Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 997

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“Are you ready to come now?”


“Okay, welcome your arrival!”


Seeing that his son just said a few words, then a busy tone came on the phone, Song Bo browses tightly knit.

Song Zhicheng became even more confused. Xia Yu simply didn’t give him a chance to refuse, and directly said to visit their home, and hung up the phone without waiting for him to ask anything.

This is completely forcibly visited!

Xia Yu’s aggressive behavior made Song Zhicheng feel a little hairy.

He couldn’t help it and said to Father Song Bo immediately: “Dad, Xia Yu just told us that he is leaving for our house now. He didn’t say anything, and he didn’t give me a chance to ask, so he just hung up.”

“It must be for Cathay Pacific’s equity shares.”

Song Bo solemnly nodded and said: “Apart from this matter, he has no other purpose.”

“It’s just that Norman Swire’s front foot has just gone, and his back foot came. It is very likely that Norman Swire or our house has been monitored!”

Hearing father’s words, Song Zhicheng’s body was shocked, and he looked all around like a conditioned reflex, then walked to the window and looked towards outside the window, hoping to find the suspicious monitoring personnel.

On the contrary, Song Bo remained calm. Sighed said, “Old Second, don’t look for it. If he really monitors our house, we will definitely not find it now.”

“And when you think about it, it’s more likely to be tracking and monitoring Norman Swire.”

Song Zhicheng came back regretfully, and said solemnly to father: “Dad, it seems that Norman Swire is completely passive. Xia Yu is determined to win for Cathay Pacific!”

“He will be here soon. If he buys Cathay Pacific’s equity shares from us again, what shall we do?”

“After all, it has been many days since the last time. A few days ago, he called you again. This is the third time…”

Song Zhicheng didn’t say the rest, but the meaning was clearly expressed, and Song Bo could understand.

The ancients said that everything can be repeated and not repeated 3.

One or two times they both hit Tai Chi and shied away, and they were able to get by.

But if it does this for the third time, it will be insulting and will definitely give Xia Yu offend.

It’s no use even if he says all his good things!

Song Bo frowns was silent.

Song Zhicheng looked at his third brother Song Zhiming, who was holding his face and grinning. He hesitated for a moment and said: “And Dad, the first time, we promised Xia Yu not to disclose it. Now the third brother has leaked the matter out. Being Xia Yu understood, then we are at a loss…”

Song Bo looked towards 3 Son Song Zhiming, his eyes were very cold, and his breathing became louder.

He took a deep breath to keep his mood calm, and said to Song Zhicheng: “It shouldn’t be known to Xia Yu. This incident should have never happened. If he asks about it and kills it, there is no such incident unless…”

Except for anything, Song Bo didn’t say anything, because he was also somewhat unsure when it came to this.

After all, if Xia Yu really keeps an eye on Norman Swire, or even the entire Swire Family, then it is still possible to know the truth.

He can only pray secretly that Xia Yu’s intelligence ability is not so strong!

Song Bo looked towards 3 again, his son Song Zhiming, coldly snorted and said: “Unfilial son, you can go upstairs and stay for me now, and reflect on it. You are not allowed to come out without my approval!”


Song Zhiming responded in a low voice, then went upstairs with his face in a desperate manner.

“Aliang, tidy up and prepare things for the treat again.”

“Good Lord!”


More than 20 minutes later, Song Bo heard the rumbling sound of the car engine again.

After a while, Song Liang walked in with Xia Yu, and Song Bo’s father and son immediately got up to meet him.

“Song Old Master, I’m really forced to come here so early, so please forgive me!”

Xia Yu smiled and pleaded guilty as soon as they met.

Song Bo’s heart sank, but he squeezed a smile on his face, and said quickly: “Mr. Xia said, you can come to my house because you can count on my this Song person, so forgive me.”

“Please sit down!”

“Aliang, make tea!”

Song Bo greeted Xia Yu to sit down on the sofa, and then ordered butler to make tea.

After a while, the tea was ready, Song Liang brought the tea cup with tea to the table in front of Xia Yu and put it down, politely said: “Mr. Xia, please use tea!”

“Thank you!”

Although thank you, tea Xia Yu didn’t touch it. Instead, she looked towards Song Bo with a smile and went straight to the subject and asked: “Song Old Master, what happened last time, how have you been thinking about it in the past so many days?”

Song Bo hit haha ​​and said with a helpless expression: “Mr. Xia, this kind of thing affects the whole body after all, I have to be cautious and cautious. I haven’t considered it yet, so I’m really sorry.”

Xia Yu smiled faintly, and said non-committal: “Song Old Mister is probably not the truth, right?”

Song Bo’s face sank, frowning and saying, “What does Mr. Xia mean by this? Isn’t it that in Mr. Xia’s eyes, this Song person is so incapable of life?”

Xia Yu shook her head slightly, and said pointedly: “I didn’t mean that, Song Old Mister reputation is outside, I naturally believe it too.”

“It’s just that if some things are not explained, it is easy to cause misunderstanding!”

Song Bo eyes shrank, secretly thought trouble is coming.

However, with a trace of luck, he calmly asked: “Mr. Xia, you also know that sometimes seeing is not necessarily true, so it is necessary to communicate. If you think I did something wrong, just point it out.”

Xia Yu suddenly raised the volume and applauded decisively: “Okay, Song Old Mister said that, then I will be a villain again.”

“Song Old Mister, you promised me before that you won’t disclose my acquisition of Cathay Pacific’s equity shares from you, right?”

Song Bo’s heart suddenly sank to the bottom, but he still did not want to take the initiative to admit it, said solemnly: “Yes, I did not leak the news.”

Xia Yu laughed, looking at Song Bo calmly, and lightly said: “You didn’t reveal it, but Song Zhiming is your son. He revealed the news. It’s okay for you to impossible to tell you, right?”

Seeing Song Bo’s ugly complexion, it seemed that he wanted to explain. Xia Yu’s next few words directly blocked Song Bo’s retreat.

“Because he leaked the news and directly let Swire Family understood, Swire Family will visit you early in the morning before I come. The purpose is also Cathay Pacific’s equity shares, right?”

“Not only that, the Swire Family also rushed out and found other people, such as Board-Chairman Michael Sandberg of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, and Board-Chairman Gals Liddell of Standard Chartered Bank.”

“You said, does this affect me much?”

Xia Yu absolutely monitored Swire Family!

Song Bo was shocked, and thought to himself, shocked by Xia Yu’s intelligence capabilities.

But he is sober, knowing that this is not the time for shock.

How to recover and deal with Xia Yu is the first problem.

He put on a distressed look, and said apologetically: “Mr. Xia, I blame my godson for nothing. This kind of thing is definitely not what I want to see. I am very sorry for the trouble caused to you!”

Xia Yu laughed and said bluntly: “It has happened, and apology is no longer useful. The key is to see how to solve it. The only way to solve the trouble, Song Old Mister should understand.”

“It’s still at the original price, 600 million 60 million HKD. You will transfer your 16% of Cathay Pacific’s equity shares to me.”

Song Bo browses tightly knit, like sitting on pins and felt.

Even though Xia Yu is acting stronger now, but after all, he had the wrong first, so his attitude basically does not raise.

I can’t say rejection, nor can I say yes, he has been pushed to the edge of the cliff.

For a long time, Song Bo did not answer Xia Yu’s words directly, but said tactfully: “Mr. Xia, Swire Family has strict control over Cathay Pacific. Our Song Family shares are not very large. Even if you buy what I have Equity shares are not a threat to the Swire Family, so why do you have to enter this market?”

Xia Yu said with a smile: “Song Old Mister, you are too high on Swire Family. As I said before, the times are different. Now it is not 6 70s. Now British capital has declined and Chinese capital is booming. .”

“You’re welcome, Swire Family is just a paper tiger. The reason why it has been scary is because no one wants to pierce it.”

“But if others don’t want to do it, I will do it.”

“Now I am still very restrained, but what will become in the future, I can’t say, because the choice is not with me, but with Swire Family.”

Speaking of this, Xia Yu paused, took a deep look at Song Bo, and said meaningfully: “There are also the results of the selection of people who are close to Swire Family!”

“Song Old Mister, although I am not old, I still have some experience. You might as well listen to it. If it feels unpleasant, just treat it as a joke.”

Song Bo, expressionless nodded, said concisely: “Please speak!”

Xia Yu lightly said: “Strategic choice is more important than execution. Only by choosing the right direction can execution have value and achieve good results.”

“If you choose the wrong direction and work hard, you will only go farther and farther on the road to the abyss, until you completely fall into the Dark Abyss!”

“Song Old Mister, do you think these two sentences are right?”

Song Bo’s expression was a little stiff, not at all replied, saying that he was out of breath, that was definitely a lie.

After all, a man in his 60s was threatened by a youngster of a grandchild, which greatly hurt his self-esteem.

But personal honor and disgrace are trivial matters in the face of family inheritance and interests, and he can bear it!

Nearly an hour ago, Norman Swire threatened him, he can bear it!

And now, Xia Yu threatened him too, and he can bear it!

Both are threats. The key is which one is more threatening? Which one can cause greater evil?

Combining the existing information, after quickly weighing the pros and cons in Song Bo’s mind, the balance in his mind was slightly inclined to Xia Yu, but not much, just a trace.

Xia Yu picked up the teacup and drank the tea quietly, keeping his eyes on Song Bo, and didn’t even look at Song Zhicheng, who was clenched with his fist.

He still has some patience. It’s only after 9 o’clock, and there are more than 2 hours before the end of the morning.

Anyway, if he comes today, there must be a result, for better or worse!

At most more than 2 hours, enough time for Song Bo to choose!

Time ticked ticked away…

After a long time, Song Bo looked towards Xia Yu with scorching eyes, and asked a very critical question in a deep voice…

ps: A chapter was written for 2 hours and 44 minutes, and it was reasonable to simulate the conversation scene between big shots back and forth in my mind.

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