Rebirth – Super Bank System Chapter 1611

“Do you believe that?”


“All have to be pushed out, how could it still be tested?”


“Strongly requires advance access.”



For questioning.

On stage.

Tang Qing is extremely calm.

Whether you believe or not, I believe in it, and in fact, it is not completely ignored. The tests at Ari’s side have not ceased, and there is no problem with this update.


‘s nervous there now.

The most worrying.

Still, the exact rate of scanning, the problem of positive scanning, is low, but there is an increase in the number of hits on the side, which is involved in the area of non-substantiated image identification, one mistake or 100 per cent error.

Self-testing has been limited.

Once on the line.

The frequency of use in hundreds of millions of units per day allows for a very small rate of negligence, which is manipulated. Tang Qing didn’t help because he knew how to pay the baby.

Rates of accuracy.

It’s actually enough.


Just like ‘prenatal depression’, be careful about unknown.


In a scream.

The meeting’s over.

And it affects.

It’s just that it started spreading. People talk to each other, peers go crazy, like the new function of getting ready to go online, and while not necessarily compete with Tang Qing, it’s good to eat the next piece.

A man turned the money into a microletter, and the money fell back in a microletter.


As long as the money is not transferred to the bank card, it’s lying in the bank account of the platform, and it’s not moving, although it’s not a microcredit, it can’t be used at all. What’s the bank interest?

tsk tsk.

It’s really touching.

It’s where it is.

Human orientation.

Go back to the living room.

“Are you still testing?”

It was soft to come up.

After breakfast, a few others left, and she stayed, and she wanted to play more than a day, her internship unit was on TV, and the boss who looked for any hand at the Municipal Treasury.

“Is there a difference?”

Tang Qing said with a smile.

“Of course there’s a difference, I’d love to try it.”

“But no one else has. How do you use it?”


It was soft.


No one else needs it. Who’s she cleaning? Hehe, this is boring enough. Forget it. Just wait and update it, right now, Tang Qing’s phone rings.

“You’re busy.”

Finish it.

Once slipped out of smoke, upstairs with Lin Jiaxue paintings.


“Second uncle.”

“Just look at your meeting. How’s it going?” Tang Kai just arrived in New Ann City, as a marine developer, and this time he was invited to take part in the trial ceremony in Derin province.

“It’s all set.”

“That’s good.”

“By the way, second uncle, if your company wants to make advertisements, it can be printed on the two-dimensional plate.” Tang Qing says, “No accident, it’s a million degrees of exposure.

Take care of yourself as a matter of priority.

“How big?”


“No problem, but advertising costs are not minimal.” Tang Kai highlighted one sentence.

Tang Qing: “…”

Got to.

And the rich don’t talk about money anymore.

“All right.”

Say it’s all over the country.

But it does not mean that a model is used throughout the country, but it is mixed, such as a store, which does not necessarily put one, probably more than a dozen, and a two-dimensional code, with different contexts.

“By the way, you can sink a lot of money as much as you pay the baby.” Tang Kai thought about it, and that would be a lot of money.

He’s got no idea.

Just ask.

With so much money, it’s a great help to Tang Qing’s cause.

“Yes, but not at all.”


“The central bank will soon provide for a uniform management of this‘ client reserve ‘to avoid being paid to users because of the diversion of the business.” Tang Qing explained.

In fact.

This provision was made clear only before he reappeared.

Prior to that, the central bank had been constrained, but it was not so stringent that a number of third parties were paying businesses to divert their clients’ funds to make higher returns on business credit.

So come on.

The financial security of users is difficult to guarantee.


At the beginning of seven years.


Central Bank formally provided for stricter restrictions on the use of this portion of the funds.

That’s it.

Tang Qing is still very supportive, and is this money theoretically user-friendly, not a platform for payment, or is it not costly? And he really doesn’t look too good at the depositary bank interest.


This proposal was made at a time when it was quickly tied up, and it was not a blow to anyone, but not to third parties that paid large sums of money, but that interest income did not really account for a very high proportion of profits.

An annual transaction breaks down billions of third-party payments.

Interest income sustained the death of 2,30,000.


The largest commercial platform, with a zero to seven years of trade, has reached 200 billion, and at least 300 billion dollars this year, has also benefited from the emergence of smart phones, or 8 billion.

Of course.

After two years.

It’s probably a trillion sale.

Earlier Ali, but the speed of the year flies upwards.

“That would also be the problem if they were diverted or if corporate contributions run. By the way, in a few days, Derin will run a trial ceremony, and I hear it’s funny.” Tang Kai asked.

“I’m still at home to see.”

“If this side can also support the electronic payment of microcommunication.”

At this point.

Tang Kai is sitting in the car.

Pass New Ann City.

And it makes countless cities envious of the flow of guests. No, that’s a shame.

“Next month should be possible.”

“Really?” Tang Kai surprised.


“Well, the process is going on, and it’s not only for the Bank of Mainia to agree, but also for a zero vote at the meeting.” Tang Qing said with a smile, if you want to hurry, it can be adopted tomorrow.



‘s no need to be so confused.

Emergency what.

They’re all in the pot, and they can’t run away.

“That’s great.”

Talk about it again.

End the communication.

The car has arrived at the guards’ house.

“Uncle Don.”

“Jun, you’re gonna have to be busy.”

“hehe, okay.”

Derin Province, pilot operation.

He bought the land, bought the island, built several vacation hotels, almost smashed his family in, and he could see it.

He’s got zero thighs anyway.


right to sell fruit wine is still in place, and the money will be a source of extinction.

No investment.

Keep the bad luck.

As a result of looking at the tourism market in Warsaw, the greater the company did both through mergers and acquisitions, the smaller it might be in Tang Family’s eyes, but in the eyes of the industry it was already a huge transnational tourism group.

Derin Province, pilot operation.

He was instructed by the National Tourism Agency of Maine – to make a great deal of public information.


This morning.


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