Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter

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I have to ask everyone for a leave here. Old Huang is finally getting married. After the epidemic has been suspended, I am busy working on this matter. There are many things to deal with before getting married. Now it is the first stage of taking wedding photos. According to photos, you can choose a good day for the wedding later.

I was too busy with work before, and I went to investigate on weekends and finally chose a cost-effective one. Because of my work, it is difficult to take leave. The wedding leave must be reserved for later weddings. There are other considerations, so I was scheduled to go out of Fujian to take wedding photos at 5.

You can also see that my update is extremely irregular, and I update it late at night from time to time. This is caused by work. I often work overtime without compensation. Officials one rank superior crush the inferior. Who prevents us from calling people temporarily? Being able to pinch his nose to work, I won’t mention it, and I’m bored to say it.

Closer to home, because the updates are in the current code, there is no manuscript for a chapter in my hand. 5 I can’t write when I go out. I don’t have the tools to talk about, and I don’t have time to choose a plan, take a picture, choose a photo, and have problems with accommodation…

But Old Huang can guarantee that this month’s guarantee of 100,000 words is definitely there. Although now rising winds and scudding clouds, as a street writer, you can only follow the trend. Life pressure is so heavy, not too much. Energetic to participate in this matter, and no right to speak, anyway, 10000 can not be separated from its sect, and it is just one word to sum it up.

Every book that is being updated now must be cherished…

Well, let’s stop here first and wish you all a happy 5th! 10000 Good luck!

Old Huang brazenly asked for leave, 10000 hopes to be approved! Thanks!

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