Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 998

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“Mr. Xia, can you tell me the number of equity shares of Cathay Pacific that you currently hold?”

Xia Yu’s eyes shimmered slightly, mouth evoked a smirk, and said frankly: “Since the plan has been leaked, it’s okay to tell you. Now I have acquired 30% of Cathay Pacific’s 8 equity shares!”

Song Bo widened his eyes and looked at Xia Yu incredulously.

Xia Yu unexpectedly acquired so many equity shares unconsciously.

Had it not been for his son to leak the news, it is estimated that Swire Family would not have known that Xia Yu was acquiring Cathay Pacific!

And, more importantly.

Where did Xia Yu’s 30% 8 equity shares come from?

A single thought flashed through Song Bo’s mind, combined with Cathay Pacific’s equity shares structure, and his shock was even greater.

He asked in a sure but incredulous tone: “Mr. Xia, the equity shares of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank and Standard Chartered Bank have been sold to you?”

Xia Yu was slightly nodded, serene nodded said: “Yes, apart from this Swire Airlines also sold 5% of equity shares to me.”

Song Bo blurted out: “How could Swire Family do such a thing?”

Xia Yu hehe smiled and said with a sneer: “But the fact is on the surface, they really did this kind of thing!”

“Now I have a veto right!”

“Song Old Mister, do you think that with the IQ of Norman Swire, I can be my opponent?”

Song Bo was silent, but he was very disappointed in Norman Swire.

Is Norman Swire a pig brain?

The equity shares in the hands were able to flow out, so that they lost control of Cathay Pacific.

Now I know I’m afraid, and I want to make up for it. I blocked the door early in the morning and threatened him, wanting to buy equity shares from him.

At this level, can you really beat Xia Yu?

Song Bo had no idea.

Soon after, he thought of more.

Now Cathay Pacific’s equity shares are actually distributed in the hands of their Song Family, Swire Family and Xia Yu.

Swire Aviation originally held 50% of Cathay Pacific’s equity shares, but now it has transferred 5% to Xia Yu, so there are only 40% of equity shares in its hands.

As long as he transfers even 4% points to Norman Swire, then Swire Aviation will regain control of Cathay Pacific.

And Xia Yu shares 30% 8, if they get 16% equity shares of their Song Family, they will be able to increase the share ratio to 50% 4 and gain basic control over Cathay Pacific.

So to whom he holds equity shares, he can get the final victory.

This is an overwhelming bargaining chip, importance is self-evident!

But the more important it became, the more bitter Song Bo felt.

This is forcing him to stand in line!

Catering to one party will make the other party more ruthless.

Seeing Song Bo’s bitter face and long silence, Xia Yu was able to guess his general idea.

He thought for a while and decided to seize the opportunity and start another fire.

Xia Yu said with a light smile: “Song Old Mister, do you want to know two more news?”

Song Bo was taken aback and realized that these two news might not necessarily mean that he was willing to hear good news, but in this critical period, only more information would enable him to make a more correct judgment.

So he squeezed a stiff smile and said slightly nodded, “Mr. Xia, please.”

Xia Yu lightly said: “Swire Airlines also transferred 10% 5% of the equity shares of Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd and part of the equity shares of the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company to me.”

“Now I have 65% of the equity shares of the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company and over 40% of the equity shares of the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company 3!”


Xia Yu’s light words fell into Song Bo’s ears like thunder.

He was shocked again.

Then shake the head with a wry smile.

He has nothing to say about Norman Swire. Fortunately, he is still the head of the Swire Group, and he has lessons learned from Hutchison Whampoa and Jardine Matheson. More than once, he talked about the need to be vigilant at parties and avoid following the footsteps of Jardine Matheson. .

But is this strengthening of vigilance?

Taking the initiative to send out equity shares is called vigilance?

Norman Swire’s poor performance highlights the shrewdness of Xia Yu.

At this moment, he admired Xia Yu’s brilliant means, which was able to secretly acquire this step. No one in Hong Kong could achieve this point!

No wonder it can emerge victorious in every battle in the capital market!

If he falls to the Swire Family this time, can he defend Xia Yu in the case of the Swire Group?

It escaped once, then next time Xia Yu targets the Swire ship?

If Xia Yu stares at their Song Family and is stared at by a big player like Xia Yu in secret, will their Song Family also be eaten?

Xia Yu is still so young, if they have been staring at Swire Group and their Song Family for many years, can they still let go of their development?


A series of questions appeared in Song Bo’s mind. He could get an answer to each question through subjective judgment, but every answer he got left him speechless.

The balance in Song Bo’s heart continuously tilted towards Xia Yu.


A firmness flashed in Song Bo’s eyes, which happened to be caught by Xia Yu.

When I was in Xia Yu concentrates one’s mind, I saw Song Bo staring at him and sent out a key question: “Mr. Xia, if I sell equity shares to you, how can you guarantee the interests of our Song Family? .”

“Our Song Family was retaliated by Swire Family, what would you do?”

“Who should make up for the losses caused by Swire Family to our Song Family?”

Xia Yu smiled. He knew that the equity shares were almost ready.

As long as Song Bo’s doubts are dispelled, the duck that is about to reach its beak will not fly!

Song Bo wanted the promise, he just gave it!

Xia Yu leaned forward slightly, and solemnly promised: “Song Old Mister, you sold me Cathay Pacific’s equity shares. That is my friend. Xia Yu is fierce to my enemies, but I can knife piercing both sides of my friends. “

“If Swire Family retaliates against Song Family for this, as long as your old saying goes, I will help you, even if it is a full-scale war with Swire Group!”

“Once the war begins, you can refer to Jardine Matheson for the fate of Swire Group. How much benefit Song Family can get depends on your own strength. You can also ask me for necessary help. As long as I can do it, I will never shirk! “

“Not only that, Song Family can also cooperate with me in all aspects. With the size of my 9Ding Group, you won’t lose out!”

“These words will be valid forever if they are out of my mouth, unless Song Family takes the initiative to part ways with me!”

Xia Yu’s words are sonorous and powerful.

Song Zhicheng, who listened quietly, looked towards his father frequently, wanting to know his choice.

Song Bo and Xia Yu looked at each other for a few seconds, and then decisively said: “Well, since Mr. Xia is so proud, then the future of my Song Family of 100 people is tied to you!”

“I think I didn’t make a wrong choice!”

Xia Yu said with a light smile: “You are always wise, this choice is extremely wise!”

With that, Xia Yu got up and stretched out his hand to Song Bo.

Song Bo also got up, holding his old hand tightly with Xia Yu.

After sitting down again, Song Bo turned his head to Song Zhicheng and said, “Old Second, go to my room, open the safe, and take out the equity shares of Cathay Pacific company inside!”


Song Zhicheng got up suddenly and walked quickly towards the stairs.

Song Bo looked towards Xia Yu again and said, “Mr. Xia, if you want to trade immediately, I have a phone number here, and you will let your people come over.”

Of course Xia Yu would not refuse, he replied with a faint smile: “Okay!”

After speaking, he got up and came to the phone, dialed the Wang Qi office number, and asked him to bring the contract acquisition team to Song Family immediately and reported the detailed address of Song Family to him.

After Xia Yu finished the call, Song Bo also made a call, also calling his own people over.

Soon, Song Zhicheng came downstairs and proved his equity shares to Song Bo.

Song Bo forwarded it to Xia Yu to see and confirmed that it was the 16% equity shares of Cathay Pacific.

In the following time, both Xia Yu and Song Bo took the initiative to look for topics, and the chat atmosphere became more harmonious.

Ten minutes later, Song Bo’s people came first, and then 5-6 minutes later, Xia Yu’s people also came.

According to Song Bo and Xia Yu’s requirements, the two parties quickly prepared the contract.

The price has not changed, based on the price quoted by Xia Yu before, 600 million 60 million HKD.

After signing the contract, Xia Yu and Song Bo went to Jiuding Bank together.

To show his heart, Song Bo asked Xia Yu to transfer the money to the Song Family account opened at Jiuding Bank.

After the funds are confirmed, the transaction is fully completed.

In the reception room of the super VIP customer of Jiuding Bank, there was a pleasant laugh.

Song Bo shook hands with Xia Yu, said with a smile: “Mr. Xia, I hope you will take care of you in the future!”

Xia Yu waved her hand and said modestly: “I dare not take care of it, but take care of each other.”

“Song Old Mister, if there is anything useful to me, just speak up.”

After that, Xia Yu said to Liu Tianci, who was smiling on the side: “Tianci, if you need funds in the future, Song Family can relax a little. After all, it’s her own.”

Anyway, it’s just the scene, it doesn’t hurt to speak more openly.

Liu Tianci nodded, smiled and responded: “Okay, Board-Chairman!”

After speaking, he stretched out his hand to Song Bo and said, “Mr. Song, please take care of you in the future!”

Jiuding Bank is one of the God of Wealth in the eyes of major companies in Hong Kong, and Song Bo is of course willing to deepen the relationship with Jiuding Bank.

He laughed, shook hands heavily with Liu Tianci and said: “Mister Liu, after that, if I have anything to do, I will come over to you to ask for a cup of tea.”

Liu Tianci said modestly: “Don’t dare to be, you are always welcome!”

Then Song Bo looked towards Xia Yu and said goodbye to him: “Mr. Xia, I have to go back and clear the assets in the Swire Group, and be prepared. Time is urgent, I will leave first!”

Xia Yu understandably nodded, said with a smile: “Okay, what I said at your home will be valid forever. If there is any emergency, please come to me.”



After Song Bo left, Xia Yu smiled and looked towards Liu Tianci, instructed: “Tianci, keep an eye on the related assets of Swire Group and Swire Family. Next, I will start the acquisition of Cathay Pacific 2nd Stage. If Swire Family doesn’t recognize it, You can only use other means!”

Liu Tianci heart shivered with cold, replied decisively: “Yes!”

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