Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1506


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At 1:50 pm, the Beijing Stadium.

Everyone is looking forward to the first SoftCloud Developer Conference!

In addition to the Operating System, two major applications will be released.

SoftCloud NetVid, SoftCloud News, SoftCloud Weibo … full platform live broadcast!

Through media reports, online hot discussions, countless netizens are now waiting in front of the device, waiting for the start of the press conference!

It is 10 points from the start of the press conference.

On the stage, the staff is doing equipment debugging.

Software and hardware manufacturers from all over the country have entered the stadium one after another. A gymnasium that can accommodate 50,000 people is full!

The big guys from domestic computer manufacturers, telecommunications equipment manufacturers, and various terminal equipment hardware manufacturers, one after another enters the field and sits.

Later, telecom operators, financial banks, and software engineers and software developers from various domestic companies entered the market.

Everyone knows that if the Operating System of SoftCloud succeeds, it will have a huge boost to the domestic hardware and software industry!

A day in history, a new era begins.

The team of scientists is here too!

Lin Tianshan walked ahead and led the scientists of the Institute of Science and Technology into the venue.

Operating System, for a country, has an important strategic position and will play a huge role in technology, economy, information security et cetera.

They all want to see if the system released by Fang Tian can bring changes to the domestic IT information industry.

Today, the big brothers and elites of the domestic IT industry are all concentrated here. This kind of scene has never happened before!

At 2 pm, Fang Tian appeared on time and stood on the stage.

He smiled with excitement: “I am very happy that we have finally ushered in this day!”

As soon as this remark came out, there was applause!

“crack crack …” The reporter at the scene kept pressing the shutter, and the flash at the scene kept flashing.

In the past, as a software ecology, Fang Tian has brought too many surprises to countless people, and today is ushering in a new era.

Fang Tian with said with a slight smile: “Before the press conference, there were a lot of people talking on the Internet, what is the Operating System of SoftCloud?”

The audience calmed down and the big brother was about to announce his name.

pa pa pa, Fang Tian quickly hit the keyboard, a line of colored text appeared on the big screen behind him-

Mengzhen system 1.0

It ’s so big, so gorgeous! Cheers!

Fang Tian pursed her mouth and said: “Some people will ask why the Operating System of SoftCloud is called” Meng Zhen? “

“There are three reasons!”

“First, the domestic Operating System has always been our dream, but for various reasons, our dream has never been realized.”

“Mengzhen means dreams come true. I hope the autonomous Operating System can really succeed, so its name is Mengzhen!”

Simple and easy to remember has meaning! Applause!

“Second, Mengzhen, represents virtuality and reality. The future world is a world where virtuality and reality are intertwined, so its name is Mengzhen!”

“Third, as a productivity tool, the computer will bring great convenience to our human life, entertainment and work. I hope that everyone can use it to realize their dreams and make them come true ! “

The whole applause burst! The name Mengzhen system is really great!

Fang Tian press the power button, the computer starts!

A beautiful dawn appeared on the black screen. The sky was broad and bright, and the flowers returned in spring.

The progress bar pops up.

10 …… 30 …… 80 …… 100 ……

“Welcome to the Mengzhen system! Imissyou!”

Seeing this startup page, the audience’s eyes are all bright!

Mengzhen system, the first impression is that the boot speed is super fast, really fast, much faster than Microsoft’s Windowssystem!

The interface of the system is presented in front of everyone’s eyes. The desktop is a dynamic background with greenery, flowers blooming, and branches swaying in the wind.

As always, the SoftCloud style is beautiful and the interface is simple and elegant!

The desktop has only three icons by default.

My computer. Browser. Security center.

Fang Tian introduced: “In terms of hardware, the Mengzhen system can be perfectly compatible with today ’s overwhelming majority of PC hardware. In other words, if you assemble a computer outside, you can still run the Mengzhen system!”

“Even if it is just a single-core processor, it can still run smoothly!”

Powerful! The audience was excited!

Boss, a computer manufacturer, stood up and asked, “What is the advantage of Mengzhen system compared to Microsoft Windowssystem?”

This is also very concerned by the audience present. With the existence of Microsoft, why use Dream Real?

Fang Tian cleared his throat: “First, the Mengzhen system runs faster. After our repeated tests, the Mengzhen system is at least 80 times faster than the Windows system!”

“Not only is it faster, it consumes less power, it ’s 50% of Windows!”

“hua!” The audience was in an uproar!

The benefits of lower power consumption needless to say, can improve the battery life of the device.

As such, a notebook equipped with Mengzhen system has twice as much use time as Microsoft Windowssystem!

“In terms of stability, the stability of the Mengzhen system is far superior to Winsystem. As everyone knows, Windowssystem is extremely prone to blue screen of death.”

“And the Mengzhen system, after testing by our tens of thousands of testers, has never had a blue screen of death. Even in extreme environments, if it fails, it can quickly repair itself!”

In today ’s world, the most popular system is Microsoft ’s XP. XP is hailed as the most successful Microsoft system, allowing Microsoft ’s system to be successfully promoted to the whole world, but its blue screen of death problem is really serious until the emergence of Win7 It has improved, but it is still inevitable.

The dream system can completely solve this problem! This is not a simple technology, but a revolutionary innovation!

Fang Tian opened the desktop ’s security center: “In terms of security, everyone knows that computers are particularly prone to poisoning compared to mobile phones, and there are many rogue software. Microsoft ’s Windows has been unable to solve this problem for many years.

“As everyone knows, SoftCloud company is based on security software, the security center equipped with Mengzhen system, its kernel comes from” Guardian Angel “!”

“In terms of security technology, SoftCloud is definitely on top of Microsoft. There are 3,000 engineers who are responsible for security software alone. Yes, there are 3,000 technical experts who guarantee and protect this module alone. “

“Mengzhen system makes rogue virus completely history, let everyone use it with ease!”

“pa pa pa ……” Fang Tian quickly hit the keyboard and input a large line of characters on the computer. “Finally, I will summarize the advantages of the Soft System Cloud over Microsoft.”

“Four more!”

“Faster! More convenient! Safer! More stable!”

The audience heard overwhelmed by emotions, applause wave after wave …

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