Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1510


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The brothers and sisters all had a great time eating this meal!

This is a team of Eating Soft Rice, who develops software to the highest level.

The crowd raised their glasses and drank, and laughter continued.

Tonight is just a little celebration. After all, the Operating System has been launched, but how to promote it to the whole country, to the world, and make it the most mainstream Operating System in the world is the hardest.

If it succeeds, have a grand celebration.

After dinner, Fang Tian walked out of the restaurant with a toothpick on his mouth.

Coincidentally, I met an acquaintance at the door, Bai Wanjun!

I have n’t seen this rival in a long time. Didn’t expect will meet here.

He is wearing a smart white suit and looks so handsome and compelling!

“Mr. Bai, how do you feel about the meeting?” Fang Tian looked at him with a smile.

Bai Wanjun ’s company specializes in the production of computers and is the largest computer manufacturing company in China today. What is this equivalent to?

Equivalent to this World ’s association.

The developer conference sent invitations to hardware and software manufacturers across the country. Impossible is missing Bai Wanjun.

He has always had a hatred against Fang Tian, ​​even to the point of being incompatible as fire and water, originally Fang Tian sent him an invitation letter, feeling that he would not come over.

But didn’t expect. One minute before the start of the speech, he walked into the gym surrounded by bodyguards.

Bai Wanjun did n’t even want to come, but I thought it was too stingy, Operating System is not a bauble, just look at what Fang Tian made Operating System.

That’s it, with a mentality of watching jokes.

“Very general, listening to your enthusiasm, more like boasting.” Bai Wanjun shook his head, and he didn’t like the new system at all.

Fang Tian hehe laughed: “Have you really experienced it?”

Bai Wanjun shrugged: “No experience, it took you how many years to develop the Operating System, only two years or so, but Microsoft has been doing the system for more than a dozen 20 years. The rookie system just came out is comparable to Microsoft ? Hehe, ridiculous! “

Fang Tian put his hands in his hands and his tone was indifferent: “SoftCloud’s system is indeed better. You can’t change this fact with irony.”

At this time, the follower behind Bai Wanjun, Lei Yong, spoke. “Fang Tian, ​​you send an invitation letter to Young Master Bai, it just means that Wanjun computer is equipped with your dream system. I tell you, dream, Wanjun computer will never install your garbage system.”

Fang Tian shrugged: “You don’t support, I really don’t care.”

Wanjun computers are today’s largest computer manufacturers. If equipped with Mengzhen system, Mengzhen can be promoted quickly and have a large number of users.

He would not care, Bai Wanjun didn’t believe it.

“I see you, you can’t eat grapes and grapes are sour.” Lei Yong sneered: “Without the support of the Wanjun computer, your Operating System cannot be promoted, and it will eventually become garbage. , Haha! “

From the heart, Bai Wanjun is not optimistic about the dream system, he is 100% sure that this system will fail.

He then left the restaurant with his escort.

Lin Keqing came over and Fang Tian looked at her and said, “Has Bai Wanjun’s company moved to Beijing?”

Sometimes ago, the news was reported.

Lin Keqing un’ed: “Relocated Binhai ’s Headquarters to Beijing, and his company ’s Headquarters are opposite our company.”

Fang Tian touch the chin nodded, it seems that in the capital, Bai Wanjun and Bai Wanjun will have the dragon wars, the tiger battles!


Hotel 606.

Fang Tian pushed the door and walked in. After arriving in Beijing, he lived in a hotel. Although it was a luxury suite, it still felt better than home.

When I was in Jin Family, I ate with Mother-in-law and talked about the daily life, and the little girl was by my side. Occasionally, her words could make people laugh.

Thinking of Little Pearl, I wonder where she was taken by her mother?

Fang Tian sat down in front of the computer, took out the album from the drawer, opened it, and saw if he could find some valuable information?

This album is about as thick as the palms of an adult. The photos inside are mostly photos of Ye Mingzhu, her father Ye Chenggang and her mother Liu Qiuyue.

Not at all Little Pearl’s photo. This album has not been updated since Ye Chenggang disappeared. Ye Mingzhu was still in her mother’s stomach.

According to Little Pearl damn it, Liu Qiuyue gave birth to Little Pearl and left as soon as she was 20 years old.

Little Pearl is now 8 years old. In other words, Liu Qiuyue should be around 28 years old, and still very young.

So young, will you remarry? But why did she appear suddenly and take Little Pearl?

Fang Tian looked at the album for a long time and found something very strange.

In the album, the scenes of many photos are very unclear, it seems that they were taken in some very mysterious places.

apart from this, the shooting location seems to be in Beijing, Cháng’ān Street, Tiananmen et cetera ……

Is Ye Chenggang ’s research institute in Beijing? If so, will Liu Qiuyue also live in Beijing?

Fang Tian is more and more likely, if Little Pearl ’s mother is really in Beijing, the chance of finding her will be greatly increased!

There seems to be some very important information in the album. Fang Tian has n’t finished reading for a while, put it down, got up and walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

Ten minutes later, I walked out in white pajamas, sat in front of the computer, and turned on the computer.

In the past, I used a computer and used Windowssystem. In the computer world, there seems to be no better choice except for it. But now, after SoftCloud independently developed its own Operating System, the computer is equipped with dreams.

It ’s not Fang Tian blowing, the experience of Mengzhen system is indeed better than that of Microsoft. Looking at the boot speed, it is called a fast one.

In October 2001, the XP consumer version of the system went on sale. With its excellent experience, XPsystem soon became popular throughout the world.

Fang Tian released the dream system in June 2002. From the point of time, it is not much different from XP, and it is entirely possible to achieve transcendence.

Now netizens can download the 1.0 version of Mengzhen system on the SoftCloud official website and install it on their own computers.

Even if the configuration is relatively low, it can still run smoothly.

Moreover, there are no hardware compatibility issues and it works well.

Before the release of the product, many people on the Internet were mocking the Mengzhen system as fast as 80%. Now they have been beaten by pa pa pa after their real experience.

This speed is really not blowing.

Weibo and social forum netizens responded enthusiastically and received rave reviews!

The biggest problem with the Mengzhen system is that no computer brand manufacturers are willing to install it, and the computers on the market still carry Windows.

How to make Mengzhen system popularized quickly will be a difficult problem that Fang Tian needs to solve.

“Ding Ling Ling …” The mobile phone rang and Fang Tian picked up the phone and put it in his ear.

Jin Yuyan ’s voice came over: “Where are you?”

Fang Tian said with a smile: “There is no home to stay in the hotel.”

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