Rebirth – Super Bank System Chapter 1663


Finish your meal.

Having had some tea, Tang Kai came to the airport and stepped on the flight back to Warsaw, together with Liu Gan, who had come here early in the month to take part in the trial ceremony in Derin province.

Stay until today.

It’s time to go back.

Come back next week.

On the plane.

“Don, what’s the good news?”

Liu Gan is busy asking.

His interests are also at stake in the Chamber of Commerce.

“Have one.”


“Your loan will increase again.” Tang Kai smiled.

– Listen.

Liu Gan’s psychiatric shock.


Good thing, there are very different loans and domestic loans, hard applications, high interest rates, and not much trouble, but the House of Commerce’s welfare loans are different.

Nothing to do with it.

Take it easy.



don’t have to eat, you don’t need to run relationships, you don’t need a penny back, because people print money, you’re like a central bank, you two palms, and nobody dares to collect money.

How much?

“500 to 200 billion, no matter what, pure Asian.”

Tang Kai answered.


Chamber of Commerce had not intended to keep its benefits confidential to the general membership.

“That’s nice.”

Liu Gan laughed at nodded.

Two hundred.

That’s if it’s in the country.

How much do you have to run? As for the minimum limit of 500 million dollars, he didn’t think that it was an interest-free loan, not a fool, of course it was all over, hard to earn, and it wasn’t easy to spend?

“What about you?” Liu Gan good strangely said.

“By ten.”


Liu Gan opened his mouth.

Don’t believe me.

Take ten.

That’s between 500 and 200 billion yen, and you’re sure that last year, two billion yen won’t be joking, will be able to rank in the top thirtieth of the gross profit model, more than Liu Gan’s total assets now.

Good boy.


treatment of core members is great.


you crazy?



“Are there any restrictions?”

“Of course, the money can only be used for the expansion of foreign enterprises, and you, like, cannot invest in Maine, cannot be used for financial acts and can only be used in the foreign trade industry of the investment entity.”

“Moreover, in the future, investment enterprises must ensure that more than 50 per cent of the foreign trade settlement ratio, many restrictions, should be explained to you again at the meeting.”

“That’s why.”

Liu Gan is easily accepted and, in fact, prior benefits, as well as such restrictions, do not allow them to be used for financial investment, such as the purchase of shares or the loan of interest to others.

Investment can only be invested in the real economy.


It’s just to transfer the territory outside the country.

Little thing.

Having done business abroad, Liu Gan had previously been afraid of being pitched and afraid of being unknown, but since joining the Chamber of Commerce, he had been well aware of the meaning of “mutual assistance” for the purposes of the Chamber of Commerce.

Help each other.

Mutual support.

Information sharing.

Not alone to go out and fight.

So come on.

He didn’t panic in which country to do business.

“This loan is a great opportunity, in addition to the Chamber of Commerce’s decision to create an additional level of membership under you, mainly to absorb and commemorate businesses with commercial transactions.”

“The amount is 10 per cent of you, and by that time, this investment will move many countries, and you will be ready to work on how to get a bigger transnational enterprise to work in the future.”

Tang Kai warned repeatedly.

“Right.” Liu Gan can’t live nodded.


Think about it.

“Nothing, not Little Tang’s general Heavenly Eye.” Liu Gan laughed, whatever the management business, he wasn’t too good, but there was a very good thing around him, and he wouldn’t, and it was solved with money.

Somebody will.

Someone’s supervising.

Someone warned.

Very comfortable.

“haha, too.”

Tang Kai laughed.

Speaking of Heavenly Eye, he thought it was the most strategic company under the Tang Qing flag, and the other were the tactical dimensions, with which the company could play a role that was beyond the general vision.

At this point.

New Ann City.

Bank of Mainia headquarters.

The top floor.

“We know the wrong thing.”

oldman was standing in front of the table, apologizing sincerely, and was prepared to come back, but everyone proposed to go to the Suu ‘an to eat and stay away, and this was not the first time he came after everyone was separated.


Look at him.

The current director of the Mexican banking group said, “Well, you’re here today, or we don’t have to talk about it, or if we do, we won’t make money for those who don’t trust us.”

“Take care of yourself, take care of your family.”

“If I feel out of the moon, in the morning, this time, I will not cut your loan level, hopefully not let me down and do something angry.”

oldman was scared after a while.

It’s okay.

It’s okay.

It’s here today, or maybe something will happen.

“Understood, clear.”

“Go ahead.”


oldman withdrew, and faced with this director, he couldn’t stand up at all. The eye, too oppressive, represented zero, on behalf of the country’s greatest cannot afford to offend.

Forget it.

This is also the third head of the Mexican banking group.

The first is zero.

Zero up.

Two take over.

When the United States replaces Mührer, theoretically splits out, the Bank of Mainia becomes the central bank, and secondly takes its hands from business to administrative positions, the Governor of the Central Bank and the head of the Superintendent of Banks.


It’s coming up right now.

Not familiar.

The high level of the Mexican banking group generally does not play with them, and it is estimated that it is to avoid suspicion, have a small circle, internal promotions, and only if cooperation takes place.

Leave the office.


oldman got in the car fast, he didn’t drive, but he was an ordinary limo, afraid of being recognized, but he just saw the situation, and a lot of people wanted to see who ate it.

That’s if it’s exposed.


“Father, how’s it going?”

Get in the car.

Son’s in a hurry.

“Not to be held accountable for the time being, but to be seen.”

oldman sighed.

“What do we do?”

“What do you say?”

“We’re not leaving behind?”

“Stay, people just dig our way now, and just say, if it feels far out, they won’t make money for those who want to run.”

“So straight?”



The car is in peace.

Long time.

Son bites his teeth, “We still have a chance, and this is an Asian loan, which would have invested in foreign enterprises, through which we can stay behind.”




This is a time when they go out and invest abroad, with the exception of the Asian dollar settlement component and the non-Asian component, and without going to the Bank of Myanmar, they will not be able to monitor their specific business situation.

“There’s reason, I think.” Oldman thought about it.

Think more.

The more likely it is.

Go outside and do business, and there’s a lot of room to operate.

The city.

The garden.

Look at the message from the glasses.

Tang Qing shake his head.

If people want to die, they really can’t stop, and the Chamber of Commerce is set up until now, and then there will be an expansion of the size, and if some thoughts are not kept, there may be some confusion.

Not big.

But it’s annoying.

Just fine.

This family is also involved in another thing.