Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1505


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Lin Tianshan knows well that the Operating System can be successful if it is made, and the difficulties faced in promoting the far surpasses technology itself.

But he believes that nothing can’t be done by Fang Tian.

“Right.” Lin Tianshan suddenly thought of something, he looked at the computer screen: “SoftCloud’s Operating System, so well done, how much do you want to sell?”

The genuine Microsoft Operating System requires thousands of one.

Domestic Operating System should not be so expensive.

However, Fang Tian’s words surprised him.

“This system is free and provided to manufacturers for free installation.” Fang Tian sipping tea said with a smile.

Lin Tianshan was surprised: “It took a lot of money to develop this system, why not charge it?”

Fang Tian said seriously: “There are two reasons. First, there are not many people who use genuine computer systems in China. They charge a lot. Users will find ways to find pirated copies. If there is a market, someone will crack it.”

“oh!” Lin Tianshan sighed, and he was very sad about this problem. “The awareness of copyright protection in China is too bad. Regardless of the software field or the cultural field of the novel et cetera, piracy is a cancer.”

Fang Tian said: “In the end, what kind of money SoftCloud not at all makes will make it difficult for the system to promote.”

Lin Tianshan nodded, all he said are facts.

“Second, in competing with Microsoft ’s Operating System, SoftCloud ’s advantages are actually not obvious. This move is the largest murderous aura we can come up with, which can quickly expand users and win support from more hardware manufacturers!”

This is the key point. Whether it can be supported by hardware manufacturers and software developers will determine the success or failure of the Soft System Cloud. Lin Tianshan nodded agrees very much.

“It’s just, in this case, how do you make money? The future upgrade and maintenance of the system will have to invest astronomical funds. You can’t make a penny without earning it?”

Fang Tian tapped his finger on the desktop with ease: “The most powerful thing about SoftCloud now is that it has established a relatively complete application ecosystem by itself.”

“Although our system does not make money, the built-in applications of the system are all from SoftCloud. For example, the input method that comes with the system is the yy input method, and the security center that comes with the system is the guardian angel. The browser is the Angel Cloud browser. “

“These applications will bring huge revenue to SoftCloud.”

Lin Tianshan took a thigh shot: “This is indeed a good doctrine!”

The self-developed domestic Operating System is not more suitable than SoftCloud. Which company in China has established a relatively complete application ecosystem like him?

Now 97% of domestic netizens are SoftCloud users. SoftCloud’s own applications can basically meet the needs of overwhelming majority users!

Fang Tian said with a smile: “In addition to the client, SoftCloud also has cloud services! Cloud will bring massive revenue to SoftCloud!”

Lin Tianshan finally knows why his company’s name is SoftCloud, which represents software clients and cloud services.

From this point of view, how far-sighted is Fang Tian?

When someone else ’s company is still in the web1.0 era, his company has entered the web2.0 era!

When someone else’s company is still developing on the web version, he has already started to lay out the software client!

When someone lays out the software client, he has moved towards the cloud.

He is always a step ahead, walking at the forefront of the times!

Lin Tianshan said with a heavy heart: “You are the only hope for the domestic Operating System! If you all fail, then the domestic system is completely hopeless!”

It ’s not an exaggeration to say that Fang Tian owns a Hegemon Internet giant with funds, technology, talents, advanced concepts, successful business models, and huge application ecology.

If this fails, it is estimated that it will take 300 years for the domestic system to succeed.

Lin Tianshan put down the teacup, stood up and left.

Fang Tian got up and sent him away: “Old Lin, tomorrow afternoon, the system conference, you must come over.”

“Yes, this is a great day to commemorate.” Lin Tianshan is happy to say with a smile.

The next time, Fang Tian walked into Gao Yun ’s office and chatted with him about the developer conference tomorrow.

Tomorrow ’s developer conference, in addition to the Operating System, will also release development tools, programming tools based on SoftCloud Operating System.

Tomorrow, there will be reporters, users, and developers attending the event. It is not known how many people will come when the time comes.

In the evening, Fang Tian and Lin Keqing came to the Sheraton Hotel near the Global Tower to rest.

When I came to Beijing, I could n’t find a suitable house for the time being. I can only find a hotel to stay for one night at the moment. Fang Tian considered whether to buy a house in the ring of Beijing?

I did n’t dare to think about it before, but nowadays, buying a house with millions of dollars is just pulling a cold hair.

“Two, do you need a couple’s suite?” Young Lady at the front desk looked at Lin Keqing and asked.

Lin Keqing’s face flushed instantly: “No, two single rooms.”

Immediately, she chose 605, and Fang Tian didn’t think much, choosing 606.

No. 606.

Entering the hotel room, Fang Tian immediately rushed into the bathroom to take a shower, scoured it crash-bang, walked out comfortably, and sat in front of the computer.

SoftCloud will release the Operating System news tomorrow, all the major news websites are reporting, and the technology headlines are all reports on this!

Probably the beginning of a new era, SoftCloud will launch the independently developed Operating System tomorrow—Huaxia Daily.

Everyone is looking forward to it! SoftCloud autonomous system will be released soon! ——IT Technology Daily.

Informers revealed that SoftCloud’s Operating System is 80% faster than Microsoft’s Windows-Daily Times.

Social forums are even more explosive!

Landlord Sky Legend: “SoftCloud has finally launched the Operating System, so I look forward to it, I heard that it is 80% faster than Microsoft’s system!”

Sun Wukong is also using his mobile phone on the second floor: “I look forward to it, the pride of domestic production, SoftCloud technology, the world’s first!”

The chairman of Penzi Group on the third floor: “SoftCloud is the first in the universe of science and technology, and boasting has blown into the sky, I do n’t believe it!”

Fourth floor replied to the third floor: “Yeah, I do n’t believe that Microsoft has done Operating System for more than 20 years. How long has SoftCloud researched and developed, its system can be comparable to others?”

The people on the fifth floor are in the United States: “Do n’t be fantasizing about the domestic Operating System. Only Americans in the world can build the Operating System. Haha!”

In just one hour, the number of posts exceeds 5,000. There are SoftCloud supporters, mockers, and curseers.

Looking at the comments of netizens, Fang Tian is just faintly smiled and there is no response.

Before the press conference, it is not bad to have these people help hype.

Major media in the country are reporting, TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, online media, plus the hot comments of netizens.

The whole network is hot, and the moment of much anticipation is coming!

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