Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 995

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Upon hearing this news, Norman Swire, who was a little sleepy, was so awake that he could no longer wake up.

He facial expression grave, and asked his youngest son Boris Swire: “Boris, where did you know this news? Are you sure it’s true?”

Boris Swire seldom saw father’s solemn appearance. He remembered the scene of being reprimanded by father when he was a child, and he couldn’t help but shrink his neck.

He swallowed and summoned the courage to nodded and said: “Father, this news is not wrong. Song Zhiming told me personally. I have confirmed to him several times that he patted his chest and swore it was true.”

Norman Swire clenched his fists subconsciously, his face gloomy.

The more this time, the more calm he became.

He pulled his son onto the sofa and sat down.

Boris Swire was going to be outside tonight, but came back in a hurry to realize that this matter is important to the family.

But looking at father’s performance, it seems that he still underestimated the importance of this matter.

Fortunately, he also subconsciously slowed down his breathing for fear of affecting father’s thinking.

At this moment, Norman Swire, who pondered for a moment, said to his younger son Boris: “Boris, why did Song Zhiming tell you about this? Tell me the process carefully.”

Boris Swire talked directly about tonight without delay.

“Father, our a group of people is having a party outside tonight. Song Zhiming also participated. He is a relatively arrogant man and has a strong vanity. He said this after he got drunk tonight. He said yes. After returning home a few days ago, I heard his father and his second brother Song Zhicheng were talking about this matter. He also asked the doorman behind to make sure that Xia Yu came to her house, so I can be sure that the news is not wrong… He also asked me to be sure I have to thank him.”

After listening to the younger son’s account, the last bit of luck in Norman Swire’s heart disappeared.

Although the younger son said that Song Zhiming was drunk.

But he has stayed in Hong Kong for most of his life, and he still knows some Chinese proverbs.

Youdao speaks truth after drinking, and Song Zhiming said in detail, it doesn’t seem like a lie at all.

Norman Swire’s thinking, with a growing sense of crisis in his mind, quickly diverged, and various possible situations and reasons emerged in his mind.

The first to bear the brunt was the transaction with Yue-Kong Pao that ended just 2 days ago.

“Will this be a trap?”

Norman Swire carefully calculated the equity shares controlled by the group. Whether it is Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd, Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company or the most important Cathay Pacific company, the cumulative shareholding ratio of the group is already below 50%!

Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Fortunately, after all, it is a listed company, the share ratio is very close to 50%, and it is safe.

I’m afraid of the unlisted Cathay Pacific company and Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd!

The more I think about it, the more uneasy Norman Swire feels.

He quickly picked up the phone and called his nephew Wade Swire.

It took half a minute for the call to connect, Norman Swire involuntarily ordered Wade Swire on the other end of the phone: “Wade, you put everything down now and come to me as fast as you can!”

Wade Swire, who was planning to further discuss the mystery of life with his wife, had to abandon his lost wife and get dressed to go out.

5 minutes later…

Wade Swire ran in gasping for breath, and some accidentally discovered that his cousin Boris Swire was also there. He nodded him, and then asked Norman Swire of the ugly complexion: “Uncle, what happened? “

Norman Swire did not answer and asked directly: “Wade, when you went to Song Family to determine Cathay Pacific’s equity shares a few days ago, did you ask Song Bo if anyone recently bought equity shares from him?”

Wade Swire frowned for a while, and shook his head with certainty: “I didn’t ask this question, nor did Song Bo take the initiative to tell me. He just told me that the equity shares are still in their hands, and then at my request. I got a proof of equity shares.”

After speaking, he also had a bad feeling in his heart and immediately asked: “Uncle, did Song Family sell equity shares?”

Norman Swire shook his head slightly.

Just when Wade Swire was sighed in relief, another sentence from Norman Swire made him sit on pins and needles and almost jumped up in shock.

“It hasn’t been sold yet, but it has been determined that before we found Song Bo, Xia Yu had already contacted him in advance, and wanted to buy his equity shares of Cathay Pacific!”

Wade Swire suppressed the horror in his heart, and he immediately thought of more quickly, his face became very ugly, and he looked straight at Uncle Norman Swire and said: “Uncle, did Yue-Kong Pao buy it from us? Did you buy equity shares for Xia Yu?”

“It’s possible!” Norman Swire facial expression gravely nodded.

Wade Swire thought about the process of negotiating with Yue-Kong Pao before, and suddenly felt something was wrong. Although Yue-Kong Pao’s performance was very natural at the time, when he was about to delay for a few days, Yue-Kong Pao found an excuse. The purpose is not to let him delay.

At the time, I and Uncle were also worried that Dongfeng Airlines’ equity shares would fail, so they finally agreed to the transaction.

And Yue-Kong Pao’s initial goal was Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd, and the quantity it wanted to acquire was also 10% or more. 4 Is the goal the equity shares of Cathay Pacific held by the company?

And he took the initiative to give out the equity shares of Cathay Pacific?

Thinking of this, Wade Swire’s palms kept sweating and regretted.

He said his guess.

After listening to his nephew’s words, Norman Swire’s face was even more ugly, but he had to admit that his nephew’s speculation was very reasonable.

“Uncle and Xia Yu have found the Song Family who is close to us. We have to prepare for the worst. Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd is likely to change ownership, and Cathay Pacific, I am worried about Hongkong and Shanghai. Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Song Family. Song Family didn’t sell equity shares a few days ago, but now it’s been 2 days, I’m worried…”

Wade Swire did not go further, but the meaning has been expressed very clearly, and Norman Swire naturally understands it.

He did not continue to speak, but acted. He immediately picked up the phone and dialed the number from London, UK.

Hong Kong time is more than 10:00 pm, and London is still around 3:00 pm.

His phone rang for a while and it was connected. He immediately asked: “Zack, hasn’t HSBC Holdings informed yet?”

Sack is the General Manager of the United Kingdom Swire Group. Norman Swire had arranged for him to find HSBC Holdings two days ago to acquire the equity shares of Cathay Pacific.

Although Michael Sandberg agreed to him over there, there is no news so far. He can only rely on his subordinates.


“Not yet? You do this as soon as possible. You must determine as quickly as possible whether Cathay Pacific’s equity shares are still in HSBC holdings. If they are, even if they are several times the premium, you must buy at least 5% of the equity shares. Listen understand?”


After hanging up the phone, Norman Swire frowned and thought again.

Wade Swire asked: “Uncle, shall we go to Gals Liddell of Standard Chartered Bank and Song Bo of Song Family?”

“It’s 100% at ten. Song Bo and Gals Liddell are likely to fall asleep. Are we going now?”

Norman Swire hesitated for a long time, and finally gained the upper hand rationally.

“Forget it, it’s so late now. I don’t believe that Xia Yu will find them tonight. If we don’t find them, then it’s not too late for us to get in touch tomorrow morning.”

“If the equity shares of the two of them have been bought, it will be useless to go tonight. The only chance is Hongkong and Shanghai Bank.”

Wade · Swire facial expression grave Nodded, did not speak.

For a while, the people in the living room became quiet, and a heavy atmosphere filled the air.

And Boris Swire, who was a bit drunk after drinking, had already fully awakened from a series of explosive conversations between father and cousin.

It’s just that he has been unable to interrupt, nor dare to interrupt.

But now, the solemn atmosphere seemed very depressing, making him uncomfortable.

Moreover, he has always been an outsider, not to mention the situation, and his thinking is not restricted.

He hesitated for a moment, and suddenly asked: “Father, Cathay Pacific is a Hong Kong company, why is equity shares controlled by HSBC in United Kingdom? Why does HSBC have to do such a troublesome thing?”

Norman Swire and Wade Swire were awakened by two people, and they both swept looking towards Boris Swire.

Facing the gazes of father and cousin, Boris Swire looked at him, thinking that he was wrong.

Wade Swire, who knows more about the situation, shifted his gaze from his cousin to Uncle, and questioned: “Uncle, I have considered this before. Hongkong and Shanghai Bank have not done such a thing before, this time Why would equity shares be transferred?”

“Is it really transferred? Or did Michael Sandberg lie to us?”

Norman Swire brows tightly knit, and the right hand subconsciously placed on the sofa guard.

At this special time, he can no longer guarantee that Michael Sandberg is telling the truth.


At that time, Michael Sandberg’s performance seemed a bit strange, he said a lot…

Seeing Uncle Norman Swire’s face heavy and silent for a long time, Wade Swire was shocked, and his heart continued to sink.

He opened his mouth and finally sighed.

He did not continue to ask, because at this time, Uncle should be more aware of the seriousness of the matter than him.

He had already begun to plan for the worse.

If Hongkong and Shanghai Bank really sold equity shares…

If Standard Chartered Bank also sold equity shares…

If it is Song Family…

The total number of equity shares of the three companies has reached 3% 40!

If you add 5% that he transferred to Yue-Kong Pao a few days ago…

Thinking of this, Wade Swire shuddered and got up goosebumps all over.

He prayed secretly in his heart: “God bless, I hope all this is just my own guess!”

For a long time, Norman Swire seriously said: “Wade, rest early tonight, keep your spirits up, and get up at 6:00 tomorrow. You are responsible for finding Gals Liddell, and I will find Song Bo!”

“The most important one, must confirm that the equity shares have not changed!”

“If it exists, buy 5% first! You can do it directly!”

Wade Swire solemnly nodded and replied: “Okay Uncle, I will wait for him to go out at his door tomorrow!”

“Well, go and rest!”

“Okay, Uncle, you have to rest earlier, I will go back first.”

After speaking, Wade Swire left the living room.

Norman Swire looked towards the young son Boris, who was sitting quietly, smiled appreciatively and said, “Boris, you did good tonight.”

Boris Swire breathed a sigh of relief. Although very happy, he said modestly: “Father, this is what I should do.”

Norman Swire smiled and nodded, once again encouraged the younger son, and then asked him to go to rest early.

After the youngest son was gone, Norman Swire picked up the phone and made several calls, all with his capable subordinates and clansman in important positions.

His purpose is only one, and that is to increase vigilance from tomorrow, and at the same time, strictly sort out the company’s assets and investigate unstable factors and risks.

After all the calls, the thoughtful Norman Swire got up and came to the window, looking towards the dark night sky outside through the glass window.

For a long time, he said quietly:

“War…may be coming…”

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