Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1508


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SoftCloud held the first developer conference, and the atmosphere on the scene was strong!

The released Dream Real System excites users, who want to experience immediately.

The Mengzhen compiler that was subsequently released, and the three major initiatives launched by Fang Tian, ​​are even more exciting to the developers present!

People who care about the domestic Operating System finally see hope! A miracle creator extended his mythology to the Operating System!

Fang Tian said: “In order to make it easier for everyone to develop applications on the Mengzhen platform, SoftCloud has also independently developed a new programming language!”

As soon as this remark comes out, all the developers have mentioned the spirit, the domestic programming language!

Frankly speaking, a programming language is a kind of conversation between a person and a machine. If you want the machine to understand your commands, you must learn a language to communicate with the machine.

Master the programming language and write it into the computer et cetera equipment, the machine will react.

There are many programming languages ​​in today’s world, including Renowned C, C ++, JAVAet cetera, C is the most basic programming language, JAVA is relatively simple, and developing software on Android, many people have developed using JAVA.

There are so many programming languages ​​in the world, no one is developed by the Chinese.

The programming language developed by the Chinese people has one advantage. The codes are all in Chinese. Programming is based on the Chinese people’s thinking logic. It is easy to get started. Many people who do not understand English and have not studied programming professionally can use it to become programs Staff, develop application software.

In Fang Tian ’s life, he had a famous Yi language, which was developed by the Chinese, but this language declined before it developed much.

Compared to other programming languages, software written in easy languages ​​has low execution efficiency and takes up a large amount of MySpace, and more advanced programming cannot be achieved in this language at all.

Easy language has not established an ecology at all. Many companies do not need easy language programmers to learn, and there is not much use.

Moreover, programs written in easy language are intercepted by many security software and often reported poison, developers feel very helpless.

Fang Tian said with a smile: “SoftCloud’s self-developed programming language is called I language, and Chinese is called love language! You can write code in Chinese, which is in line with Chinese people’s logical thinking and easier to learn.”

A developer stood up and asked, “Can a software program written in I be comparable to C ++ and JAVA?”

“Completely beyond!” Fang Tian’s tone is affirmative: “After the practical research of SoftCloud, the software written in I language has a higher execution efficiency, and there is rarely a lag, which is at least 20% faster than other languages!”

Developers are surprised. Really?

Fang Tian introduced: “Applications written in I language can only run in Mengzhen system, and only in combination with Mengzhen system, it can exert the best performance!”

Easy language, often criticized for its low operating efficiency and frequent errors. The big reason is that it cannot be perfectly combined with system.

The code written in Chinese can’t be better than the fact that the system is developed by the Yankees. The resulting application cannot be perfectly integrated with the underlying code of the system. How can the experience be better?

SoftCloud has its own independently developed Operating System, love language can be deeply integrated with the system, and the problem of low efficiency reporting et cetera can be solved well.

Fang Tian said: “The most popular language in the world today is English, and almost all programming languages ​​are written in English, and do not understand English. If you want to write a good program, it is not impossible, and the efficiency is definitely low.”

“Before learning to program, we have to learn English first, and spend three years or even more time to learn what people are born to understand.”

“An American kid, eleven-twelve years old, can independently write a lot of applications that are easy to use and fun. This is why there are so many software geniuses in the United States. For kids in our country, programming is really for them. It’s too far away. “

Looking back at the laptop screen, Fang Tian said: “After I love the language, you can write software programs in Chinese. Writing programs is as simple as writing an article.”

“‘ Window Open ’,’ Window Close ’,’ Popup Menu ’, these are the codes, they can be understood at a glance, so that people can easily develop each and everyone application software.”

“crash-bang …” The audience applauded, not just the developers, but even those who did not understand programming were excited!

“Love the language, I am really proud of the domestic software! I really want to use it!”

“Yeah, I can also develop software and become a software developer.”

“Love the language, I like it!”

The audience at the scene, as well as software enthusiasts who are watching live broadcasts online, want to learn this powerful Chinese programming language.

While commenting, many people like SoftCloud and Fang Tian!

Today’s developer conference, SoftCloud released three major products, Mengzhen system, Mengzhen compiler, and Love Language!

Every one is shocking the existence of the industry!

This conference will have a profound impact on the future software world!

Finally, Fang Tian’s fingers flew, and he knocked a line on the computer screen!

On the big screen, a line of big characters appeared-

Cross-platform, cross-global, and cross-century!

Fang Tian cleared his throat and faced the audience of 50,000 audiences: “Before developing the Mengzhen Operating System, I told the company’s top management that Mengzhen system must meet three requirements!” p>

“Cross-platform, it is not only running on the Operating System of the computer, in the future, it can also run on electronic devices such as mobile phones and TV et cetera!”

“Across the globe, it is not just a system for Chinese people, its goal is to span the world and cover global users!”

“Cross-century, Mengzhen system can achieve at least one hundred years without decline!”

Vast words, full of foresight, generosity and excitement!

“I hope that my dream and yours can come true!” Fang Tian bowed and exited.

The 50,000 people applauded loudly throughout the stadium!

Fang Tian just came to the background, each and everyone in the technology industry celebrities came to shake hands!

Peak scientists and academicians have sent their blessings!

“Congratulations! The press conference is very successful!”

“Congratulations! A new era has begun!”

“Congratulations! History will always remember this day!”

A group of brothers rushed over, Yang Fan, Du Fei, Li Qiguang, Zhang Xiaoyuan, Gao Yun, and Fang Tian hugged together!

Brothers have paid a lot for the Mengzhen system over the years, and finally ushered in this day, successfully released, they are very excited!

After the brother, there was a group of beauties, a group of beauties holding flowers, all coming around, sending flowers and kissing!

The flowers are red, the face is redder, and the atmosphere on the scene is extremely strong!

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