Rebirth – Super Bank System Chapter 1666


The CFC electricity consumption market is also in the development phase.

No rush.

When there’s electricity, more power demand generated, they’ll make a lot of money. Ten years later, the population of the country may exceed 100 million, waiting for money to be collected.

Half an hour later.

The meeting was concluded.

It’s just reporting, and it’s different from managing meetings.

Say good-bye.

Get out of the channel.

Once again, Sean projection came and said, “How many of you come to Tokyo City next month?” It’s July, next month, August, August 8, and looks forward to the opening of the long-awaited Olympic Games in Tokyo.


Tang Qing said.


‘m sure it won’t work that day.

“Estimates are a little crowded, early arranged.”



Olympic Games in Beijing, where the airport is estimated to be busy, say the political will of dozens of countries that went to the opening ceremony, as well as the sportsmen, delegations, a bunch of them.

Can’t be busy.

This time.


Zero will go too.

It sent athletes to the contest. It’s normal, power. The Olympic Games in Beijing, Warsaw, were the host, and it was meaningless to rob the wind, and it was hard to hold one, but was hanged.

Who can take it?


By nature.

When a salt is good, it’s enough to watch Warsaw capture the largest gold medal and applause, and next time to London, Tang Qing remembers Rio de Janeiro.


He also let the warriors try it.

See if you can change to Maint.

Good progress.

Well, that’s good.


six-year Olympic Games landed at more than 60 per cent of the probability of remembering it, as to the remaining 4-Layer, or whether some members of the Organizational Committee considered it appropriate to take care of South America, where there was little “courage”.


Over a hundred years no countries have organized the Olympic Games.

They think.

This is a popular event for all, and since Brazil is willing to take care of it on its own initiative, it is the view of the other side that the Brazilian economy is strong and that other conditions are not too mature.


biggest problem is two.





Even some people think some national sportspeople will not go.

Rejection to Remembrance.

There’s money too.

Good security.


There’s a total of eyes.



was felt that Maine was better suited to organize a six-year Olympic Games, and for the purpose of the event to be held eight years later, the Commission was now divided into two factions, with the exception of Chicago, United States of America, for the time being.

Go ahead.

In ’96, the United States organized an Olympic Games.

Too close.

It’s not appropriate.

While Myanmar is close to the Olympic Games in Beijing, it is in different countries. This has even been the case with the media, and some websites have launched a vote, which has resulted in the wounding of the Brazilian side.

More than 20 per cent are willing in Brazil.

More than 70 percent would like to be in Maint.

Two to seven.

This is more than one vote, but only a cyber vote, which is almost the result.

That’s it.

Tang Qing has ordered that the drive be stopped.

By nature.

Otherwise, it’s so bullying, it’s natural, it’s nothing to lose. Brazil is not easy, and some money has been earned in previous years, and the next day will be a bad track.

Three days later.

July 18th.

Kyung City.

“Hello, Mr. Cheyenne?”

Ten o’clock.

Sean got a stranger call.

“I am.”

“I am the Secretariat of the Chamber of Commerce of Myanmar, which, after the Chamber of Commerce’s review, has the qualifications to become a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and I wonder if you are willing to join the Chamber of Commerce of Myanmar.”

Chai Yuen.

“I will.”



always feel like these three words are familiar.

“Thank you for your support for the Chamber of Commerce, the basic message of the Chamber of Commerce, which we will send to you later in the form of encrypted mail, please read carefully and, if there is any doubt, call.”

“Welcome to the Chamber of Commerce of Myanmar.”


There you go, joyfully said.

“So fast?” Cheyenne has a little bit of trouble. Don’t you need me to hand over the information?


“How many encrypted mail passwords?” Train asked.

“Your name is all spelled out, little writing.”


“You’re welcome.”

Hang on the phone.

It was a little incredible, 90 per cent, Tang Qing didn’t lie to him, and the rest was handed over to heaven, when the phone was ringing, it was an e-mail voice, and he opened it.

The password.


That’s right.

Go inside and see.

Mainia Chamber of Commerce Briefing

Time to set up.


Organizational structure.




The earlier blurred concept was clearly demonstrated before him, looking at welfare, and he found that the general membership was old, but the core member’s loan of between five and two billion dollars had been replaced.


That’s what’s made decisions, so it’s written in.

See the end.

Let him download a software, a diesel photo, with a presentation, a security software for the Chamber of Commerce in Mainia, primarily to protect the information security between the members of the Chamber of Commerce, which he did not care about.



According to the account number given in the mail.

On the record.

The whole software disappeared, the table was missing, the back desk was missing, the next moment, the voice of the telephony message, the opening of the special letter, and he knew it was the Chamber of Commerce text.

Open it.

He was informed to go to New Ann City next week.


Chai, put the phone down.

Finally mixed up, which benefits a lot from the business under his flag. At least in the future, there will be no room to survive by other members of the Chamber of Commerce in Maine.

There’s a layer of protection.

And then.

Send a number.

What’s the matter?

“made it.”

“Well, remember to go on time, after all, you’re the first time in the absence.”

“I understand. You’re going to second uncle, too, right?”


“Why don’t I go with your second uncle?” Jay said that he was not very familiar there, that he was doing justice, that the business had never experienced any official hardship, and that the acquaintance was about Tang Kai.

“I asked him when to go.”


Ten seconds later.

“Next Monday afternoon.” Tang Qing replied, meeting in the morning of Tuesday, and, like Jae-jung, a lot of people will be called today, mainly the new entrepreneur of Remembrance.

A small proportion are foreigners.

As for members.

Recruitment has not yet begun, but it will not take place after the meeting, with a relatively strong membership level and a high level of accreditation, and not necessarily a level of membership.

Country complexity.

Lots of meetings.

It’s not for them to drive.

Look at the calendar.

Chai Yongdong:

“Then I flew to Azure Cliff Market on Monday morning.” It’s clearly inappropriate for Tang Family’s private plane to pick up himself. He’s got a big face, but it’s not that big.



“Yes.” Tang Qing said.


There’s no cold.

End the communication.

Chai family was small and unlikely to join foreign organizations.

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