Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 991

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Acting to be true!

Yue-Kong Pao knew that the more at this time, the less he could make Wade Swire doubt, and that his thinking had to be further fixed, so as to benefit his plan.

Maybe you can take this opportunity to achieve greater results and give Xia Yu a greater help.

Therefore, his face revealed a pondering look, and he did not answer Wade Swire’s question for a long time, and he appeared very cautious and indecisive.

Wade·Swire heart moved, his eyes rolled, and an idea was in his heart.

He leaned back and said with a hint of sarcasm: “Mr. Pao, to be honest, I didn’t expect you to secretly set up an airline company. Do you want to compete directly with our Swire Airlines? People think that to open an airline is to spend money to buy a plane, right?”

As soon as these words came out, Yue-Kong Pao’s face suddenly became gloomy, and he said lukewarm: “Mr. Swire, do you want to force us to compete with Swire Aviation in all fields?”

“If you don’t believe in our financial resources, I think we can try!”

(⊙o⊙) …

He didn’t expect Yue-Kong Pao, who had been begging for Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd’s equity shares, to change his amiable attitude and change his attitude.

Wade Swire was panicked by the shock, but he could only endure it. He realized that he had made a mistake.

However, the negotiation is most about the imposing manner. If you are too direct, you can’t talk about it, but he can bring the initiative back. After all, Swire Airlines now has a huge advantage.

Wade Swire’s expression is as usual. Lightly said: “Mr. Pao, you don’t have to say something outrageous. You have strong financial resources. The financial resources of our Swire Group are obvious to all. The verbal dispute is boring.”

“The current market situation is very clear. Our Swire Aviation covers all areas of aviation. Even if your Dongfeng Airlines wants to compete, it will not be able to break our blockade.”

“However, Swire Aviation has always welcomed competition. We have always believed that competition and cooperation coexist. Competition can promote common progress and open up a larger market. Therefore, we also want to help Dongfeng Airlines grow and move from Hong Kong to the world together. A world-class airline.”

“But after all, cooperation is between two parties. How we think about it is useless, it depends on whether you are willing to take over our kindness, Mr. Pao.”

How hypocritical to hear this.

From Wade Swire’s hypocritical words, Yue-Kong Pao also knows that he is already in a hurry, and he is not far from Dongfeng Airlines.

Obviously, he wanted Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd’s equity shares before, and Swire Airlines staying calm during a tense situation.

But now it is Wade Swire who wants Dongfeng Airlines’ equity shares, from passive to active.

This opportunity is great!

Watching Wade Swire staring straight at him, Yue-Kong Pao knew that it was time for the next episode.

He slowed down and said, “Mr. Swire, what you said is reasonable. Swire Aviation can do what it is now. It has a lot to do with your mind. If you can cooperate to achieve a win-win situation, of course it is the best.”

“But Mr. Swire, Dongfeng Airlines has a registered capital of up to 1 billion HKD and has already started construction. Even if you just count the assets, what can you take out to buy shares?”

“I have to tell you in advance that Dongfeng Airlines is not short of money, and I am not short of money. Now the company’s 1 billion HKD capital does not know how long it will take forever, so if you plan to inject capital into shares, then forget it.”

Wade Swire’s face was tangled. Facing the conditions of Yue-Kong Pao, he felt very difficult, but he could not overthrow it.

After all, he first proposed that as long as the equity shares don’t have any money, Yue-Kong Pao only offered the same conditions as him. If he overturned Yue-Kong Pao’s conditions, he would overturn his own conditions, so there is nothing to talk about.

Looking at the faint smile on Yue-Kong Pao’s face, Wade Swire brace oneself said with a smile: “Since Mr. Pao is not short of money, it is natural to replace it with other assets, such as Mr. Pao, you want to buy at first Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd’s equity shares.”

Yue-Kong Pao immediately took the conversation and said: “This is ok, but I don’t know how many equity shares Mr. Swire is going to use to replace Dongfeng Airlines’ equity shares?”


Wade Swire was immediately embarrassed. Based on the preliminary preparations he had made at the time, combined with the status quo of the negotiation, he quickly thought about it.

Swire Aviation directly holds 40% of the equity shares of Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd and 4% of the equity shares through Cathay Pacific, for a total of 40% 5.

The valuation of Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd in “Economics Weekly” is 300000000 million 50 million HKD.

Calculated based on this valuation, then the 40% 5 equity shares held directly or indirectly by Swire Aviation are worth 200000000 5700 500,000 HKD.

Even if all the equity shares of Dongfeng Airlines are used to replace it, it can only replace 15% of the 7 5 points!

But you can never do that!

If it is changed, then Swire Aviation will lose Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd, and there will be a gap in Swire Aviation’s industrial chain.

After considering it in his mind, he decided to keep more than 33.3% of the equity shares of Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd. He could not break through this line. He retained the right of veto and could maintain Swire’s control and interests.

Thinking of this, he immediately said: “Mr. Pao, Swire Airlines can take out 10% of Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd’s equity shares at 5 points!”

Yue-Kong Pao eyes narrowed, secretly thought Wade Swire’s vigilance is strong enough, this time I still remember 1/3 of this line.

This is not what he wants!

So he said with a smile: “Mr. Swire, 10% 5% equity shares are too few, you are too insincere!”

Wade Swire remain unmoved, shook his head and said: “Swire Airlines will only take out so many equity shares to transfer, this is the bottom line!”

“If there are too many transfers, the company will easily lose control.”

Speaking of this, Wade Swire deliberately watched Yue-Kong Pao for a few seconds, seeming to want to see something.

Although in Yue-Kong Pao’s view, Wade Swire’s actions were aggressive, he did not dare to take the risk to make him truly suspicious.

He heart moved, intending to negotiate another way to see if Wade Swire can let Wade Swire give up insisting.

I saw Yue-Kong Pao said with a light smile: “Mr. Swire is too insecure about himself, but this is understandable.”

“We all exchange at a fair price, 10% of the equity shares of 5 points, and only about 4% of Dongfeng Airlines’ equity shares, am I right?”

“If it is correct, the transaction can be completed today.”

Holding 4% of Dongfeng Airlines’ equity shares is an ass, how can Wade Swire be satisfied!

He immediately shook his head and said: “Mr. Pao, don’t worry, listen to me first. I am going to replace 20% of Dongfeng Airlines’ equity shares!”

Yue-Kong Pao was certain that on the surface he browses frowned, looking embarrassed, and refused: “Mr. Swire, there are too many equity shares. Dongfeng Airlines is a new company and cannot transfer too much equity at first. shares!”

“Furthermore, forgive me to speak bluntly, even if the Hong Kong airport service company’s 10% 5 equity shares are excluded, if you want to replace Dongfeng Airlines’ 20% equity shares, you have to give out 200000000 million 60 million HKD worth of equity shares to Dongfeng Airlines. The company’s beneficial assets are unrealistic!”

The first sentence expressly refused, but the latter sentence left an opportunity, and it also used a more obscure aggressive method.

The pocket is already open, and it depends on whether Wade Swire can get in.

After speaking, Yue-Kong Pao paid close attention to any changes in Wade Swire’s expression, and he was a little expectant of Wade Swire’s reaction.

Sure enough, Wade Swire did not see through Yue-Kong Pao’s routine, thinking that Yue-Kong Pao contradicted the transfer of so many equity shares.

The more so, the firmer his mind became.

He said: “Mr. Pao, 4% of the equity shares are too small, less than 20%, which cannot guarantee the interests of Swire Airlines. Then how can we fully cooperate with Dongfeng Airlines?”

“As for the assets, you might underestimate our Swire Aviation. To show our sincerity, we can take out the equity shares of Cathay Pacific and Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company for replacement. What do you think?”

After speaking, Wade Swire smiled slightly and looked at Yue-Kong Pao quietly.

Wade Swire took the initiative to jump!

Yue-Kong Pao felt happy.

The east is not bright, the west is bright!

As long as Wade Swire takes out even 1% of Cathay Pacific’s equity shares, it can play a key role, even if he does not help Xia Yu control Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd!

After all, in order to obtain more than 66.7% equity shares of Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd, Xia Yu is not to forcibly transfer the 4% 5 equity shares of Cathay Pacific held by the company?

As long as it exceeds 50% and is lower than 66.7%, a 100% more and 4% more mean the same thing!

He pretended to think hard for a long time before letting go when Wade Swire was a little uncomfortable: “Mr. Swire, you might as well say first, how many equity shares are you going to take out of Cathay Pacific and Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company? “

When Yue-Kong Pao pretended to be thinking, Wade Swire also calculated it in his mind.

Therefore, facing Yue-Kong Pao’s question, he immediately replied: “Cathay Pacific and Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company each have 5% equity shares!”

After speaking, he further explained: “According to the outside world’s valuation of Cathay Pacific, it has reached 2 1.8 billion HKD, and 5% of the equity shares are valued at 200000000 million 40 million HKD.”

“The current real-time market value of DescriptionHong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company is 7 100000000 10 million HKD. I don’t even count a small fraction. 5% of equity shares are worth 3500 500,000 HKD!”

“The total value of these two equity shares is 2 200000000 7700 HKD, which is enough to replace Dongfeng Airlines’ 500,000% 10:7 equity shares, right?”

“A little bit more, if Mr. Pao minds, I can drop some equity shares, but if I do this, Mr. Pao will have to lose a company’s board seat.”

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