Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1509


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Operating System, two related applications are finally released.

Fang Tian has been sighed in relief for a long time. This is the most exciting press conference in history. On the stage, he was worried that he would overturn because of being too excited.

Fortunately, the entire live broadcast conference was quite smooth. Judging from the response from the scene, it was very successful!

Fang Tian and brother sister at the scene hugged together …

Fang Tian then accepted an interview with a famous British TV station.

Under the leadership of a blonde TV hostess, she walked into a small room.

There is a computer in the room, and the computer is installed with Mengzhen 1.0system.

The two sat down, and the blonde host looked over and smiled and introduced: “I am the host of British Sky TV-Du Lisa North!

Du Lisa with said with a slight smile: “Mr. King, I am very happy to be able to interview you!”

Her Chinese is very fluent, and Fang Tian is kind to her. “Where did you study Chinese?”

“My parents used to work in China. I grew up in China since childhood. Chinese is my first language.” Du Lisa said with a smile.

Her eyes looked towards the computer screen: “Fang, you said at the press conference that your system is 80% faster than Microsoft. Is this true?”

“You can experience it.” Fang Tian said confidently.

Tulisha’s finger click on the mouse and opened the browser, the speed is really super fast, no matter the application startup speed, web page loading speed, animation effect display processing speed, are much faster than Microsoft Windows!

Her little mouth opened slightly and was surprised! “Oh my god, your system is so good!”

Fang Tian slightly smiled: “SoftCloud wants to gain an advantage from Microsoft’s competition, it must surpass its opponents in all aspects, if not, I would rather not launch it.”

“Is your goal to defeat Microsoft’s Windows?” Du Lisha asked.

“Yes.” Fang Tian’s tone is very certain: “As Bill Gates once said, he will beat DOSsystem.”

“But …” Du Lisha is very skeptical: “Today’s Microsoft Windowssystem has been deployed globally and has a large number of users. Is there any chance for SoftCloud?”

“Yes.” Fang Tian’s tone is very certain: “Although Microsoft’s Operating System has been promoted to the whole world, the penetration rate of computers is still very low. Whether in China or abroad, most people are still in Internet cafes Internet access, the proportion of people who actually own a personal computer is not 10%. “

“The future is a critical period for the explosive growth of personal computers. As long as SoftCloud seizes this opportunity, it can win the market!”

Du Lisa is very concerned about a problem: “Microsoft ’s genuine system requires more than 1,000 RMB. Where will the price of the Mengzhen system be set?”

Fang Tian said with a smile: “Mengzhen system is free, it will be free for users worldwide!”

The blonde beauty opened her mouth in surprise. “Are you serious?”

“Yes. No matter now or in the future, Mengzhen system will not charge.”

“As far as I know, the development of the Mengzhen system has invested more than tens of billions, and there are no fees. How do you make money?” Du Lisha was puzzled.

Fang Tian clicked the mouse with a finger and opened the browser: “The browser that comes with the system, the angel browser from SoftCloud, the toolbar of the browser, there is a search box, this is the Angel Search Engine.”

“These are all the application ecology of SoftCloud, they will bring continuous revenue to our company.”

Microsoft’s system is indeed very strong, but when the Internet came, Microsoft missed the Internet.

Browser, Microsoft’s IE was completely defeated by Google.

Search, Microsoft’s Bing lost to Google.

Social software, Microsoft did not pay attention to it. Good MSN, the experience was a mess. The world’s largest Instant Messenger finally shut down the service.

Later, Facebook later came up.

In the era of mobile Internet, Microsoft has become unresponsive, and the Operating System WP of mobile phones has lost to Google and Apple.

A company that has grown in size is always suffering from large enterprise diseases, slow response, and low efficiency.

Especially on the issue of transformation, it is like an elephant, and turning around is always so slow and awkward.

After Bill Gates retired, he came up with a Ballmer who is engaged in sales. There is no innovation in Windowssystem technology, and the experience of Win8 is difficult to use because of countless users around the world.

It also heavily invested in the declining Nokia mobile phone business, which brought huge losses to the company.

It was not until Mandela came to power, with the help of cloud services, that Microsoft regained its second spring.

Now, the SoftCloud created by Fang Tian not only has a layout in the software client but also in the cloud, and does not need to rely on the Operating System to make money at all.

Next, I chatted with the beautiful host of British Sky TV for a while, and Fang Tian stood up and left.

Du Lisha reached out: “I like the country of Huaxia very much. I sincerely wish your dream system success.”

“Thank you!” Fang Tian shook hands with her.

The gymnasium has a dedicated experience area.

On-site audience can experience the power of Mengzhen system immediately.

In front of the computer, each and everyone computer enthusiasts stand in front and keep clicking.

“Wow, the interface of Mengzhen System is really beautiful and beautiful!”

“Yeah, I know how to use it at a glance. It’s so simple. It’s much smoother than Microsoft.”

“I language is so simple, I can take a look at those Chinese codes. It is so easy to program!”

IT enthusiasts who are experiencing Mengzhen system are excited!

As soon as Fang Tian appeared in the experience area, he immediately screamed, and a lot of soft powder came to ask for his signature.

The so-called “soft powder” is what SoftCloud fans mean. From the first application developed by SoftCloud technology, old users have supported it until now.

They have witnessed the growth of SoftCloud.

Fang Tian started as the first application “system maintenance great god”, a small garbage removal application, until today’s software king!


At 6:30 in the evening.

Fang Tian, ​​Lin Keqing, Yang Fan, Du Fei, Gao Yun et cetera, a group of high-level officials came to the nearby restaurant to celebrate for a little.

These all are SoftCloud Empire’s founding General!

Especially Lin Keqing and Yang Fan, before SoftCloud was established, in the “Ant Nest” studio, they followed their hard work together.

Fang Tian is really sighed, step by step from today’s “ant nest” studio with only a few people to today.

Waiting for food, Fang Tian found a stack of newspapers, and tonight’s news, all covered the SoftCloud Developer Conference.

Operating System of SoftCloud finally lifted the veil, called dream true, let dream come true-People’s Daily.

Mengzhen system, the epoch-making beginning! ——21st Century Financial Report.

Mengzhen system, an innovative experience, an imperial aircraft carrier that has influenced the world has set sail from now on! ——IT Technology Daily.

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