Rebirth – Super Bank System Chapter 1660

“Shall we find a place to sit?”


“Where are you going?”

“Young, why don’t you go to your house’s tea building, close, and have a good environment.”



Get out of the conference room, people sit down, so heavy news goes down, and they all need time to digest and communicate, and see what the next cooperation is possible.

This is more than an hour.

Of course not just those things.

Speak of the loan.

They interviewed a number of more detailed places, and were informed that loans could be combined, such as the two who looked at the same project in a country, and could co-finance them so that they could not fight.


Not interested for the time being.

Business outside the country is simply a solution to the problem of funding.






It’s all about everything.

To a country where life is unknown, there is a high risk that, if multiple shareholders are introduced, even though interests are less profitable, they will not be as miserable as they are, they will also enhance their relationship.



I’m afraid there’s no money.


Fear of internal fighting.

Because of the Chamber of Commerce’s binding nature, which prohibits internal integration and, in addition to limiting them, other people’s pits, it also creates a good situation – people are not afraid of cooperation.

In addition.

Except for projects that can be shared among them.

Investments in direct enterprises under the Money-Lau Group flag, and they also have access to a share, even though there are few shares, dominant power is still in the hands of the Mexican banking group, but that is enough.

I fear that the Mexican banking group will treat them as outsiders.

Eat it again.

Now it’s okay.

Eat together.

Everybody’s all right. Some of the minds have taken the view that, in order to further reduce risks, one third loan to work with these immediate businesses is a good proportion.

The rest.

one third is working with the immediate ones.

one third of its own control unit.


As for the introduction of shareholders from local countries, they could also consider, and the loan did not say that equity must be held, but such investments could only be foreign trade enterprises and promised to settle the Asian dollar.

Azure Cliff Market.

The garden.

Lake surrounded.

xiu! ”

A wave of wind, arrows into the heart.


You can’t hear that.

The kind of “whoosh whoosh whoosh” arrow on TV is flying, the Wulin High Hearing, and ka stopped operating. Then the arrows were processed and listened to the audience.

To that end.

Tang Qing was boring, doing a lot of rockets with various voices.

Birds scream.

Insect Cry.

Beast yelling.

As long as a particular part of the arrow is included in a space structure, it can be achieved, and it is estimated that in the world he is so bored, that an arrow is sent and that a bird is thought to be flying.

Very confusing.

At this point.

Zhang Dongqing also realized what was called “play.”

Smell it.

See what I just saw.

He was interested in Tang Qing’s statement of the Chamber of Commerce. When Tang Kai and Liu Gan joined the Chamber of Commerce, it was felt that it was an opportunity for Tang Qing to say that the problem was small, it should not be a big one.

“You like it?”


Zhang Dongqing nodded.

For a while, he suddenly found out he liked it.

Not exactly a rocket.

It’s the “craftsman spirit” behind it, and it’s the ability to play this thing, and he’s actually like a little hobby, like collecting a variety of smart mechanical structures.

But only collection.

No design for yourself.

Now look at it, I’m just going to the door amateur hobby.

The school Tang Qing.

Do something for yourself!

“Send you back a set.”


Tang Qing put down a bow.

Look at the time.


Chamber of Commerce’s meeting was also concluded, and the rest was being implemented, and in fact Tang Qing did not place the main hope on all communities, and the real power was the Mexican banking group.

These people.

Including their own second uncle, or aiding.

After all.

The Mexican banking group is under its control, what do you want to do, what does not need to be explained to people, how many acts cannot be explained with the general population, especially in the interest of extreme consequences, and who?

Can’t say that.


The companies of the Mexican banking group will begin to change, suspend technological updates in the low-interest manufacturing industry and increase import ratios, in other words, imports in the future.


Tang Qing also considered the whole industry chain.


Not so much.

If all are self-sufficient.

Nobody depends.

What about a hammer? How the international settlement ratio of $AA has increased and, moreover, isolated space can be constructed randomly, he has no need to establish a full industrial system in Mt.




In the coming period, the Mexican banking group will not expand its business in memory of newly discovered energy, minerals, completely discontinued mining, retaining only mining capacity and mineral construction.

To avoid being really stuck in the neck.

Large commodities.


Crazy imports.


Imports come, we can sell it at par, or we can process it, even if we don’t make money. Food and so on, Maint doesn’t need to import, it’s okay. We’ll buy it in the warehouse.

– Assistance to poor countries.

– Turn around to Warsaw, India.

– Even put it there.

All right.


system is only a share of international trade settlement in the United States dollar and does not say that he can’t lose his money. He simply transforms Asian dollars into assets, and in any event, the Mexican banking group will enter the buying model in the future.

That way.

There’s another good.


Exporting countries can benefit from a strong ‘auxiliary’ model, as long as they can buy tight commodities, as is the case with the Mozambique model of ‘commodity and project loans’.

It’s all.

I can’t leave Warsaw.


This thigh has to be held.

Is there a day you won’t let the hug go?


Of course there is.

That is when there is less need for commodities from the Mexican banking group, all project loans are now backed up, with a large number of people, a small number of arable land and a large number of deserts coming from the Warsaw for the transcription of liquids and green Africa.


Warsaw was willing to accept the payment of the yen in exchange for the transcription of the original liquid and the Green Africa, when the former had an alternative medicine one day, the latter had been transformed in the desert almost.

Yeah, yen.

Warsaw’s not that interested anymore.

Sooner or later that day.


Tang Qing thinks at least ten years.

This is within the existing framework, and Tang Qing has decided to slow up the frequency of high-end technologies in memory, and after 10 years, even if there are no alternatives, the needs of both will be reduced.

By then… Tang Qing is temporarily unable to decide.

There’s a need.

For example, not yet elevated to the tenth degree of competence, good things can continue to be taken and Asian dollars will continue to be strong.

No need.


It’s supposed to be an astronomical figure.

By then.

He might have new objectives.

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