Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1507


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At the press conference, Fang Tian has not had time to introduce many functions of the system.

Compared with Microsoft’s system and SoftCloud’s system, it also has a bigger advantage, comprehensive Small White!

That is to say, make the system as small as possible, and pull the threshold to the minimum. Small White can understand how to use it at a glance.

In recent years, for most ordinary people, computers are very esoteric, high-tech gadgets. Many people want to master computer training courses they have to attend, but they only understand a little basic operation.

It’s not how complicated the computer itself is, it’s because Microsoft made it complicated.

A good “garbage cleanup”, what do you want to call “disk cleanup”, Small White looked at it, was forced, and I don’t know how to clean up the system trash?

A good “file management”, Microsoft has to call it “Explorer”, Small White is forced again, why use this stuff?

“A good one” settings, what do you want to call the “Control Panel”, Small White read, and was forced, looking for a commonly used settings, you have to search through the system for half a day.

The so-called help files in the system are useless, and most people do n’t understand them. A very simple help question and answer, must use foreigners’ logical thinking to express.

It’s all forgotten. The question that could have been explained very simply, must use professional terminology, and the rankings will make the user’s face confusing.

Therefore, the penetration rate of computers in China has not been high, especially for the middle-aged and elderly people, and it has been difficult to cover this problem. Until later, with a simpler mobile phone, the middle-aged and elderly people really entered the Internet.

When developing the Mengzhen system, Fang Tian has repeatedly emphasized that those who get Small White get the world! Those who get Small White get the world! Those who get Small White get the world!

Small White is always the largest user group, so that they can easily use it, so that we can win the largest number of users!

In the eyes of professional engineers, very simple pop-up dialog boxes, “OK” and “Cancel”, for Small White, there will be barriers to choice.

You can select the menu by default, so you do n’t have to worry about users.

The interface should be as concise as possible, highlighting key functions, and the rest of the less frequently used menus can be folded up or even streamlined.

Name description, as straightforward as possible, let people understand at a glance!

This is the concept that makes the experience of Mengzhen system far more than Windowssystem. Even a farmer uncle who graduated from elementary school can easily use the computer as long as he plays for half a day.

Looking at the live demonstration of Fang Tian, ​​all the audience saw it. It is indeed very convenient and the user experience is better!

It’s just that the most critical thing for an Operating System to succeed is not the user experience, but the application ecology!

There is no complete application ecosystem. To put it bluntly, there are not many interesting applications. This system is like a desert. Who wants to use such a system?

Although the user experience of Microsoft’s system is not as good as that of SoftCloud’s system, it is not so bad that it cannot be used. Mengzhen’s system is difficult to transfer users based on user experience.

Scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences stood up and Professor Bai pushed the glasses: “The success or failure of the domestic system is ecological. In terms of ecological construction, SoftCloud is really sure?”

Fang Tian said confidently: “SoftCloud technology is the largest software Internet company today, with huge application software, social to entertainment, and basic application et cetera, a relatively complete ecosystem has been built.”

“97% of domestic netizens are SoftCloud users. The applications of SoftCloud can meet the daily use of most users.”

It has to be said that SoftCloud is really awesome, if there is not much demand, it is enough to use its home application.

However, SoftCloud is even more powerful, and its applications are only about 100.

Look at Microsoft’s system platform, there are more than one million applications!

Financial software, management software, hotel software, pick-up software, myriad, everything!

With so many applications, can SoftCloud make it all by itself? impossible is not necessary.

Professor Bairan frowns said: “It’s just relatively complete, not really complete. Microsoft’s system, there are several thousand developers around the world to develop applications based on its Win, millions of applications. How do you attract developers to support you Operating System? “

Without the support of developers, there is no rich application. The system is a desert, and users will never move to the past.

With fewer users, developers are even less interested in developing applications for this system. In this way, a vicious circle eventually shuts down the system.

Last life, a lot of domestic systems were made, such as Hongqi, such as Qilin, but they all failed in the end, because of the application ecology.

Fang Tian said with a smile: “I have killing move, dream compiler?”

Mengzhen compiler? The developers in the audience are puzzled. To be honest, they really don’t want to develop applications on multiple platforms. Having a Windows system is enough. For multi-platform development, the energy and time costs increase.

Fang Tian cleared his throat and said: “Mengzhen compiler, it can help developers transform Windowssystem programs into executable programs of Mengzhen system!”

hearing this, the developer stared wide-eyed, all eyes are bright! In this case, it will become very simple!

Fang Tian said with a smile: “With the help of the Mengzhen compiler, the amount of conversion code engineering will be greatly reduced. You can easily convert the .EXE program of Windowssystem into the .DTA program of Mengzhen system! “

“DTA is the abbreviation of dreamscometrueApplication in English, which means the dream program.”

“pa pa pa!” Developers applauded!

Next, Fang Tian announced a heavy news!

“In order to prosper the application ecosystem of Mengzhen System, SoftCloud has launched three major measures to encourage developers to develop applications on it!”

“First, in the next two years, SoftCloud will come up with 10 billion yuan to encourage developers to develop Mengzhen system applications!”

“Second, for developers who develop dream apps, SoftCloud can provide free cloud services!”

“Third, the software you developed will be placed in the angel application market, with a focus on promotion!”

Three major measures, a simple summary, capital, technology, flow!

Join countless developers to create an ecology together!

For the dream system, Fang Tian does not hesitate to pay!

Ten thousand developers applauded and welcome!

Operating System independently developed by the Chinese, the dream of countless IT practitioners, today ’s hope finally comes, and it is worth supporting!

A technical barrier in the United States prevents you from using its Operating System, and domestic computer and mobile phone manufacturers are paralyzed.

All day long for safety reasons, but who knows whether the system made by Americans will have built-in backdoor programs.

If you do n’t want to be pinched by the Yankees, you must control the core technology.

Once the Mengzhen system is successful, it will not only benefit SoftCloud, but will bring huge changes to the entire domestic hardware and software industry!

With the dream, take off together!

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