Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 993

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Central, Hong Kong Island, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank building chairman’s office.

Michael Sandberg instructed the secretary who called in: “Rand, Swire Group’s Board-Chairman Norman Swire is coming soon. You can change a batch of fresh fruits, coffee and tea to get the best.”


Secretary Landt responded immediately, then picked up the fruit tray and walked out quickly.

Michael Sandberg sat in a chair, and a guess came to mind.

“Is it for Cathay Pacific and Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company equity shares?”

Apart from this, he couldn’t think of anything Norman Swire would come to him in the near future.

If this is the case, then he has to prepare immediately.


After about 8 minutes.

Norman Swire led by the reception staff to Michael Sandberg’s office, Michael Sandberg got up and went out to greet him.

“Norman, we meet again, please come in!”

“Michael, good morning!”

After a brief exchange of handshake, Norman Swire was greeted by Michael Sandberg into the office, and the two sat on a soft and comfortable leather sofa.

After asking Norman Swire, Michael Sandberg’s secretary, Rand, served two coffees of different flavors, then left the office and closed the office door.

For a time, there were only two people in the office, Michael Sandberg and Norman Swire.

Michael Sandberg smiled and asked, “Norman, do you have anything to do? If I can do it, I will do my best.”

Norman Swire smiled and thanked: “Thank you!”

Then he said: “Michael, I came to visit you suddenly today. There is indeed an urgent matter that needs your help.”

“I hope to buy some of the equity shares of Cathay Pacific and Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company held by Hongkong and Shanghai Bank!”

“I hope that the transaction will be completed today if it is convenient.”

Facing Norman Swire’s scorching gaze, Michael Sandberg secretly said in one’s heart. As expected, he showed a look of hesitation: “This…”

Norman Swire’s heart burst, his fists clenched subconsciously, his face suddenly changed, and he asked anxiously: “Michael, are these equity shares not in the hands of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank?”

Michael Sandberg was taken aback, said with a light smile: “Norman, don’t be nervous, you first listen to me and finish.”

Norman Swire forced his mood to calm down, looking straight at Michael Sandberg, waiting for his answer, but his still clenched fist indicated that his heart was very tense.

Michael Sandberg also knows Norman Swire’s mood at this time, so he doesn’t sell it. According to Norman Swire’s heart draft prepared before he came, he said: “Norman, it is impossible to complete the transaction today.”

“Because the equity shares of Cathay Pacific and Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company originally held by Hongkong and Shanghai Bank were transferred to HSBC Holdings, the parent company of the United Kingdom, just like the equity shares of some other companies during the last bank’s asset accounting. .”

“So if you want, I have to apply to the parent company first, and then be approved by the parent company and transferred to HSBC Hong Kong after finding it. Then I can talk to you about the transaction.”

Hearing Michael Sandberg’s explanation, Norman Swire sighed in relief, and the clenched fist gradually loosened. Fortunately, it was not something he didn’t want to see.

He didn’t care about why the equity shares would be transferred to the parent company of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank. After all, from Michael Sandberg’s words, he understood not only the equity shares of Cathay Pacific and Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company, but also the equity shares of other companies. .

Based on the relationship between Michael Sandberg and him, he did not suspect that Michael Sandberg would lie to him here.

He then asked what he cared more about.

“Michael, how long does this process take? Can you give me an approximate time?”

Michael Sandberg frowned for a moment, then shook his head under Norman Swire’s concerned eyes, and said apologetically: “Norman, I really can’t guarantee this time.”

“It’s very simple for me to write an application here, and it doesn’t take long to report, but the key lies in the decision of the parent company. I can only try to urge it, but there is no guarantee how long it will take.

Seeing that Norman Swire’s face was a bit ugly, Michael Sandberg immediately promised: “But don’t worry, if I get back the equity shares from the parent company, I will notify you as soon as possible, and I won’t make you embarrassed about the price.”

Michael Sandberg said it all. Norman Swire knows that today there is no way to buy equity shares from Hongkong and Shanghai Bank.

But the first purpose, he still has to confirm.

So he smiled and said, “Michael, please, please!”

“By the way, should the equity shares of Cathay Pacific and DescriptionHong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company be still in HSBC holdings?”

Michael Sandberg did not answer positively. Instead, he gave an answer that seems right but actually isn’t: “If it is sold, I will be able to know, but now I have not been notified of the sale of equity shares, so equity shares should Is still in the parent company.”

Michael Sandberg was ashamed, so he didn’t dare to say something to death, leaving himself a way out.

Of course, what he said was right. He did not receive a notice, and he did not know whether it was sold. HSBC Holdings sold equity shares, but it also helped Bright Fund keep secret.

Norman Swire looked at Michael Sandberg for a few seconds, then gently nodded, he chose to believe what Michael Sandberg said.

He said sincerely and seriously: “Well, Michael, this matter is very important to me, please help me as soon as possible.”

Michael Sandberg nodded with a smile, then looked at his watch and said to Norman Swire: “No problem, count the time. It’s not dawn in London. When it’s official over there, I’ll go and ask.”

“Thank you!” Norman Swire thanked again.

Michael Sandberg pondered for a moment and asked, “Norman, can I know how you suddenly wanted to buy back some of the equity shares of Cathay Pacific and Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company?”

After all, it is to buy back equity shares and use them to replace Dongfeng Airlines’ equity shares. It is not beneficial to Hongkong and Shanghai Bank. It would be embarrassing to say it, and he did not want to expose the matter before he succeeded.

So Norman Swire chose to conceal the truth temporarily.

He said with a smile: “Michael, mainly to strengthen the control of Cathay Pacific’s acquisition of Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company, and to promote the development of Swire Aviation, it is indeed necessary to increase the share ratio.”

Michael Sandberg knew that Norman Swire was not telling the truth.

He glanced at Norman Swire deeply, sighed in his heart.

He was also a little disappointed in Norman Swire, and at the same time he was relieved.

It’s not just that he lied, Norman Swire also lied to him, then there is no need for him to have any psychological burden.

If Norman Swire tells the truth, he can obtain more information and confirm who Norman Swire understood is acquiring Cathay Pacific, then he can also reveal the truth to Norman Swire, and it will not cause trouble to the parent company.

But Norman Swire did not say that he could not be sure. In order not to affect the parent company and for his own future, he could only choose to keep the secret in his heart.

However, out of years of friendship, he still wanted to remind Norman Swire implicitly that whether it is effective depends on Norman Swire’s own.

I saw him nodded and said: “Norman, your idea is right. No matter how well the company develops, it is useless if you can’t control it yourself. I support you to strengthen your control of the company. This is very important.”

Norman Swire smiled and nodded replied: “Yes.”

Then there is no more text.

Michael Sandberg brows slightly wrinkle, not sure whether Norman Swire can hear the deep meaning of his words.

At this moment, Norman Swire took a sip of coffee, put the quilt down, and said to Michael Sandberg: “Michael, I have something to do. I will leave first. I won’t disturb you. I have time to play golf together on weekends.”

“I beg you on this matter. Let me know if there is news.”

“Okay!” Michael Sandberg said with a smile and nodding.

“Then I will go first!”

“I will send you.”

After personally sending Norman Swire out of the headquarters gate, watching his car start to leave, Michael Sandberg sighed and thought to himself: “Norman, I hope you can be as cautious as you said, based on your original shares with the company, as long as You don’t make mistakes, and no one can steal your company. The key lies in yourself…”

Thinking of this, Michael Sandberg was a little distracted, shook his head slightly and stopped thinking about it, turned and walked towards the elevator entrance.


Wade Swire is going to Song Family to find someone, so it’s not as fast as Norman Swire.

So when I got off work in the morning, Wade Swire still didn’t get it done.

But by about one noon, Wade Swire hurried back to the family and saw Uncle Norman Swire who was not thinking about falling asleep.

Seeing his nephew come in, Norman Swire immediately asked: “Wade, what happened?”

Wade Swire just sat down with his ass and took 2 breaths to make his breathing easier to speak.

“Uncle, I went to Song Family Patriarch Song Bo. The equity shares are definitely still in the hands of Song Family. I read the proof of equity shares.”

Hearing this, Norman Swire’s expression loosened.

Then he heard the words behind Wade Swire.

“However, Song Bo not at all agreed to my proposal to buy equity shares. He shrugged off his optimism about Cathay Pacific. No matter what I say, he is not willing to transfer.”

“And he also said that from beginning to end, he has always supported our operation and management, so let us rest assured that he will always be on our side.”

“Knowing that I couldn’t talk about it, I didn’t continue to persuade, and I waited until I was fully prepared before I went to talk to him.”

Norman Swire thought for a while and said, “Well, since Song Bo said so, It shouldn’t be lie to us.”

Wade Swire echoed: “Yes, I also consider that Song Family has cooperated with our family for several decades. Song Family also has a lot of benefits within the consortium. For his entire family, he has no reason to betray us. “

Norman Swire slightly nodded.

Wade Swire asked, “Uncle, what about Hongkong and Shanghai Bank?”

Norman Swire’s face sank and he told the situation again.

Facing the situation Uncle talked about, Wade Swire couldn’t say anything. Continue to ask will only embarrass Uncle, so he wisely didn’t ask any more, and talked about the most critical topic.

“Uncle, it’s one o’clock now, less than 3 hours before 00:2 pm, should we trade with Yue-Kong Pao?”

After asking, Wade Swire looked at Uncle Norman Swire quietly, waiting for his decision.

Norman Swire thought for a long time, his eyes became firm, and seriously said: “Let’s make a deal, lest there be problems when the time is delayed.”

“I will ask the United Kingdom side to contact HSBC Holdings directly, and both sides will do it at the same time. As long as you get a portion of the equity shares held by Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, it doesn’t matter if Song Family transfers it or not.”

“In a few days, the impact should not be significant.”

Wade Swire busy nodded replied: “Okay, then I will let people prepare things for the afternoon.”

“Well, you worked hard!”

“No hard work, for the glory of the family!”

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