Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1515


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Parking lot.

Fang Tian opened the door of BMW and looked sideways at the stupid Gold Jade Ye: “I haven’t gotten in the car yet.”

“oh?” Gold Jade Ye came back to his senses and was seated in the co-pilot position.

Fang Tian went to the other side of the car and was about to pull the car door. At this moment, Bai Wanjun came over and stood in front of him.

“It used to look like you were weak, but now you are so hard?” Bai Wanjun was really surprised. He even beat the younger brother easily and exhausted.

Fang Tian slightly smiled: “As a man, is it always harder and stronger?”

Bai Wanjun looked at him blankly for a long, long time …

Some do n’t know him anymore, he is no longer the son-in-law of the past.

Fang Tian has reached the same height as him today, which is something that Wan Wanjun never thought of.

“Jin Yuyan is always mine. For her, I can by fair means or foul. I will think of ways to break your company and grab her.” Bai Wanjun finished and turned away.

His meaning is obvious, either you die or I live.

Fang Tian said to his back: “You may not know it? SoftCloud is about to make hardware.”

Hearing this, Bai Wanjun stopped, really getting harder!

“What hardware?”

“Both computers and mobile phones will do it.”

“Do you think you can surpass me? Ridiculous!” Bai Wanjun didn’t care, opened the door of the blue Ferrari, sat in and started to leave.

Fang Tian pulled in the car door and sat in, starting BMW.

“What did you say to Bai Wanjun just now?” Gold Jade Ye blinked and looked over.

The car has soundproof glass. They just talked, and she not at all heard it.

Fang Tian turned the steering wheel and the car got on the highway: “chat.”

Bai Wanjun is who. Will you chat with him? Gold Jade leaves feel strange.

“Fang Tian, ​​where did you learn your kung fu? You can’t see how you can fight this way?” The little aunt was very curious.

Fang Tian said with a smile: “Brother-in-law has a lot of very difficult to deal with, you have to find it carefully.”

Gold Jade Yelipu said: “I don’t admit that you are my brother-in-law. In my heart, Bai Wanjun is much stronger than you.”

“Is it?”

Gold Jade Yeh eats chocolate and says, “It ’s really useless to fight in a modern society. It ’s really useless. A man needs money to be looked at by others. And you, alas, there ’s nothing in it. “

If it ’s not difficult for Gary, who would like to go into trouble, is it beautiful to be a son-in-law? She determined that Fang Tian was a poor ghost with no money.

Sister-in-law’s prejudice is very deep, and Fang Tian is much lazy to explain.

After an hour, BMW returned to the Mid-level Villa, turned a corner at the door of the villa, and stopped slowly.

Gold Jade leaves the car and walks in.

“elder sister, you are here!”

Going in and seeing Jin Yuyan at a glance, Gold Jade Ye was very happy, moved towards her, rushed over, spread her arms and hugged her.

The difference between the two sisters is about 2-3 years old, but when they compare, the gap comes out.

Jin Yuyan ’s aura is bigger, and Gold Jade, although 22 years old, looks more like an underage girl.

“Where did you just go?” Jin Yuyan asked.

Gold Jade Ye wrinkled his nose, can’t always say, take Fang Tian to fight, want to see him look like a dog head?

It ’s funny to think about it, and it ’s Bai Family ’s Bai Haofeng who is eventually decapitated.

“Just casually go roam around.”

The two sisters have n’t seen each other for a long time. There are always endless topics. The two sat on the sofa and chatted about a lot of things.

After lunch at noon, Gold Jade Ye went back to the bedroom to go online.

There are only two people in the living room. Fang Tian and Jin Yuyan are drinking green tea.

“She seems to have misunderstood you very much.” Jin Yuyan just heard it when she talked to her cousin, she was very dissatisfied with her brother-in-law.

Fang Tian shrugged: “It doesn’t matter, just let her.”

He did n’t intend to tell his cousin his current identity. Jin Yuyan thought about it a little bit, and understood that some things are useless to say by mouth, and she would n’t believe it if she wastes more.

In the future, Gold Jade Ye and Fang Tian will get along more, she will find out.

Therefore, Jin Yuyan did not plan to tell Fang Tian the present achievements of her cousin. Some things made her realize that she was actually better.


In the afternoon, Universal Building.

Bai Wanjun met this morning, he made a bold statement to break SoftCloud, let his career and love all lose.

For a man, it is definitely a tragedy.

The opponent is so fierce, Fang Tian will never sit still.

Office of the President.

Gao Yun sat in front of the computer and looked at the data in front of him.

“How is the data of Mengzhen system now?” Fang Tian asked in front of him.

Gao Yun pushed the silver-rimmed glasses: “Now a small number of developers have started to develop applications in Mengzhen system, but they are all small software and small programs, and other developers are still watching.”

This situation is within Fang Tian’s expectations. It is really difficult for a domestic system to succeed.

“At the hardware manufacturers, only a small number of computer manufacturers are willing to install the Mengzhen system, and they are all small manufacturers.”

No way, today ’s largest computer manufacturer, the Wanjun computer from Wanjun Corporation, is considered a Lenovo of this World.

Obviously, Bai Wanjun will never support the Soft System Cloud.

Aside from personal grievances, Bai Wanjun will not let the computer produced by the company carry dreams. He likes fighting in the nest, and he is not patriotic.

If Fang Tian remembers correctly, Bai Wanjun still holds an American passport and is a Chinese-American! Let him support domestic, impossible.

As for foreign countries, Dell and HP will not support it.

Only supported by small domestic manufacturers, the scale is very small, and it won’t bring many users to Mengzhen.

Fang Tian made up his mind: “Since big manufacturers do not support our system, we will make our own and launch our computer!”

Gao Yun eyebrow raised: “We make our own computer?”

“Yes.” Fang Tian snapped his fingers: “I have been thinking about this idea for a long time, not only for computers, but also for mobile phones. We have to design and produce them independently, equipped with our own Operating System.”

Gao Yun nodded understands that there is another advantage to doing this, which allows the system and hardware to be perfectly combined to bring a better experience.

Fang Tian said: “Two days later, we release the Phoenix processor independently developed by our company, and then release our self-designed sunless computer.”

The sun never sets this brand, and it has a considerable reputation in China today. It is well known to do MP3.

With the foundation of doing mp3, if you release a computer, it will be easier to promote successfully.

In addition to electronic products, there is also a home appliance brand, Beautiful Home, which will lay out smart homes in the future!

Gao Yun admired: “President Fang, you deep plans and distant thoughts! In the field of hardware, you have already laid out!”

People in the outside world say that Fang Tian is a strategic master, and they are right.

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