Rebirth – Super Bank System Chapter 1661


New Ann City.

A quiet tea building.

People sit around, drink tea, Tang Kai has no alike, take out the tea leaves Tang Qing has given so that these people will always want, refuse or make Tang Qing difficult.

“Do you say, this time, will inflation occur and the money is not worth it?”

Have a drink.

A head of the native family was worried.

Just at the meeting.

I didn’t dare to mention it.

But it doesn’t mean they don’t care, big bills, inflation, which would have been the basis of financial knowledge, much more money, but no more money, and if so, that would be fun.

“Just don’t ask.”

“How dare you?”

“Don’t dare.”

“That won’t happen.”

“Indeed, you should take another view that inflation is inevitable in any country, as long as it occurs at a high rate of development, but as long as exchange rate fluctuations are modest, there is no need to be fear.”

“Inflation, which refers primarily to a decline in monetary purchasing power and an increase in domestic commodity and asset prices, but do you think that happens when raw materials prices are not fully marketed?”

“No, in the Special Economic Area of Mainia, food, vegetables, meat, industrial raw materials, and in order to stabilize market prices for end-consumption, the Mexican banking group has been pricing.”

“As long as this is not easy, there will be no significant change in monetary purchasing power held, with how much rice was worth last year, rising by 3 per cent in the first half of this year.”

“There is no sense in the general population.”


“However, commodity prices are stable because of policies and pricing. But the price of assets has risen, so inflation is not our concern, and that is the case of the general population.”

“Exchange rate.”

“It is the criterion for determining the absolute value of our wealth.”

Vampire analyzing.

Have a cup of tea.

Go on.

“The current application of the fixed exchange rate system, with the direct decision of the Central Bank of Maintenance, together with foreign exchange controls, will not change much in the short term, unless there is an air conditioner.”

“This road, however, is provisionally inaccessible, and it is not easy to recall whether the Central Bank’s external capital borrowing is a trillion, as in the case of Soros doing an empty baht.”

“In the future, with the increasing circulation of Asian dollars, the fluctuations in exchange rates are certainly to be implemented, without doubt, but this does not represent a significant devaluation of our wealth.”

“How to avoid depreciation?”

“First, of course, the exchange rate system.”

“Secondly, it is a few products under the Mongolian flag that can earn large amounts of wealth from other countries.”

“Finally, it’s us.”

“Why should we go out? Why encourage investment in foreign trade enterprises, in addition to increasing the circulation of Asian dollars, is to make more money, form an internal cycle and protect the value of the Asian dollar.”

Hear this.

Some people distort their heads.

I can’t hear you!


What’s the circle?

Shake your head.

It feels like these old friends use their minds to earn money, rarely think about peak intentions, and also have a son in charge of economic policy design, and his vision is much higher.

“What’s the internal cycle?” Somebody asked.

Milky hehe smiles.

“In the past, for example, if the timber is imported, people do not receive the amount of Asian dollars, we have to give people foreign exchange, so that there is a decrease in foreign exchange reserves and a small capacity to resist exchange rate shocks.”

“Now, even if people are willing to collect Asian dollars, they may turn around looking for our central bank to convert into United States dollars or euros, so that foreign exchange reserves have decreased, and there is little difference between them.”

“But if we buy this business, use the yen to settle, we get the yen, do we need to change the dollar? No, we can hold it for a long time.”

“Once someone wants to be empty.”

“For example, Soros, in addition to his own funds, has to be sold with wind, those with baht, individuals, financial capital, and foreign exchange management agencies.”

“Wind blows, side down.”

“Very dangerous.”

“However, if the internal cycle is formed, we will not join in the sale of wind and reduce the storm that speculators want to produce.”

“Even if we earn foreign exchange, we can, in turn, let the emptiness of the blood.”

Speak of it.

Milky doesn’t have to be exaggerated by this chess.

Through Chamber of Commerce.

Tie everybody together.


Improving Asian dollars’ self-preservation ‘.

These foreign trade enterprises, which are under their control, continue to expand, and the entire demand for foreign trade in Maine, even if only one third is under the control of the Mainland Enterprise, will have enormous effects.

Anyone wants to do it empty.

We all have to calculate.

With the ability of wind capital to push to this building of Asian dollars, as long as one third is stable, it is likely to affect one third of the other, conservative capital, the rest, and it is difficult to rise the wave.

Azure Cliff Market.

The garden.

Listen to what’s hidden.

Tang Qing is just a smile, and the smarters in the world still have a lot to think about. Indeed, it is for them to buy foreign trade businesses.

Foreigners make money.

Many have been converted into foreign currencies, and they belong to uncontrolled capital.

In the future.

The gradual control of the main imported goods of Mainia by companies, the profit of the Asian dollar, is to stabilize capital, not to be affected by air capital, which greatly preserves the stability of the exchange rate of the Asian dollar.

Tea building.

By that interpretation, all people don’t agree with nodded.


I didn’t think there was a deep meaning at that level, so long as they didn’t betray the yen, the foreigners wanted to shake the yen, it wasn’t easy, and would they betray it? Stupid, who’s all right with his own grave.

Exchange rate.

The absolute value of their wealth was determined.

Protect Yan Yuan.

It’s protecting its core interests.

“But other holders will not affect.”

Except for enterprises, individuals.

There are also international financial institutions and foreign exchange management agencies.

“As long as major merchandise trade is handled, the problem is not too large, there is generally a small number of personal holdings, and financial institutions, where bank loans are sought to be so simple.”

“As for the foreign exchange management agencies of States, it is a risk, and that is what we are trying to do, so long as we are strong enough, we can give them more consideration and will not be easy to turn back.”

Talk about falling stones.

Milky thought the last one was too risky.

It’s simple.

You lend people a loan, people pay, well, they owe it back, borrow it back, and then they will certainly be willing to depreciate it so that it will be less.

The depreciation is 20 percent.

That would amount to 20 per cent less.


That’s how cruel it is.

It doesn’t matter about morality, it’s just a profitable act of capital, and that’s why they need their existence.

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