Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1513


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Talking with the Old Master for a while, Fang Tian got up and was about to go back to the room to rest.

At this moment, Gold Jade Ye Dong dong dong ran downstairs and came to her grandfather. “Grandfather, tomorrow at the Martial Dao Pavilion, there will be a Taekwondo competition. You and I will go together.”

Jin Huashan was surprised for a while, said with a smile: “I don’t have time.”

“Last time you promised me, go to the game together.” Gold Jade Ye wrinkled his nose, a little dissatisfied.

Jin Huashan thought about it and looked towards Fang Tian: “Tomorrow, please accompany her in the past.”

Fang Tian froze, stopped.

“I don’t want him to accompany me.” Gold Jade Ye Lianlian shook his head.

Jin Huashan hehe laughed: “That kind of game is best for you youngster, you go with him.”

Gold Jade Ye Minzui thought for a while, she came up with a sly plan, her eyes lit up!

She was then nodded: “Well, that ’s it, Fang Tian, ​​you accompany me to the past.”

Fang Tian did not respond and went back to the room to sleep.


2nd day morning.

“dong dong dong …”

Fang Tian ’s door was knocked vigorously.

“Who is it?” Fang Tian shouted uncomfortably.

“Get up and get up and accompany me to the Taekwondo competition.” Gold Jade Ye’s voice came in from the outside.

Fang Tian is speechless, have I promised you? A sideways, continue to sleep.

“ka-cha!” The door opened, and Gold Jade walked in with a rush, pulling Fang Tian up …

“Going if you don’t want to go.” She was very savage.

After 10 minutes, Fang Tian sat in the co-pilot position of red BMW, and Gold Jade leaves in the car moved towards the Martial Dao Pavilion.

The little sister-in-law doesn’t know what to do, she has to pull me over.

Do n’t she hate me? Why do you want me to accompany her? Fang Tian faintly felt that this chick was going to make trouble.

At the Martial Dao Pavilion, they walked in.

Fang Tian walks by her side: “What kind of taekwondo competition, who participates?”

Gold Jade Ye said excitedly: “The most powerful Taekwondo players from all over the country are here, not the professional players, but the underground Taekwondo expert, the kind that can kill people.”

This chick is really special and likes excitement.

After that, Gold Jade Ye walked into the dressing room and put on a white robe.

Fang Tian looked at her up and down, and looked at it carefully. This little auntie was pretty good regardless of her appearance or figure, but her character was too difficult to get along with.

“Look at what?” Gold Jade Ye stared: “I warn you, don’t think of me differently.”

Fang Tian sneered and shook his head: “What are you good for? Will I like you?”

Gold Jade said with his fork in front of his waist: “What’s wrong with me? Believing or not I kicked you out of the stadium?”

Fang Tian touch the chin thought for a while, said with a smile: “You are good, perfect.”

Gold Jade Ye nodded laughed, hey, no, why is it perfect?

“It’s still two, what’s not beautiful?”

“The soul is not beautiful, the appearance is not beautiful!”

Gold Jade Yee almost collapsed: “…”

Fang Tian laughed heartily, go away.

Fucked by him, Gold Jade’s face flushed with anger. “Fang Tian, ​​I’m going to kill you!”

She quickly hurried over …

Taekwondo hall.

There are many spectators coming over to watch the game, and the audience is full.

Fang Tian and Gold Jade Ye finally found a free seat and sat down.

“Will you be on stage for a while?” Fang Tian looked at her robe.

Gold Jade Ye shook his head slightly: “no! I just came here to be an audience.”

Fang Tian nodded: “Go back after reading.”

“No, you have to play on stage.”

What? Fang Tian was shocked: “I am not interested.”

“But I have already signed up for you!”

Fang Tian is surprised: “Are you saying true or false?”

“Well, I just applied for the contest and let you take the stage to participate in the contest.” Gold Jade Yezui corner showed a cunning smile.

Fang Tian suddenly realized that she finally understood why she had to bring herself over to Taekwondo. The reason was that she wanted me to come and fight with someone!

Fuck, this little aunt has sly plan in her head.

“I am not on.”

“Not up, not a man!” Gold Jade’s eyes were full of despise.

At this moment, someone came over.

“Haha! Fang Tian you are here too!”

Fang Tian turned his head and saw a young man wearing a white robe with a black belt around his waist.

I don’t know him at all. Who is he?

“Don’t know me?” The white robed man came over and stood in front of him.

The ghost knows who you are? Fang Tian did not respond.

Gold Jade Ye wrinkled his nose and said: “He is Bai Family Second Young Master named Bai Haofeng.”

It was originally Bai Family. Fang Tian even thoughtlessly greeted him.

After that, a man in a white suit came out of the young man. This man was Bai Wanjun.

He looked over with a smile: “It’s really enemies on a narrow road, I can see you everywhere.”

Bai Wanjun and Bai Haofeng are two brothers. Looking at it, he came to see the younger brother playing a game.

Fang Tian shrugged: “I also feel helpless.”

“Why? You came here to play the game?” Bai Haofeng looked over with puzzled eyes.

“No, accompany the younger sister to play the game.” Fang Tian responded casually.

Speaking of Sister-in-law, Bai Haofeng felt uncomfortable for his brother. “Compared with the appearance, you are not equal to me. You are not as good as money. My beauty is robbed by you, so it’s unreasonable!”

Fang Tian did n’t want to respond to these questions and took a sip with a Coke bottle.

Gold Jade Ye wrinkled his nose, this man is really useless, so he did not dare to play the game, was not yelled at when he was scolded.

She lightly snorted, got up and moved towards the bathroom.

Bai Wanjun would like to know one thing: “Now, your Operating System is released, how many users are there? How many developers are developing software on your platform? How many hardware manufacturers are carrying your system?”

Fang Tian indifferently said: “There is no need to tell you about the company’s secrets.”

“Haha!” Bai Haofeng laughed: “Only Americans can make the Operating System a success in the whole world. You must do it. The result is doomed to failure!”

Fang Tian smiled lightly: “I am confident.”

“Dream! Your dream system is always a dream.” Bai Haofeng pouted: “You are never his opponent compared to my elder brother.”

Now, the online world is hotly discussed, the software king VS the hardware king, talking about the dispute between Fang Tian and Bai Wanjun.

However, in Bai Haofeng’s view, Fang Tian is not at the same level as his brother.

In terms of revenue, Wanjun Group is also higher than SoftCloud Group.

Fang Tian is quite sure: “Soon, SoftCloud will surpass Wanjun, you believe or not?”

“Wow!” Bai Haofeng sneered: “Software is soft and cheap! Can you compare to a tough guy?”

“hahaha …” The friend beside Bai Haofeng laughed.

His very provocative look came over: “Dare you dare to fight me on stage?”

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