Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1512


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This little aunt is simply intolerably!

Fang Tian’s face suddenly cooled down, his eyes became very fierce, and he stared at Gold Jade Ye.

“You, what are you going to do?” Gold Jade Ye was a little scared and took a step back involuntarily.

“peng!” The door closed, Fang Tian moved towards her, and then grabbed her wrist, raised her hands, and pressed against the wall.

The small room, in the basement, has no windows and the light is already very dark. Now the door is closed and the room is dark.

Gold Jade Ye You Panic: “Asshole get out of my sight!”

Fang Tian sneered and put his face together: “Sister-in-law, recognize that I am your brother-in-law.”

“You are just a mess, a good-for-nothing waste, I will not admit that you are brother-in-law, let you have a place to rest, already give you a face, otherwise, my name is The bodyguard threw you out and let you sleep on the street.” Gold Jade Ye was kept under control, and his mouth was still so hard.

This chick is quite domineering.

Fang Tian reached into his backpack, took out the rope, and fastened her wrists with the rope.

Gold Jade Ye wants to get rid of, but how her strength is Fang Tian’s opponent, her hands are quickly tied to death.

She lifted her legs moved towards Fang Tian and kicked over. Fang Tian gave a light punch and hit her ankle, she screamed and fell to the ground.

She sat on the floor and scolded over angrily: “Let me go, you are nothing… woo…”

Before her words were finished, Fang Tian put a ball of tissue into her mouth.

After opening the door, Fang Tian went out, slammed, closed the door!

I shut the little aunt in a dark room!

“Woo…” Gold Jade grieved with tears.

“Rethink in the dark room, when you want to understand, I will let you go out.” Fang Tian’s footsteps gradually went away.

Dignified giants, when have they been wronged? Gold Jade Ye looked at all the darkness around her, she was very panicked in her heart, she was scared!

Originally, she thought she was overbearing enough, didn’t expect Fang Tian to be more overbearing.

Isn’t the son-in-law all soft rice boys? Looking at his imposing manner, it is stronger than the average man.


Unconsciously, it was close to noon. Fang Tian walked into the villa and ordered the servants here to prepare what to eat and what seafood famous wine one after another brought up.

The servant marveled that this son-in-law is even more uncle than Young Master!

They did not dare to neglect and immediately cooked as he wanted.

After an hour, all the meals are ready, Old Father Jin has not come back, the little aunt is still in the little black room, Fang Tian is exclusively enjoyed by one person.

Noon, after 2 o’clock …

“Except grandfather’s bedroom, this bedroom is the biggest one, are you satisfied?” Gold Jade Ye walked in with Fang Tian, ​​and she pouted.

Fang Tian scanned the surroundings. The 50-square-meter bedroom, Italian-Roman style curtains, and the floor were covered with black wool carpets. The entire decoration was very luxurious.

Compared to the previous basement, this is simply heaven.

“hehe, obediently obedient, so that’s right.” Fang Tian said with a smile.

Gold Jade Ye was locked in the dark room, and small cockroaches flew over her head, scaring her to scream.

She was scared and her stomach was hungry. After dinner, Fang Tian tempted her with a plate and she finally surrendered.

Gold Jade Ye rubbed her wrists, and there were traces of the ropes bound on Hao’s wrists. After growing so big, she was bullied for the first time, and it was because of this.

Turn around and walk out. Suddenly, she turned around again: “I will never agree with you as my brother-in-law, this life will not.”

Looking at her back, Fang Tian is just smile smiled, put down the backpack, and put things one after another.


In the afternoon, the sun goes down.

Jin Huashan is back!

As soon as he saw him come back, Gold Jade Ye stood up from the sofa, moved towards him and walked over: “grandfather, someone bullied me.”

She stomped her feet, looking aggrieved.

Jin Huashan was shocked: “Who is it? Dare to bully Baobei’s granddaughter?”

The granddaughter came back from abroad and accompanied him by Jin Huashan, which made the Old Master very happy and loved her very much.

Gold Jade leaves wrinkled his little nose: “That’s the one that gets involved …”

She talked about how Fang Tian bullied her, and said it completely, and there is always more oil and vinegar!

Hearing this, Jin Huashan’s face turned black instantly!

Fang Tian That kid came over and bullied his granddaughter as soon as he came over.

He turned his head towards Butler Liu: “Where is Fang Tian?”

At this moment, Fang Tian came down from the second floor, he said with a smile: “Old Master, long time no see.”

He reached out and did not smile, and looked at him with a good attitude. Jin Huashan’s anger fell, and he called to take a deep breath: “You’re very brave, will you be the owner of this house when you come in?”

Fang Tian smiled faintly: “No, no.”

Crystal glass coffee table, Fang Tian and Jin Huashan sat down.

Butler Liu immediately filled them with a cup of top grade Longjing.

Fang Tian picked up the tea cup and looked towards the Old Master opposite: “What character is your granddaughter, but you do n’t know.”

“What’s wrong with my personality?” Gold Jade Ye said coldly.

Jin Huashan waved his hand: “Yu Ye, you go back to the room to read, I have something to tell him.”

Gold Jade stomped his foot and turned upstairs.

Jin Huashan took a sip of tea: “Why did you come to Beijing suddenly and still live in my house.”

“Don’t Yuyan tell you?” Fang Tian said: “There are very important things in Beijing, and I will live here for a long time.”

“What to do?”

What do you say? Does this old man know what an Operating System is?

Fang Tian looked very serious: “A very important project, if it succeeds, will lead the times, and the technological competitiveness of the entire country will be raised to a new level!”

It looks great. Jin Huashan didn’t believe it. Although he knew that this son-in-law had some ability, it was not so powerful.

Jin Huashan said: “Although I am not against you being with Jin Yuyan now, from my heart, I still feel that Bai Wanjun is better than you.”

“Why?” Fang Tian didn’t understand.

Jin Huashan said: “Because Bai Wanjun is the hardware king!”

Scramble, the financial news on the television in the lobby is related to Bai Wanjun.

The male anchor ’s magnetic voice announcement: “Wanjun Corporation Headquarters in Beijing is established! As the largest manufacturer of computers, mobile phones and parts in China, Bai Wanjun is a well-deserved hardware king ……”

Jin Huashan looked at the TV and hehe smiled: “Did you see it? Bai Wanjun is the hardware king, and you? What is the king?”

Can Fang Tian say that it is a software king? !

In the past, I did not have the strength to compete with the hardware king, but now I have strong strength!

The software king VS the hardware king, feel excited about the next battle!

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