Rebirth – Super Bank System Chapter 1662

Tea building.

At this point.

People’s breath is a little heavy.


They just want to make money.

To add value to the wealth of the family, it is now incumbent upon them to shoulder so much responsibility that it is not surprising whether so many loans have been made to them, not just to eat grass, but also to work for them.

Pressure’s not bad.

“Well, it’s not for you to break your head, it’s just for you to do business, like before, we all eat on a boat, and we have to make a little contribution.”

Miki said.

He can see too.

The Mexican banking group will not completely crush the burden on them, but rather its immediate business, who are just auxiliary and have a little strength behind it, so he’s not panicked.

The sky collapsed.

Big guy’s on top.


Everybody has to.


They also eat sad, afraid of a sweatline.

“Now, we need to talk about it. First, to go abroad, life is not familiar, and this is our short board, and to speak of foreign relations, one needs to help one another in the future.”

“That’s sure.”

“Of course.”

“Speaking of foreign relations, Tang and Wanza are more familiar.”

Others look for two.

This is a foreign country.

It’s the scope of the world.

They used to eat in Mt mixed food, poor haha, when the whole GDP of Mt was less than what they were doing, no money and no doors were seen.

So many of them.

Much business is done abroad, and both of the core members rely mainly on the luxury of fruit alcohol, enabling them to establish a network of relationships in their respective areas of sale.

You don’t have to.

I can’t see, but it doesn’t mean it’s useless.

On the contrary.

These are high-quality arteries.

“I can help if I need it, okay.”

“Me too.”

Tang Kai and Wanza went along.

Little thing.

The lead line is that’s all, and their main purpose is not to do something difficult, but to play a bridging role that is more efficient than being able to do it.

As to how to talk.

You have to rely on yourself.

In addition.

Something’s wrong.

As for one person who can’t find it, despite the fact that the Mexican banking group is backed up, everything is in trouble, and where is their ability manifested? One of the purposes of the Chamber of Commerce’s existence is mutual assistance.

“Secondly, it is our cooperation, as we understand the significance of foreign investment, that we need to focus our energies on foreign trade enterprises, starting with the directory of imported goods from Maine.”

“Companies with high-tech content will certainly be difficult to buy and, even if we invest in the past, cannot compete with them, so they are mainly low- and low-end commodities.”

High technique.

It was also handed over to the Burmese banking group’s immediate business leverage.

They can’t play.

Just keep the shares.

“Medium- and low-end products, mainly agricultural products, industrial manufactures and raw materials, are only import directions, with virtually all areas being expanded in unrestricted industries.”

“The next priority, therefore, is for us to make a statement of what countries can invest in, which requires a large number of market surveys and more time-consuming ones.”

At this point.

Tang Kai, raise your hands.

“What’s the matter?”

“This thing, I think I can outsource it.”


“Right.” Say, Tang Kai said with a slight smile: “You should know that my nephew has a company, Heavenly Eye Group, mainly for business information advice and business services.”

“To date, the subsectors have spread to more than 100 countries around the globe to provide domestic and international business services that are professional and, of course, only suggested, to see you.”

– Listen.

People remembered.


This is what the Heavenly Eye Group in Tang Qing has done, and the sub-company has spread around the globe to understand local enterprises, policies and economic information, which is now in place and half of its own.




lot of things can be saved.

“This is a good proposal, do you think?”


“Professional matters, to professionals, and if they can take over and buy business,” Vanessa immediately states that he and Tang Kai are closest among the core members.

Naturally, support.

“I agree.”



No objection.




The law.

It’s just too cumbersome for each country to find a familiar enterprise, and if Heavenly Eye can do it, this series of work will naturally be better for a company.

Much less.


Tang Kai laughed.

It’s not a coincidence.

To a large sum, the amount of this investment is unprecedented, conservative estimates, involving at least hundreds of enterprises involved, as there are also general members who use loans.

Core members take the lead.

The general membership met and naturally was willing to save.


This large list, at least one hundred yen from the start, represents a more significant increase in Heavenly Eye’s industrial position in each country, together with future membership, tsk tsk, Tang Kai felt that a major event had been made.

It’s happier to live with billions of loans.


Heavenly Eye is estimated to be suffering.

Information advice is simple.

It’s all right in the database.

However, a large number of enterprises have been merged and purchased, negotiated, legal and legal. There may be more than ever before, but if this is followed, Heavenly Eye’s growth is also obvious.

“This series of things, we’ll set up a team dedicated to contacting Heavenly Eye, communicating needs, feedback confidence, and the cost will come at normal prices, do you think?”

Milky wants to help Tang Family too.

Initial help.


“No problem.”

“Should be, do your job, get the money.”



It’s all agreed.


On a number of issues of cooperation, there was a framework discussion, some of the main business conflicts, or more like doing business, which was raised first and interested in joining.

As far as specific shares are concerned, they are small.

Close to noon.

It was almost done, and when Heavenly Eye’s presentation came, it had to be consulted, and by that time, with the participation of the general membership, they felt that there was no one-week meeting that could not be decided at all.

“Where are you going at noon?”

“My house.”

Sugar’s wife.

After the meeting.

Soul is gone, the wife stays talking to these people.

“Yes, the chief of Suzhou?”

“Not at all.”

“haha, sister-in-law.”

“Then go.”


Get out of the tea building, get on board the fleet, move towards the home of Suu ‘an, so many of them, plus the advanced car, the road frequency spectacles, which seems to be influential figuring.

Just don’t know who it is.

Sugar’s home.

After the meeting.

He went to the office to take care of a job and then returned home, and normally he was eating in the restaurant at noon, and when he left the room, the wife said he’d invite them to dinner at home.


Get back in advance.

In the living room.

Sitting on the couch, Suu Kyi’s next task is to follow zero instructions, to work with the Bank Group of Mainia to push policy forward, which is becoming more complex and complex.

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