

“Actually, you should have heard that there has been a saying that my Song Family was supported by foreigners, and it can only rise step by step by relying on Swire Group.”

“Although I don’t like to hear this, and it’s not pertinent, but if I didn’t get the help of Swire Family, it must be a lie.”

“You also know that whether our Song Family is in Hong Kong Swire Group or Swire shares, although it is a shareholder, its share is not high. It can only be said to be average. It has no comparability with Swire Family. If it is off, They, then my Song Family’s situation is dangerous.”

Speaking of this, Song Bo saw that Xia Yu’s face seemed a bit bad. He complexion solemn said: “Mr. Xia, it’s not that I don’t give you face, if it’s equity shares that have nothing to do with Swire Group, as long as you say it. , I agree without saying anything, and I am willing to sell at a loss.”

Hehe !

The words are so open and bright, in fact they are all bullshit, who knows how to say the scene?

Xia Yu sneered in her heart, but looked straight at Song Bo, slowly said: “Song Old Master, I know your old difficulties, of course I also know that you are humble, Song Family’s strength is obvious to all, and Swire There are many enemies of Family. If I were Norman Swire, I would definitely not be stupid enough to push Song Family to the opposite side!”

Seeing Song Zhicheng opened his mouth to talk, Xia Yu directly raised the volume, ignoring Song Zhicheng, staring at Song Bo, and resolutely said: “6 million at 600 o’clock, a one-time payment in cash, how do you always think of my sincerity!”

Song Bo was taken aback, and his pupils shrank suddenly after a quick calculation, and he was obviously taken aback by Xia Yu’s offer.

Based on the valuation of Cathay Pacific 2 1.8 billion HKD, the 16% equity shares held by Song Family are worth 400000000 4000 8 1 million HKD.

And Xia Yu’s quotation is directly premium 200 million more than 10 million HKD, which is not a big deal!

More importantly, Xia Yu directly promised to pay the cash in one lump sum, which shocked Song Bo and was shocked by Xia Yu’s strength.

In the history of the Hong Kong business community, it is not that there is no precedent for buying equity shares and companies in one lump sum, but without exception, they are transactions of less value.

Generally, transactions of more than 100000000 million are basically a part of the down payment, and then the remaining money is paid in several times, some even take 2 to 3 years; some are in the form of shares + cash.

After all, everyone knows that the company’s equity shares only seem to be valuable, but no one can guarantee that a company can make money continuously, and it is hard to guarantee that it will fall into a business crisis tomorrow.

Only the money in the pocket has real value!

In Hong Kong as a whole, there are only a handful of people who can give out 600 million 60 million cash at a time. Anyway, his Song Family does not have this strength.

For this price, Song Bo is tempted, not to mention Song Zhi’s achievement.

It’s just that Song Bo has the right to decide this matter, so Song Zhicheng looked towards his father.

Song Bo was silent for a moment, showing gratitude and said, “Mr. Xia, I can really feel your sincerity.”

After saying this, his face changed again, turning into a tangled color and said: “It’s just…”

He had just said two words, Xia Yu interrupted him without being polite and impolite, and said in a louder voice: “Song Old Master, don’t shirk so quickly, you might as well listen to me. how about it?”

Song Bo nodded, made a please gesture: “Please speak!”

Xia Yu picked up the teacup and drank a big sip from the room-temperature teacup to moisturize her throat, and slowly said: “Song Old Master, the times are different. Now it is no more than several decades ago, nor more than ten years ago. The rise of British capital is already declining.”

“Hong Kong is after all the Hong Kong of Chinese, and British is just a foreigner. When the strength is insufficient, British can still tyrannically abuse power in various fields, but we Chinese are born to like to fight. When we have no strength, we can say that when we have strength, no one will I like British squeeze and restraint.”

“So you can also see the development and changes of British-owned large and small families and consortiums in recent years. The Wharf, Hutchison Whampoa, Jardine Matheson, etc., have fallen one after another. There are only two British Four Major Consortiums, and the remaining Swire Group The pressure on Wheelock and Company is several times higher than before.”

“The strength of Chinese capital has increased several times. In fact, the power of Chinese capital has surpassed that of British capital. The future of British capital is becoming more and more dangerous.”

“And you also know that British capital can have today’s strength, basically relying on the protection of the Government of Hong Kong in the past, obtaining the monopoly of various profiteering industries, and directly lying on the golden mountain to make money, not a real thing. , Who do you think will be convinced?”

“In the future, Swire Group will become more and more overwhelmed. If Song Family is too deeply involved with Swire Group, I am afraid that when the time comes will be implicated!”

“Hong Kong is the Hong Kong of Chinese after all, and it’s more than ten years…”

After that, Xia Yu didn’t say much, he added a little tea to himself, and at the same time gave them father and son 2. Then he picked up the tea cup and blew it gently. The white mist rising from the cup was blown away. Sip the tea slowly.

Song Bo and Song Zhicheng’s father and son’s expressions kept changing. Obviously, Xia Yu’s words hit them deep in one’s heart and made them struggle fiercely inside.

In particular, the last two sentences of Xia Yu had the greatest impact on Song family’s father and son, because the probability is too high, and Song Family faces great risks.

At this time, Xia Yu almost told him that there are only 2 ways to stay in front of you. The first is to follow the Swire Group to the dark, and the second is to accept his friendship. When the time comes Song Family, you will be affected. His shelter.

There is no doubt that Jiuding Consortium is indeed stronger than Swire Group in terms of Xia Yu’s ability to kill Hutchison Whampoa and Jardine Matheson.

But the key is that Song Family’s assets and strength are in the Swire Group, not in the Jiuding Consortium, which is what makes him hesitate.

Song Bo took a deep breath and solemnly said to Xia Yu, “Mr. Xia, this matter has too much influence after all. My Song Family has developed steadily and surely so far. After all, Song Family is not my Song Family alone. My ancestors worked hard with clansman for generations, and I have to be accountable to them.”

“On this kind of critical matter, I have to call clansman to discuss together. The specific result will be known later. If there is a result, I will invite you to negotiate again. What do you think?”

Xia Yu and Song Bo looked at each other calmly. After a while, they smiled, and lightly said, “That’s the truth, so Song Old Master might as well think about it first and ask other people’s opinions.”


Hearing these two words, Song Bo frowned, and said calmly: “Mr. Xia may as well speak straight!”

Xia Yu said in a joking tone: “I think Song Old Master and Brother Song It shouldn’t be put me in a dilemma?”

Song Bo immediately shook his head and said: “Absolutely not, this Mr. Xia can rest assured, I still have the least integrity, and Zhicheng is not a talkative.”

Xia Yu laughed, holding up the tea cup and saying: “haha, Song Lord Changliang, I still believe that.”

After drinking the tea, Xia Yu got up and said at the same time: “Song Old Master, I suddenly remembered that there is something else, I’ll go back first, and come chat next time!”

“What are you talking about, Mr. Xia is welcome anytime!”

“I see you off!”


After the car that watched Xia Yu left, Song Bo father and son returned to the living room. The faces of the two of them were very serious, even a little ugly, and the atmosphere in the living room was a little dull.

Song Zhicheng secretly sighed and said: “Dad, this Xia Yu should be after Hutchison Whampoa and Jardine Matheson, and has been eyeing Swire Group. It may not be long before there will be a fight. Swire Group’s chances of winning are not big… “

Song Bo pondered for a long time, and shake the head said: “It’s hard to say, after all, Xia Yu and his Jiuding Consortium are hidden deeply, and no one knows his true power.”

“The Swire Group is also different from Hutchison Whampoa and Jardine Matheson. Norman Swire had already guarded against this day, otherwise Xia Yu would not have us this morning, and it is not that Swire Family is very tightly controlled by the company. Xia Yu is difficult to use. The only way to deal with Hutchison Whampoa and Jardine Matheson was to find a way to break the fortress of the Swire Group from within.”


Just when Song Bo and Song Zhicheng were discussing intently, the 3rd son Song Zhiming of Song Bo, who had not sobered up completely last night, came back from outside. After he greeted his father Song Bo and second brother Song Zhicheng, Regardless of father’s dark face, he walked directly upstairs.

But while walking, Song Zhiming heard some conversations between father and second brother.

As he went up the stairs, he slowed down a little bit and heard more…

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