Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 990

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Xia Yu’s entire acquisition plan for Cathay Pacific was carried out in multiple lines.

Needless to say, it is obvious or according to the equity shares held by his subsidiary company.

The shares held by Cao Guangbiao and Henry Fok have been obtained.

Swire Family is fooled by Yue-Kong Pao, it depends on when Swire Family bites the hook.

Hongkong and Shanghai Bank are followed up by the Bright Fund.

The shares of the already listed Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company were secretly acquired by Jiuding Securities.

Song Family is personally responsible by Xia Yu.

The first breakthrough results are undoubtedly the Bright Fund.

With the order of HSBC Hong Kong’s parent company, United Kingdom HSBC Holdings, Michael Sandberg had to obey unconditionally even if he didn’t want it anymore.

Central, Hong Kong, HSBC Headquarters building, small conference hall.

Michael Sandberg personally received Thomas and Federly from the London parent company.

After the chat, Michael Sandberg signed the equity shares transfer contract with Thomas and Feder. The transferor is HSBC Hong Kong, and the transferee is United Kingdom HSBC holdings. The equity shares for the transfer were prepared by Michael Sandberg as required.

Cathay Pacific has 20% equity shares.

And the description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company’s 100/8/4 equity shares.

After the transfer of equity shares, watching Thomas put away the contract and proof of equity shares with a smile, Michael Sandberg pretended to ask casually: “Manager Thomas, Cathay Pacific and Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company in London do not have much reputation, this time it is Does any domestic family want to enter the aviation market?”

Thomas had been told by George Berkeley long before he came, and he had predicted that Michael Sandberg might ask, but how could he say it!

He shrugged and shook his head and said: “Michael President, it should be someone who needs it, but unfortunately we don’t know about this matter. After all, I am not qualified to know the board of directors discussion process. I am only responsible for implementation. Please understand. .”

Thomas calls Michael Sandberg Michael President because Michael Sandberg’s original name is Michael Sandberg. Michael Sandberg is just that after he arrived in Hong Kong, he wanted to integrate himself into Hong Kong as soon as possible and better communicate with Chinese to develop the company. The name that’s all for business.

Without getting information from Thomas, Michael Sandberg regretted, but he was mentally prepared.

Since he couldn’t get the result, he immediately skimmed over the topic, said with a smile: “Manager Thomas, it’s not too early. I have already reserved lunch. Do you want to go over now?”

Thomas looked at his watch, then looked at his colleague Federi again, said with a smile: “If Michael President has nothing else to do, you can go now.”

“Where is there any emergency, you can’t do it hungry even if you have a job, right?”

“haha ……”


Early the next morning, Michael Sandberg personally put Thomas and Feder on the plane.

Before getting into the car, Michael Sandberg looked up at the plane printed with “Cathay Pacific” font, and said secretly sighed in his heart.

Thomas and Federi just arrived yesterday morning, and they came to him directly. After getting the equity shares, they will return to London today. The schedule is too tight.

It can also be seen that the parent company attaches great importance to these two equity shares.

“Swire Family and Swire Group are in big trouble. Although I don’t know who the hunter is, according to the current situation, I believe it will be exposed soon.”

“I just don’t know if Swire Family can resist it. This time, since the potential enemies of Swire Family have thought of using the parent company to crush me, it can be seen that the energy will not be small. I guess it will be difficult for me to remain neutral in the future. The enemy of the Swire Family.”

“Swire Family is dangerous…”

“If it does happen, I hope Norman Swire will not resent me, after all, I also have difficulties…”

Thinking of the personal and friendly relationship with Norman Swire, Michael Sandberg shook his head sadly.

“Forget it, let people pay close attention to the entire capital market after I go back for a while. If I can find any useful information, tell Norman Swire in private. As a friend, I can only do this…”


When Thomas and Fedri returned to London, they immediately contacted George Berkeley.

The price has already been negotiated, and Bright Fund uses a shell company to directly trade with HSBC Holdings.

DescriptionHong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company’s 100/8/4 equity shares are transferred at 7 million GBP, which is equivalent to about 6000 2000000 million in HKD.

Cathay Pacific’s 20% equity shares are traded at a price of 65 million GBP, which is equivalent to about 500 million 40 million in HKD.

After the equity shares were acquired, George Berkeley used the satellite phone to tell Xia Yu the good news at the right time. After receiving the news, Xia Yu was in a good mood.

After encouraging George Berkeley, Xia Yu called Yue-Kong Pao to inform him that he had settled Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, and asked him to start negotiations with Swire Family as soon as possible, so as not to delay the time and cause unnecessary trouble.

Yue-Kong Pao did not expect that Xia Yu’s efficiency was so high, and he quietly won the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, which are closely related to Swire Group.

2 hard bones just gnawed off one!

Surprised, Yue-Kong Pao also became more optimistic about Xia Yu’s plan.

As long as Xia Yu wins Song Family again, and he succeeds in fooling Swire Family, then within this month, Cathay Pacific is likely to change ownership!

Just when Yue-Kong Pao was about to take the initiative to contact Wade Swire, he happened to receive an invitation from Wade Swire to meet at the headquarters of Swire Airlines.

This invitation is in his arms.

After agreeing, Yue-Kong Pao came to Swire Airlines again on the morning of June 6.

As soon as he sat down, Yue-Kong Pao asked straightforwardly: “Mr. Swire, you took the initiative to contact me. It should be a good result from the last consideration, right?”

Wade Swire leaned forward and looked at Yue-Kong Pao in an oppressive manner. His eyes were sharp, as if he could see through Yue-Kong Pao’s heart, and he said coldly: “Mr. Pao, Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd’s equity shares can be transferred to you, and the conditions negotiated last time are directly invalidated, as long as you agree to the following conditions of cooperation.

Wade Swire’s words directly overturned Yue-Kong Pao’s plan when he came. He browsed frowned and had a bad feeling in his heart.

He held his breath and said calmly: “Mr. Swire may as well first talk about the method of cooperation, I will seriously consider it.”

Wade Swire stared at Yue-Kong Pao and said seriously, “Yue-Kong Pao, you have to take out Dongfeng Airlines’ equity shares for exchange!”

Dongfeng Airlines!

As soon as the name came out, Yue-Kong Pao frowned, looking at Wade Swire’s scrutiny gaze, he muttered without making a sound, thinking quickly in his mind.

This time he was surprised. He didn’t expect Wade Swire to understood Dongfeng Airlines so soon. Fortunately, when Xia Yu told him before, he also mentioned that he would use Dongfeng Airlines’ equity. shares are used as bait to catch the Swire Family.

However, Yue-Kong Pao is well aware of the art of negotiation, so now he has an idea in his mind and pretends not to have it, with a complex look of distress and surprise on his face.

Seeing Yue-Kong Pao’s face was wrong, Wade Swire thought he had uncovered the secret of Yue-Kong Pao, and he was quite refreshed.

He was more affirmed of his and Uncle’s strategy in his heart, and squinted slightly and asked: “Mr. Pao, you won’t tell me that Dongfeng Airlines is not yours. It shouldn’t be the registration information I checked in the Trade and Industry Department. ‘t be wrong, right?”

Yue-Kong Pao admitted frankly, and Lightly said: “Yes, Dongfeng Airlines’ legal person is indeed me, and I haven’t deliberately hidden it. It’s just that I didn’t expect Mr. Swire to be so concerned about the market that I knew the news.”

Wade Swire laughed, feeling contented, loudly said: “Mr. Pao, since there is nothing wrong, then we return to the earliest topic, Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd’s equity shares only accept Dongfeng Airlines’ equity shares as a replacement.”

“Mr. Pao, what do you think?”

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