Rebirth – Super Bank System Chapter 1665

So come on.

Heavenly Eye’s personnel will be expanded again.

Last time.

In more than 100 countries around the globe, branches have been created, directly disrupting Heavenly Eye’s employees, and this operation has been completed, with Tang Qing estimated to have to increase by about 30 per cent, breakthrough 20,000.

Not much.

On the contrary.

Still a little nervous.

The main consideration is to consider the absence of indiscriminate, and one person will be used by two people, otherwise more. After all, commercial consulting companies, in the age of information explosions, are difficult to gather alone.


Clean it up.


Every day.

It’s not easy for Heavenly Eye to do it alone. It’s not easy to serve global clients. They want the latest news, and every day they can’t do it.

8: 30.


“Is there any way?”


“How much is it?”


‘Chai Yang’ sitting opposite the Tang Qing table.


It was also a Tang Qing, made up of the full projection, who was informed of the dynamics of the Chamber of Commerce in Mainia from the father, who thought about it and felt that it was an opportunity for himself.

even if a little, it’s still better than nothing.

“What am I gonna do?”


“All right.”

Cheyenne nodded.

This time, he wanted to be a general member of the Chamber of Commerce in Mainia, and at the lowest level, he felt too low, poorly treated and worse than Liu Gan in Chamber of Commerce.

It’s unacceptable.

At first.

In the morning, Liu Gan was mixed into the Chamber of Commerce of Mainia, where Jay had not paid much attention to the market, and within the Special Economic Area of Mainia, the heavy industry was in the hands of the Bank of Mainia.

I can’t do it.


Zero up.

Market reunification.

He had the opportunity to invest in the metallurgy industry at the local level in the non-Mongolian Economic Area, which, according to his projections, would have invited him by the end of the year as his investment began to produce.


Not yet waiting for this invitation.

The Chamber of Commerce came to this move.

With respect to interest-free loans of up to 2,700, as well as hidden interests, Cheyenne is a little anxious to say that members will certainly get one this time, but not necessarily members.


Find Tang Qing and want him to ask Tang Kai.


Tang Qing is done.

The problem is not very small, nor does Chung Kai think that Tang Kai is a core member, and Tang Qing says that something about Chambers of Commerce is not surprising, even confidential, and Tang Kai does not necessarily conceal Tang Qing.

Ninety percent.

It was iron nails, and Jae-jung ate a certain heart pill.

In fact.

It is not Tang Qing that, in the second half of the year, there was indeed a plan for inviting Jay, but no implementation had taken place, and the system had been upgraded to allow him to take a significant step forward.

“Or you second uncle lucky.”

Speak of it.

Jason couldn’t stand it.

Two billion.

Good boy.

If he was not the value of the comet group’s shares, he would not have done so much, but that was the “basic benefit treatment” of the individual. If published, how many businesses can be envied?


Tang Qing smiles in the heart.


second uncle was lucky to have such a nephew.

Look at the time.

“Time is almost there.”

“Get in there.”



There’s another meeting to open, next moment, the whole projection disappears, without Tang Qing operating, the whole studio is dark, and there’s a face on the huge television wall in front of the desk.

Most are Africans.

Say something.

It’s kind of a bad guy meeting.

Tang Qing plays smile.


“My friend, hello.”

“Time to play.”

“The diesel, too, should have had more fun last time.”


Before the formal meeting.

People are chilling each other, all of which are shareholders of the Congo Consolidated Electricity Network, and each quarter of the Board of Trustees meeting has set the time for everyone to rest.

A few minutes later.


director opened the door.

“The meeting is about to begin.”

– Listen.


scene was quiet, director look to the director, the founder of the Congo Consolidated Electric Network, who knows his identity, the spokesman of the Black Prison, and they’re used to the Black Prison.

Name scares.

But he advocates order and wins.

That’s the idea.

It fits their stomach.


President Kovdale made a statement.

“In the second quarter of the year, the Board of Trustees meeting was officially opened. First, corporate financial reporting, second quarter, my company achieved approximately $8,500,300,000 in camp collection.”



People don’t change their faces.

More than $80 million in camp collection.

Not high.

That’s not high.


‘s really high?

“… By the end of the second quarter of this year, total corporate liabilities amounted to $677 million.”

That’s real high.

$8,500,000 in camp receipts. How much profits? Less than half, that is, companies have been losing their status for a long time, at least ten years, and they can’t get a dime.

Only assets are seen on the rise.


There was no rush at the scene, and at the beginning of the investment, they had such expectations and could accept that while electricity grid companies did not earn money from them, other business activities that could result from that would be profitable.

Got electricity.


‘s more local business to do.

Not like before.

Electric scratches are hard to sell because there’s no place for electricity.

“In the second half of this year, the provincial high-pressure transmission network continues to be operational and is expected to be able to reach the $100 million target for the entire year by the fourth quarter.”



Listen to the report.

Tang Qing’s thoughts have run away.

Four billion battalions.

More than 100 million profits.

There’s little real.

This is a combination of the Congolese National Electricity Resources, which is charged to billions of renminbi in three months, and the financial statements of the company are now almost impossible to see.

Too bad.

Want to get better.


‘ll take years to wait.


Although the major cities are equipped with electricity, it covers only about 20,000 people, that is to say, more than 40 million people in the Congo do not have electricity, the former, who are just able to use electricity.

A few years later.

Large-scale hydroelectric, fire and electricity projects continue to operate in parallel networks.

The grid is more far-reaching.

The gains can be clearly upward, and more than $2,300 a year is not exaggerated, but the electricity grid is an investment in heavy assets, much more earns and, of course, more.

By then.

Companies’ debt would at least expand to over $1000.


And Tang Qing doesn’t have much to do with it.


Time to earn.

In the electricity grid, the largest electrical tower is consumed, with steel used almost 10,000 mining industries, and this money is not owed, and the joint electric network company will pay on time and use Congolese francs’ loans.

Transportation works.

The major tribes now have small engineering companies, the power plant can’t be fully integrated, the wire pole can still be fine.


Long live mineral energy components.

The cable wire.

Chai Linked Warsaw to eat the bulk.


It is

not important for this company to earn money, and its upstream and downstream enterprises have taken the money in their hands in a variety of ways, as for the company’s debt, it is slow to earn money.

A country’s electric business.


are too many people to feed.

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