Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1517


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Beijing, the International Convention and Exhibition Center.

SoftCloud’s new product launch is held here.

At 1:55 in the afternoon, countless “soft powders” entered the venue, and a conference center with a capacity of 5,000 people was full.

Every time SoftCloud releases a new product, it brings surprises to countless users, and each product is revolutionary.

A large number of fans have accumulated over the years, these people are called “soft powder”!

Unlike the previous release of software products, this time, SoftCloud releases hardware products, and everyone is looking forward to it. What exactly can the newly released sunburst computer and Phoenix processor bring?

14:00 in the afternoon.

Fang Tian, ​​wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, appeared on time and stood on the stage to preside over this product launch.

His appearance immediately drew applause from the audience!

Fang Tian is facing the auditorium, said with a smile: “Excited! The first generation of SoftCloud processors is released. This is the first time that standing here feels like a first love.”

“Haha!” The audience laughed happily. Mr. Fang Tian is as humorous as ever.

Fang Tian cleared his throat, and the audience immediately calmed down.

“As everyone knows, not long ago, SoftCloud released the independently developed Operating System, Dream Real.”

Fang Tian slowly said: “But everyone knows that the domestic Operating System faces many difficulties to succeed. One of the reasons is that it will face technical barriers led by the United States!”

“The Yankees give you a ban, which will allow you to abolish all martial arts and paralyze the entire company.”

“I am a person with a strong sense of worry, and I never want to control my own destiny in the hands of others or other countries. Therefore, when developing an independent Operating System, I secretly set up a team to develop independent chips. “

Applause, the visionary and the courageous founder!

When you press the power button with your finger, a dawn appears in the notebook in front of you, and the notebook turns on quickly.

Fang Tian introduced with a smile: “The sun never sets. It is the first notebook released by SoftCloud. It is equipped with the first-generation Phoenix 510 processor.”

“The most advanced production technology is used. Although it is only a single core, its speed is at least 60% faster than Intel’s most high-end processor!”

The audience was surprised!

“Independent research and development of the world’s strongest power consumption control technology, while surpassing Intel, the power consumption of Phoenix 510 processor is only 50 of Intel!”

The audience was pleasantly surprised!

Frankly speaking, it is a notebook equipped with a Phoenix processor, which is faster and consumes less power and has a longer battery life!

The battery life of the notebook has always been a big problem. If you use a computer that doesn’t fall, the usage time will be double that of a computer equipped with Intel.

What a cool thing!

Standing in front of the notebook, Fang Tian introduced the detailed parameters of this processor in detail…

On the Internet, netizens who are watching live broadcasts of pictures and texts are talking about it.

Who is the netizen? Fang Tian is really awesome, not only does the software work well, but also the hardware!

Netizens dream of the sky-yes, I am so excited! awesome!

Netizen IT fanatics-either don’t do it, do it the best, depending on the situation, the Phoenix processor has beaten Intel!

Netizens are looking forward to-Phoenix 510, I want you! Haha! Just don’t know how much?

Computers are very expensive now, and computers with the latest Intel processors will sell for 10,000 Yuan.

For today’s people, this price is really unbearable, so most people go online in Internet cafes.

Fang Tian said with a smile: “A computer equipped with a Phoenix 510 processor will be sold for 2999 yuan every day!”

Uproar! ! !

The scene and the Internet are shaking!

What an attractive price! High cost performance!

Fang Tian said with a smile: “Today, two processors will be released, one is a single-core processor, which has just been introduced, the Phoenix processor 510. The next thing to be released is the Phoenix 510-U , Phoenix dual-core processor!”

When this remark comes out, the audience screams, screams!

The computers this year are all single-core, and the performance is indeed a bit low.

It was not until 2005 that Intel released the first dual-core processor. In 2005, it was also called the first year of dual-core.

The emergence of dual-core processors is the beginning of a new PC era!

In the era of single-core, it is necessary to have a computer card. However, for today’s people, it is already very powerful.

The birth of the dual-core processor really made the computer fast and smooth. Picture-in-picture, gorgeous game screens, and even large 3D online games can be played.

Until ten years later, in 2020, dual-core processors have not been eliminated, and there is no pressure to run the latest Microsoft system.

This world where Fang Tian is located, also released Phoenix dual-core in 2002, at least 3 years before Intel!

In other words, it is another feat that leads the times, which makes the audience feel excited!

Someone impatient stood up and asked, “Mr. K, can the Phoenix processor run Microsoft Windows system?”

Fang Tian shook his head slightly: “It currently only supports the Mengzhen system. In other words, the computer with the Phoenix processor can only install the Mengzhen system!”

The audience can understand that SoftCloud is to create its own ecology!

Fang Tian introduced with a smile: “Phoenix dual-core processor, its performance is at least 100% faster than Intel single-core processor, plus 80% faster than Mengzhen system.”

“A computer equipped with a Phoenix dual-core processor runs the Mengzhen system, and the software and hardware are perfectly combined, and the performance is further improved!”

“200% faster than Microsoft+Intel!”

I rely on, the audience is amazed, twice as fast!

If Intel + Microsoft is equivalent to a car with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour, then the dual-core computer equipped with Mengzhen system + Phoenix is ​​equivalent to a car with a speed of 600 kilometers per hour!

It’s so fast, throwing opponents Jiujie!

SoftCloud technology, the world’s two largest technology giants in seconds!

The audience present, flushed with excitement!

A man in red stands up and asks, “Mr. K, you said that SoftCloud’s future development may encounter technological barriers in the United States. Are your independently developed processors with American architecture? Which company is it? OEM production?”

Huawei’s Qilin processor uses the British arm architecture, and the foundry is TSMC. In other words, it is not completely independent, and the key link will be controlled by the United States.

Fang Tian said with a confident smile: “Phoenix processors use the Longji beam architecture independently developed by SoftCloud! The production is entirely produced by SoftCloud’s ingenuity factory!”

“As early as two years ago, SoftCloud started to cultivate domestic suppliers, forming a complete and autonomously controlled chip industry chain from the raw materials, components, production equipment and chip design database of chips!”

“We have mastered the most advanced chip technology in the world today, and also firmly control our destiny in our own hands!”

The beam of the country! Unique!

The audience applauded like a tide, and the sound resounded throughout the International Convention and Exhibition Center……

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