Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1514


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Originally, Fang Tian did not plan to come to participate in any Taekwondo competition.

It was the mischievous mentality of the sister-in-law who blunted herself.

So until now, Fang Tian still doesn’t want to participate.

Gold Jade Ye walked back from the bathroom, she looked at Fang Tian like this, wrinkled her exquisite little nose, it was really useless, people are looking down on you, and you will not fight back

“Why not dare?” Bai Haofeng hehe smiled and looked at Fang Tian.

Fang Tian shrugged: “Are you strong? I am not interested in ordinary opponents.”

Bai Wanjun pats younger brother’s shoulder: “He is the national Sanda champion, do you say he is strong?”

Fang Tian eyebrow raised, it sounds very difficult to deal with. “Aren’t you calling me?”

Bai Haofeng whispered: “I can’t even fight, you are even more unqualified to fight my brother.”

Gold Jade Ye came over and shook Fang Tian ’s arm: “Everyone looks down on you, are you a man? Just beat him up.”

Easy to say, this little aunt, she is clearly trying to read the brother-in-law jokes.

In her eyes, the good-for-nothing brother-in-law would be happy if she was beaten into a pig’s head, and it was the result she wanted to see.

“Fight, fight, what are you afraid of? Are you a man?” Gold Jade Ye kept shaking Fang Tian’s arms.

Fang Tian looked at his watch and did n’t want to waste time on this issue.

Stand up immediately: “Well, I’ll change a robe.”

Speaking, turned around and moved towards the dressing room.

Bai Haofeng looked towards Gold Jade Ye: “Your brother-in-law, oh, do you agree that he is your brother-in-law?”

Gold Jade Ye Qing snorted: “I won’t agree with him if he is a waste of money in our house.”

Bai Haofeng smiled.

Ten minutes later, Fang Tian wearing a white robe walked back from the dressing room.

Bai Haofeng is already standing on the stage, fighting against a strong man with five big and three thick.

Fang Tian stood on the sidelines and watched silently.

Gold Jade Ye looked sideways and glanced at his robe, and found that he was still quite handsome, wearing a white robe with the taste of ancient martial arts.

Of course, that’s all. The younger sister didn’t believe that Fang Tian could fight. After coming to the stage, she would be beaten injured badly with many teeth knocked out.

“Fang Tian, ​​I find that you still have some advantages.” Gold Jade Ye said with a slight smile.

Fang Tian asked casually: “What are the advantages?”

“Looks handsome, suitable for Small White’s face.” Gold Jade Ye covered her mouth, hehe smiled.

Fang Tian speechless: “…”

On the stage.

Bai Haofeng is fighting fiercely with the big guy.

The big body is huge. At least 200 pounds is visible. The muscles on the body are bulging. Every punch, with a strong punch.

Bai Haofeng’s fist hit his ground with his fist, “peng ~ peng ~ peng ~ ……” burst into noise.

If you change to ordinary person, your bones will be broken. ,

After attacking back and forth, punching dozens of punches, Bai Haofeng gradually gained the upper hand, punching heavily on the big cheekbones.

“ka!” large cheekbones burst!

His head leaned back involuntarily, and when he wanted to fight back, it was too late.

Bai Haofeng lifted his leg high, kicked him in the chest, and fell heavily on the ground.

He was about to climb, Bai Haofeng stepped on it, ka-cha, four ribs were broken.

The audience present exclaimed loudly and applauded.

“Bai Haofeng is really powerful, really worthy of being the first Sanda King in the country!”

“Those who duel with him are act recklessly!”

“Yeah, no one is his opponent, if he is right, he will die.”

Bai Haofeng moved towards Fang Tian, ​​looked at it and ticked his finger: “Come up!”

“People call you and go up!” Gold Jade Ye pushed Fang Tian.

Fang Tian shook the head: “No fight.”

“Haha! Why? Frightened? Want to be coward?” Bai Haofeng laughed loudly.

“This person is really timid and scared!”

“It’s normal, look at him, where is Bai Haofeng’s opponent?”

“Also, as soon as he came to power, he was kicked off in two minutes.”

Audience, many people talk about it.

The following Fang Tian’s words surprised the audience.

Fang Tian looked at Bai Haofeng: “You are too scum! It is boring to play with you!”

Crazy! Ignore all opponents’ madness!

Bai Haofeng, who can knock down a big man and step on his feet, was despised by Fang Tian.

What kind of city does he dare to say like this?

Bai Haofeng sneered: “You dare not even go to the ring! It’s ridiculous!”

Fang Tian tone indifferently said: “I just counted, you hit a total of 37 back and forth with the big guy, you kicked out 12 feet, 25 punches, before knocking down the opponent!”

hearing this, everyone present was surprised?

Just now, Bai Haofeng had a duel with a big guy. The speed of coming and going was so fast that no one could see clearly.

He actually saw exactly how many punches and punches Bai Haofeng hit? Really surprising?

“What if even 37 strokes knock him down, can you beat him?” Bai Haofeng stepped on the big chest and looked over proudly.

Fang Tian smiled indifferently: “If it were me, one move would win!”

Crazy! This is really crazy!

Bai Haofeng provocatively said: “If you are a man, you will come up and accept the challenge. I dare not, but Love!”

“It’s boring to play with you.” Fang Tian shook his head, turned around, and took Gold Jade’s hand away.

Gold Jade Ye tried hard to shake his hand, but he couldn’t shake it. “Hey hey hey, are you a man, so leave now?”

“Want to go, there is no way.” Bai Haofeng jumped off the stage, moved towards Fang Tian and attacked in the past.

Fang Tian ducked sideways.

Bai Haofeng punched again, moved towards his chest, and if he was hit, his ribs would definitely burst.

Fang Tian leaned back, supported the ground with one hand, swept his left leg, and kicked in Bai Haofeng’s calf.

The calf shin burst, Bai Haofeng’s face pale instantly, and the whole person moved towards the ground.

Fang Tian stretched out his right foot and caught his body, then gently lifted it online.

Bai Haofeng’s body flew off the ceiling like a rocket.

“peng!” The ceiling chandelier exploded!

Glass slag, falling from the sky, people on the ground scattered away!

Bai Haofeng hung on the ceiling hook and hung in the air like a falling water dog, looking very embarrassed!

The audience looked up at the ceiling, O was stunned!

Fang Tian is so horrible, as easy as blowing off dust will defeat the incomparable Bai Haofeng!

Gold Jade Ye stared at Fang Tian with wide eyes, for a long time speechless.

“No wonder, Fang Tian is not willing to fight Bai Haofeng, he is really strong!”

“Invincible! What national Sanda champion is really scum in front of him!”

Fang Tian slowly pulled Gold Jade leaves out of the dojo.

Don’t dare to refute this time, she has been deeply shocked and followed Fang Tian in a silly way out.

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