Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1503

Madam Ye came to the front and smiled bitterly: “She was taken away!”

What? Fang Tian was surprised: “Snapped?”

It was okay yesterday, why was it suddenly taken away?

Madam Ye showed an angry face: “It’s a cruel woman!”

Cruel woman? Is the kidnapper still a woman?

Fang Tian asked quickly: “Who is she?”

“She is Little Pearl’s biological mother …” Aunt Ye paused and added: “No, she is not worthy of being Little Pearl’s mother.”

This is the first time! Know the existence of Ye Mingzhu’s own mother!

I used to think that Little Pearl ’s mother was dead, otherwise if she was still alive, why would she be willing to abandon her biological daughter?

Fuck, she is still alive, who is that?

Fang Tian ’s curiosity is even stronger, and he is about to ask.

“Come with me.” Aunt Ye saw what he wanted to ask and took him moved towards the room.

Little Pearl ’s life can finally be unlocked!

Fang Tian speeds up her steps and follows her.

On the second floor, near the east room.

Madam Ye took out the key and opened the door.

This is the master room. Fang Tian has been to Ye Family many times. This room is the first time to enter.

MySpace inside is very spacious, with Roman-style curtains, antique European wardrobes, and red wool carpets on the floor.

“This is the Little Pearl father mother’s room.” Aunt Ye said while moving towards the wardrobe.

Although the room is spotless, it can be seen that no one has lived for a long time.

Where did Little Pearl ’s parents go over the years? Didn’t she even see her biological parents?

Fang Tian sat on the sofa, Aunt Ye opened the drawer in the closet and took an album.

Fang Tian took it in his hand and opened it. The first photo is the wedding photo of this Master. A man and a woman, wearing suits and wedding dresses, look very sweet!

The man is tall and strong features, full of masculinity, he is the father of Little Pearl.

It ’s just that Fang Tian feels strange, why Aunt Ye never wants to mention her son. Every time she asks about Little Pearl ’s biological father, she avoids talking about it.

“Aunt, is it convenient to disclose? What is the father of Little Pearl? Where is he now?”

Aunt Ye pondered for a while, and finally said: “The reason, I do n’t want to tell you, it is the father of Little Pearl who asked me not to speak, his identity is special …”

Aunt Ye spent a long time talking about her son.

Little Pearl ’s father named Ye Chenggang is a great scientist!

Ye Family ’s century-old history has been a family of business, but in the Little Pearl grandfather this generation, Ye Family began to decline.

In order to save the family, Ye Chenggang has invested in scientific research. If this project is successful, he can rejuvenate the family!

So at stake? Fang Tian is curious: “What is that project?”

Madam Ye shook his head: “Involving confidentiality, he didn’t tell me. He said it was a very dangerous study, and if let outsiders know, the whole family will suffer!”

So scary? !

Fang Tian now looks towards the man in the photo, feeling he is full of mysterious colors?

Now, I finally understand why Aunt Ye is unwilling to disclose a little information about her son. It turned out to be a special status.

“Where is he now?” After Fang Tian asked, she felt a little nonsense, and she certainly didn’t know.

Sure enough, Aunt Ye shook his head: “I don’t know, for eight years, there is no news from him.”

Fang Tian pursed his lips, is there any news about whether he is dead or alive? Is it really impossible to find him?

“Perhaps, someone knows what he is doing.”

“Who is it?” Fang Tian asked quickly.

Madam Ye cleared his throat: “Mother of Little Pearl-Liu Qiuyue!”

Liu Qiuyue? Fang Tian looked towards The woman in the album, with fair skin and delicate facial features, is definitely a beauty.

Madam Ye sighed: “This is a ruthless woman. After giving birth to the daughter, she went away, 8 years, 8 years, she never came back.”

Madam Ye sneered: “I thought she was dead, it would be better if she died, maybe I can still understand her, why let go of Little Pearl. But she disappeared for 8 years, why did she suddenly appear again? With bodyguard , Forcibly taking Little Pearl away from me? “

There is a lot of information here!

First, why did Liu Qiuyue leave Little Pearl and walk away?

Second, after 8 years of disappearance, where did she go?

Thirdly, after disappearing for 8 years, why should she appear suddenly? With a bodyguard? What is her identity?

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