Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1511


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Jin Yuyan lives with grandfather in Beijing, and she suggests that Fang Tian live there.

Fang Tian is a bit hesitant and really does n’t want to contact the Jin Family members who feel like very able persons.

However, staying in a hotel is not so good.

Jin Yuyan said that Jin Huashan lives in a villa community, and the community is all independent villas. Although members of the Jin Family family belong to the same community, they do not live in the same villa.

It ’s good, if you live together, there will definitely be more friction.

Fang Tian agreed: “Well, where is Old Master’s home?”

Jin Yuyan Road: “Haoting Banshan Villa.”

“Where is it?” Fang Tian didn’t really know where this was soon after he came to Beijing?

Jin Yuyan said: “I let Gold Jade Ye drive you to the past.”

Gold Jade leaves? ? ?

Fang Tian is unfamiliar with this name: “Who is she?”

“My cousin, the daughter of second uncle. I will tell her your phone number, and she will call you tomorrow.”

Fang Tian nodded, chat with Jin Yuyan for a while, then hang up the phone.


2nd day Early in the morning, Fang Tian carried a backpack and went to the nearby supermarket to buy some daily necessities, waiting for the younger sister to call.

After 10 points, I walked out of the supermarket. At this moment, the text message of the mobile phone rang.

Take out the phone and put it in front of your eyes. The number is very strange, but from the content point of view, it should be sent by Xiaoyi.

“Fang Tian, ​​where are you?”

Shouldn’t we call it brother-in-law? Fang Tian was speechless for a while, and quickly edited the text message and sent it over: “Huashan Road, Jiajiafu Supermarket.”

Wait for a long time while standing in front of the supermarket. Twenty minutes have passed, and I haven’t seen her car coming.

Fang Tian is a little impatient and wants to buy a car in Beijing?

At this moment, a pink BMW came slowly and stopped in front of it.

A girl with a delicate look and wearing a purple long dress with suspenders looked over: “Why are you still standing here, getting in the car!”

If you guessed right, she was the little sister-in-law Gold Jade Ye, and this attitude is too bad, even without a title, the tone is so impatient.

It seems that I owe her millions of land, and it seems like I abandoned her after I enlarged her belly!

Fang Tian pulled the car door and sat in.

Gold Jade leaves the car, lightly snorted: “Are you really my fiance of my elder sister?”

This chick doesn’t seem to know me? Fang Tian was surprised, now that his reputation in China is not small now, right? Who doesn’t know who has internet access?

“Yes.” Fang Tian put the backpack aside, leaning against the back of the chair lazily.

Looking at his gesture, Gold Jade leaves wrinkled his nose: “How can someone like you be with my elder sister and get engaged to her?”

“What’s wrong with me?”

Gold Jade leaves turn the steering wheel and hit a high speed. “Look at you, you don’t even have a car, don’t you feel ashamed of living in a big city?”

Fang Tian coughed, no wonder the first time I met, the little aunt didn’t feel good about herself.

“My home is no longer in Beijing. Where can I get a car? My car is placed in Binhai.”

“Even at seaside, do you have your own car? Isn’t it also my elder sister’s car.” Gold Jade’s tone was full of contempt.

In her opinion, Fang Tian is a son-in-law. What is the ability to eat, wear, and live? Not all elder sister’s?

Fang Tian ’s back is leaning against the back of the chair, faintly smiled: “Do you really understand me?”

“I don’t understand, I don’t want to understand.” Gold Jade was born in a wealthy family, and he was born with a superior sense of being a very able person. I really like Fang Tian, ​​who is a common person to Jin Family. No.

Fang Tian could n’t figure it out. With his current reputation, which netizen does n’t know me, is this little aunt not going online?

She feels good about herself, and Fang Tian is not interested in talking to her, leaning on the back of the chair and closing her eyes to raise her spirit.

Waiting for the bus is a bit long, and I’m really tired.

Gold Jade Ye glanced at this lazy gesture and muttered: “Salted fish!”


Half an hour later, Haoting Villa.

“Ga …” Gold Jade Ye stepped on the brakes and the car suddenly stopped.

Fang Tian was awakened, but did not care about her.

Gold Jade leaves the door and gets out of the car, and enters the villa coldly.

Fang Tian got off and moved towards all around.

The Haoting Villa is located in the middle of the mountainside on the outskirts of Beijing and belongs to the Mid-level Villa.

It is said that those who can live in this mid-level mountain have a net worth of at least 10 billion yuan!

There are several villas around the mountainside, this one of Jin Huashan is the most stylish!

Villas, private gardens, standard swimming pools, and even helicopter landing pads.

Entering the hall of the villa, inside splendorous and majestic, Fang Tian glanced at all around and did not see the silhouette of the Old Master.

At this moment, a man in his fifties, wearing a traditional Chinese costume, came over with a smile: “Fang son-in-law, you are here!”

Fang Tian looked sideways, he is Butler Liu, and he manages the large and small affairs of his family.

“What about Old Master?”

Butler Liu stood in front of said with a smile: “Old Master went to the old Lin Family to play chess.”

Fang Tian sat down, Butler Liu poured tea for him.

Drinking green tea, chatting with Butler Liu for a while, and getting to know that Gold Jade leaf.

She is the daughter of second uncle Jin Wenchuan and Ma Zili. She is 22 years old this year. She grew up abroad and studied abroad and rarely returned.

Graduated in the United States not long ago and returned to China.

It turns out that she has been abroad, no wonder she does not know herself, Fang Tian is a little laughed.

After returning home, she has lived in grandfather’s house.

Gold Jade Ye’s temper is not so good, Butler Liu also don’t dare provoke her.

“Butler Liu, chat with waste, are you busy?” Gold Jade Ye walked downstairs and said coldly.

Butler Liu faced her, dared not say a word, he walked out of the villa quickly.

“You, you, come with me.” Gold Jade Ye pointed to Fang Tian, ​​the kind of imperative tone.

Fang Tian put down the teacup: “What do you do?”

“A place to live for you.”

Come here without knowing what room to live in. Fang Tian got up and followed her out.

Half a circle around the villa and walked into a small house.

This is a basement with dim light and nothing but a bed inside.

MySpace, which can be moved, is only two squares narrow. This place is more like a kennel.

Fang Tian is puzzled: “Where is this place?”

Gold Jade Ye Dao: “This is the place where Jin Family lives.”

Where do the people live? Fang Tian was not happy: “What do you mean?”

Gold Jade Yehehe laughed: “This is your bedroom!”

Specially, this little aunt is obviously making trouble! Am I an offspring?

Fang Tian was dissatisfied and said: “Do you know that I am your brother-in-law?”

“No, I never agree that you are my brother-in-law.” Gold Jade Ye coldly said: “You are just a humble person, so you can only live in the same room as the next.” /p>

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