Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 992

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Yue-Kong Pao was silent again.

Although Wade Swire still has a smile on his face, it can be seen from his gradually tightening hands that he is becoming nervous inside.

After a long time, Yue-Kong Pao finally made a statement.

“Mr. Swire, 20% of the equity shares is already a high quota, so don’t exceed it. Even if you lose a company’s Board of Directors Seat, I don’t care.”

Seeing Yue-Kong Pao’s promise, Wade Swire had a long sigh of relief in his heart. Although there was a little less equity shares, Yue-Kong Pao promised 20%, which exceeded his expectations.

So he immediately said: “Alright, cooperation is about mutual satisfaction. Since Mr. Pao has put forward an opinion, then I don’t have a problem.”

“How to replace the equity shares of two companies?”

Yue-Kong Pao said: “Cathay Pacific still has 5% equity shares, and the rest is made up with the equity shares of DescriptionHong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company.”

Wade Swire also guessed that Yue-Kong Pao would choose this way.

After all, Cathay Pacific’s equity shares are obviously more valuable.

The Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company is already a listed company. Even if there is a part of the gap, it can be acquired from the Level 2 market, and it can increase its holdings to more than 5% with a little money. You can also get board seats, but time will It’s just a little later.

Wade Swire nodded said: “Yes, just follow this method.”

“Let’s complete the transaction in a few days.”

Yue-Kong Pao frowned and noticed something was wrong.

Talking about this level, it is completely possible to sign the agreement directly, but it has been a few days before the transaction.

So what are you going to do in the next few days?

Yue-Kong Pao’s instinct for many years in business ups and downs told him that there are many dreams in the sleepless night, and Wade Swire must not be delayed for a few days, otherwise it is likely to cause major problems.

Therefore, he said with a smile: “Mr. Swire, since it’s all about this level, and it’s only the morning, and it’s completely time for today, let’s just complete the transaction today, and save us from running again and again.”

Wade Swire also knows that his request is a bit abrupt, and to be honest, he is also a little worried that Yue-Kong Pao will go back, after all, Dongfeng Airlines has 2 shareholders besides Yue-Kong Pao.

In order to be safe, he thought for a while and said: “Mr. Pao, how about it? The equity shares of Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd and Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company proved to be stored in this building. We can trade this part first. “

“As for the equity shares of Cathay Pacific, it’s not here for the time being. I have to go back and find out where it is. Anyway, it has been negotiated and I don’t care about these days.”

has a problem!

Definitely a problem!

Yue-Kong Pao was even more sure that Wade Swire had a conspiracy.

The more so, the less he couldn’t satisfy Wade Swire.

Co-author Wade Swire replaced the less important equity shares of Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd and DescriptionHong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company first, and advanced to Dongfeng Airlines, but he did not get the most important equity shares of Cathay Pacific. How does this work?

10000 Once there is a problem, what he promised Xia Yu will not be completed. It is not important to be ashamed. The key is that it will have a huge impact on Xia Yu’s plan. He can’t cheat Xia Yu!

Whatever you say, you have to get Cathay Pacific’s equity shares today!

Yue-Kong Pao turned at high speed in his mind and thought of a way.

With a helpless expression on his face, he said to Wade Swire: “Mr. Swire, it’s not that I am unreasonable. You should know how I am. I am straightforward and straightforward, so I will tell you something clearly.”

“It’s true that my schedule has already been set. I have to fly to United Kingdom tomorrow morning. I will stay in United Kingdom for about ten days and then fly to United States to handle some things. I have to stay in United States for about half a month. It’s to go to Boeing to purchase aircraft. Another thing is to meet the cooperation partner, which is the Manager of another shareholder of Dongfeng Airlines, Huanyu Holdings.”

“So when I come back next time, it will take at least 25 days, maybe a month.”

Wade Swire was very helpless, but he still grasped a key message, that is, Universal Holdings.

He immediately asked: “Mr. Pao, I don’t know whose company this Universal Holdings is? We will be colleagues soon. I don’t even know the identity of this shareholder.”

Yue-Kong Pao said with a smile: “Mr. Swire, you probably don’t know it. Universal Holdings is a Chinese family company in United States. I will introduce it to you later when I have a chance.”

“When I go to United States this time, I have to tell them about the transfer of equity shares to you, and then we will re-divide equity shares among the three of us.”

“If I didn’t finish it before I set off, then I have to wait until I come back.”

Speaking of this, Yue-Kong Pao paused and then said again: “This time I promised Mr. Swire you to join. It is mainly me who decides on the board. First, I will transfer it to you from my personal equity shares. We 3 people. After discussing it again, I haven’t discussed with them yet, generally speaking, they should agree.”

Yue-Kong Pao said “should” rather than “sure.”

This time, it was Wade Swire’s turn to worry.

He also worried that when the time comes, if the shareholder of Huanyu Holdings objected, Yue-Kong Pao is likely to favor Huanyu Holdings.

Thinking of this, Wade Swire took a deep breath to calm himself, then smiled and said: “Mr. Pao, since you are going on a business trip for so long, then we still fight for it and see if we can complete the transaction today.”

“But I really can’t remember exactly where the Cathay Pacific company’s equity shares certificate is located. I have to go back and look for it, and ask others if they know it.”

“Let’s prepare first. If I find one, I’ll call you and come back in the afternoon to complete the transaction. What do you think?”

Yue-Kong Pao nodded with a smile said: “No problem, then it’s settled!”

He stood up, smiled and stretched out his hand to Wade Swire and said, “Wish us happy cooperation!”

Wade Swire also got up and shook his hand with Yue-Kong Pao: “Expected for 10000 points!”


After watching Yue-Kong Pao leave, Wade Swire immediately made a call and confirmed that Uncle Norman Swire was not far from the Swire Group headquarters.

He hurried over and found Norman Swire in the chairman’s office who was reviewing documents.

Norman Swire put down his pen and smiled and asked his nephew about the situation: “Wade, how are you talking with Yue-Kong Pao?”

Wade Swire poured a glass of mineral water and drank it, then breathed a breath and said, “Uncle, it has been negotiated, using Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd’s 10% 5% equity shares, Cathay Pacific 5% equity shares, and Part of the equity shares of the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company, totaling 200 million HKD worth of assets, will replace 20% of Dongfeng Airlines’ equity shares. Yue-Kong Pao has agreed.”

“I originally found an excuse to postpone the transaction for a few days, but Yue-Kong Pao said that he would go to United Kingdom tomorrow, and then go to United States, and he would have to return in 25 days at the earliest.”

“He went to United States mainly to purchase airplanes from Boeing Company. At the same time, he met with the Manager of Universal Holdings, another shareholder of Dongfeng Airlines. By the way, he also said that Universal Holdings is a Chinese family company in United States. Said, just said that I will be introduced later, provided that I become a shareholder.”

“This time Yue-Kong Pao promised to take out 20% of the equity shares from his personal name. Later, I have to discuss with other shareholders to re-divide the equity shares among them. I am afraid that there will be a long delay. Trouble, so I can only say to find the equity shares certificate of Cathay Pacific first, and try to complete the transaction with him today.”

Norman Swire was slightly nodded, thinking about it based on his nephew’s report.

After a while, he smiled satisfied and said: “Yes, Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd has kept the bottom line!”

“But why do you delay for a few days?”

According to the original discussion of the two people, it was not said that it would take a few days. This was completely the result of Wade Swire’s own proposition.

However, Norman Swire does not have any opinions. After all, the plan belongs to the plan. Whatever situation may happen in the actual negotiation, it can be seen to be on the spot and adapt to the situation. Wade Swire has the full right to make his own choice.

Speaking of this point, Wade Swire lifted his spirits and said: “Uncle, I mainly consider insurance.”

“After all, we now own 50% equity shares of Cathay Pacific and 50% equity shares of Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company. If we transfer equity shares according to the negotiated conditions, our shares rights will be reduced to below 50%. “

“Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company is okay. After all, it is a listed company. Even if our accumulated shares rights are reduced to about 40%, there is no need to worry about the risks. No one can quietly reduce the proportion of public shares to 6%. the following.”

“I’m just worried about Cathay Pacific, so I’m going to delay it for a few days and use the past few days to acquire a portion of the equity shares held by Hongkong and Shanghai Bank or Song Family, and then take out 5% of the equity shares of this portion. Equity shares are used to trade with Yue-Kong Pao, so that our shares ratio will not be less than 50% during the whole process, and there will be no risk.”

Norman Swire said with satisfaction: “You are thinking well!”

“Unfortunately Yue-Kong Pao is leaving tomorrow…” Wade Swire said helplessly after being happy.

It would be great if he could wait a few days, and he wouldn’t have to run over and let Uncle Norman Swire decide that it can be done well by one person.

Norman Swire narrowed his smile and thought about it and asked his nephew: “Wade, you negotiated with Yue-Kong Pao on the spot. He said he will leave Hong Kong for at least 25 days. Is it true or not? Can you be sure? “

Wade Swire thought about it carefully, and said with some uncertainty: “It should be true.”

Norman Swire is also a little uncertain, saying to Wade Swire: “You tell me the complete negotiation situation, don’t mix with personal subjective opinions.”



Wade Swire explained the negotiation process with Yue-Kong Pao at a faster rate.

After speaking, he looked at Norman Swire quietly.

After listening to his nephew’s account, Norman Swire was also unable to confirm and found nothing wrong.

Yue-Kong Pao is an old fox after all, even if it’s acting, it won’t show any footwork. Where can Wade Swire tell?

If Norman Swire personally talked to Yue-Kong Pao, there might be something wrong.

But who told Wade Swire to talk about it?

After thinking to no avail, Norman Swire can only give up looking for answers here.

He thought for a while and said, “Wade, since you promised to see you in the afternoon with Yue-Kong Pao, the time is urgent. You are responsible for finding Song Family, and I will find Michael Sandberg.”

“There are two purposes!”

“One is to make sure that the equity shares are still in their hands!”

“2 is to try to buy at least 5% of equity shares!”

“The second purpose may be difficult to complete today, but it must be confirmed that the equity shares are still there, understand?”

Wade Swire solemnly nodded and said: “Understand!”

“Then Uncle, time is urgent, I will go to Song Family now.”

Norman Swire nodded and said: “Go, I am also going to Hongkong and Shanghai Bank now.”

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