Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 999

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6 month 14 day.

Norman Swire didn’t go to the company after eating breakfast. He sat on the sofa in the living room at home, drinking tea and reading the newspaper.

He checked the time on his watch from time to time.

He was waiting for Song Bo’s reply.

Yesterday, he told Song Bo before he left, and he has to give him an answer before 9 o’clock today.

But as time passed, Song Bo’s phone call was not seen, his expression gradually became serious, his mood began to fluctuate, and he could no longer calm down.

And the nephew Wade Swire, who was next to him, couldn’t sit still more worried, got up and paced back and forth.

After seeing the second turn of the clock, seeing that the minute hand finally freezes at 12, and the hour hand just points to the number 9, Wade Swire’s face is very ugly and suddenly looked towards Uncle.

Seeing that Uncle Norman Swire had already closed his eyes relentlessly.

He hurriedly said solemnly: “Uncle, it looks like that bastard Song Bo has betrayed us!”

Norman Swire’s eyes were still closed, taking a few deep breaths, trying his best to calm the fluctuating mood.


Norman Swire opened his eyes, his eyes sharp as a knife, and there was no trace of turbidity.

He was coldly snorted instructed: “Wade, you call Song Family now!”

Wade Swire nodded, walked to the phone and dialed the number in the phone book.

“Hey, this is Song Mansion, who is it?”

“This is Wade Swire, let Song Bo answer the phone!”

Hearing the call from the butler of Song Mansion on the other end of the phone, Wade Swire, who was upset, was not at all polite and directly named Song Bo.

After waiting for more than a minute, he finally changed the phone number Song Bo answered.

Song Bo only said a few words, and Wade Swire directly asked: “Mr. Song, what price does Cathay Pacific’s equity shares plan to sell to us?”

“……you sure?”

“You have sold equity shares to Xia Yu, right… Song Family will fall because of your wrong decision…”

“pa ta !”

Hearing the busy tone on the phone, Wade Swire realized that Song Bo took the initiative to hang up his phone, and he was even more furious, who was already angry.

Then walked towards Uncle Norman Swire angrily.

Although he did not listen to the phone, Norman Swire has already understood the result from the actions and words of his nephew.

Wade Swire said angrily, “Uncle, Song Bo refused to sell us equity shares. I asked him if he had sold equity shares to Xia Yu. He did not admit it, but he did not deny it. That’s it!”

“Our dog has started to bite its owner!”

“Uncle, we must not let Song Family go!”

“If Song Family does not pay the price, our family’s face will be lost, and it will not be possible to maintain our family’s power!”

Norman Swire was also very angry, but he did not lose his mind and was able to prioritize.

The top priority now is to keep Cathay Pacific.

Only if Cathay Pacific is kept, even if Xia Yu acquires Song Family’s equity shares, it will fail. Even if Xia Yu has penetrated strongly, they have not lost their resistance.

He said solemnly: “Wade, Song Bo must pay the price, but this can be left behind and wait for us to free up.”

“The most important thing now is to fight out the robber Xia Yu and save our company, otherwise the consequences will be very serious. It is impossible to suppress Song Family!”

Hearing Uncle’s words, Wade Swire had to take a deep breath to suppress the anger in his heart.

He said hurriedly: “Uncle, what we still have hope for now is Standard Chartered Bank and Hongkong and Shanghai Bank. Is there no news from Sack?”

Norman Swire expression sinks, shake the head said: “No news yet.”

Wade Swire expressed concern, hesitated for a moment, and finally said: “Uncle, I am worried that HSBC may sell the equity shares. Although Michael Sandberg is just the Board-Chairman of HSBC Hong Kong, HSBC Hong Kong is the most important part of HSBC Holdings. Important branches, if Michael Sandberg is willing, can get back Cathay Pacific’s equity shares from the parent company. Michael Sandberg’s perfunctory attitude is very abnormal. Michael Sandberg has never done this to us before!”

Norman Swire’s expression became more solemn.

Hasn’t he thought about it this way?

Because of this, he asked Michael Sandberg to inquire, and on the other hand, he asked his capable subordinates to go directly to HSBC Holdings.

Norman Swire shook his head and sighed: “Sark told me that HSBC Holdings’ attitude is not positive, and the probability of not wanting to sell is very low. It is very likely that it has been sold secretly. Due to confidentiality terms, I don’t want us to know the truth. Happening.”

After speaking, he didn’t wait for Wade Swire to speak, and asked, “What’s the situation here at Standard Chartered Bank? Gals Liddell still refuses to sell?”

Wade Swire shook his head bitterly, and said helplessly: “Always disagree, even if I have twice the premium, he still doesn’t let go. The price is still my unilateral price. He simply doesn’t talk about the price with me, the threshold for negotiation. Did not go in.”

“But yesterday at 5:00 pm, Cathay Pacific’s equity shares were still in the hands of Standard Chartered Bank. I don’t know what happened today!”

“Gals Liddell’s approach is too strange. I asked the think tank to analyze it last night and came to a conclusion with a high probability that Standard Chartered Bank has reached a secret agreement with Xia Yu. shares are only held by Standard Chartered Bank!”

“After all, Xia Yu has found Song Family. There is no reason not to find Standard Chartered Bank and Hongkong and Shanghai Bank. There is no reason that neither Gals Liddell nor Michael Sandberg admits that anyone wants to buy Cathay Pacific’s equity shares!”

Norman Swire was silent for a long time, suddenly got up, and said to Wade Swire: “Wade, you go to Swire Airlines to stay, keep an eye on the trends of various companies, I will go to Standard Chartered Bank!”

Wade Swire nodded responded: “Okay, Uncle.”


Standard Chartered Bank, chairman’s office.

Norman Swire had veins bursting on his face, his eyes staring at the calm-faced Gals Liddell, and he asked: “Liddell President, Wade asked you yesterday and wanted to buy equity shares but you didn’t sell them. It was just a night. At the same time, you sold Cathay Pacific’s equity shares?”

Gals Liddell shrugged and replied calmly: “It was indeed sold. Before last night, I did not intend to sell equity shares, but there was no absolute truth. To be honest, I still feel a little dreamy when I think about it this morning. .”

Norman Swire’s eyebrows trembled, and he tried his best to suppress his inner anger, and asked: “Liddell President, you sold Cathay Pacific’s equity shares to Xia Yu, didn’t you?”

Gals Liddell said apologetically: “Please forgive me for not being able to say this. I can’t tell you who it is, because I have signed an agreement to keep it confidential for half a month. You can only find a way to get news from other people. “

Although Gals Liddell said so, Norman Swire has already identified Xia Yu!

He stared straight at Gals Liddell, and asked in a cold voice: “Well, since you don’t want to say that, with our many years of friendship, you have to let me understand why you would rather use Cathay Pacific’s Sell ​​equity shares to others instead of us?”

Gals Liddell was silent for a moment, shook his head and said, “Mr. Swire, I can only tell you that the condition is that Swire Family cannot give Standard Chartered Bank. For the benefit of the bank, I cannot refuse, even if it is twice your premium. Not on!”

Norman Swire broke out into laughter caused by anger, and the laughter was mixed with feelings of grief and regret.

Gals Liddell was finally unable to remain calm, his complexion persuaded: “Mr. Swire, I know more things than you, but due to reality, I can’t tell you all, but from the perspective of a friend, I suggest You give up Cathay Pacific, this is the best choice.”

It’s okay if Gals Liddell didn’t say it. His words made Norman Swire feel very harsh, but it made him even more disgusted.

He took a deep look at Gals Liddell, sneaked: “Friend, huh!”

After speaking, he walked directly to the door.

Norman Swire wants to speak harshly, but with the relationship between Swire Group and Standard Chartered Bank, his effort to speak out will only make him suffer.

Whether it is the equity shares of each company in the Swire Group held by Standard Chartered Bank, or its loans and business relationships with various companies, it is destined that Standard Chartered Bank will be relatively stronger.

Norman Swire has secretly decided that as long as it survives this crisis, it will start to transfer assets, find a bank in the United Kingdom to replace Standard Chartered Bank, and step by step to dissolve various relationships with Standard Chartered Bank.

Standard Chartered Bank is unreliable!

Gals Liddell didn’t get up, quietly watching Norman Swire swing his sleeves away.

Then, he picked up the phone and dialed a number. Soon there was Xia Yu’s voice over the microphone. He was busy reporting: “Board-Chairman, Norman Swire just left me. I have already told him that his equity shares have been transferred. But I didn’t say who to transfer it to, but looking at his appearance, he believed it was you…I also persuaded him, but looking at his appearance, I don’t plan to give up for the time being…”

“The plan has already begun? Okay, I’m ready here…”

After hanging up the phone, Gals Liddell mouth evoked a smirk and said to himself: “Norman Swire, if you resist, then I believe you will usher in one surprise after another…”


After Norman Swire left Standard Chartered Bank angrily, he immediately drove to Swire Airlines.

He has a bad feeling in his heart.

Gals Liddell did not hide the fact that the equity shares were transferred, so the side shows that the enemy has enough confidence that the frontal struggle is about to begin.

When Norman Swire arrived at Swire Airlines, an employee immediately ran over to report to him.

Norman Swire complexion changed on the spot, and then quickly walked into the elevator.

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