Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1519


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Fang Tian reached out two hands and grabbed Gold Jade Ye’s two wrists.

Gold Jade Ye’s hand is under control, her strength is not Fang Tian’s opponent at all, as if she was clamped by the vise.

“Let me go, you bastard!” Gold Jade’s face was cold and her eyes looked coldly.

Fang Tian said: “Is the scar healed and I forgot the pain, believing or not I tied you up and put it in a small black room?”

Hearing this, Gold Jade Ye was afraid. She was most afraid of blackness. She was tied up last time and was locked in a small black room. She was scared when she looked back.

“Okay, okay, I was wrong. You let me go, okay?” Gold Jade Ye suddenly became very arrogant and begged for mercy.

This little aunt is really interested. Fang Tian loosened her wrist.

Looking at the wall clock on the wall, he got up and returned to the room to take a shower.

Ten minutes later, wearing white pajamas and slippers, Fang Tian easily walked out of the bathroom and sat on the computer to check on the Internet.

Phoenix processor is released today, how is the response online?

The front page headlines of all major news sites are Phoenix processor news, and the reviews have broken 100,000!

It can be seen how sensational this release will be!

Netizen, I have a dream–Phoenix dual-core processor, great! The pride of domestic production.

Netizen Sun Wukong is also playing with a mobile phone-another revolutionary product, SoftCloud is once again at the forefront of the times.

Netizens sky is very blue-the price is very attractive, not too expensive, too emotional, when the time comes immediately buy it and experience it.

Rave rave reviews, the point is constant!

Fang Tian will smile with heart, filled with a sense of accomplishment!

Ordinary netizens feel good, what about the reaction of people in the IT industry?

Open the powerhouse technology website to see.

powerhouse technology website is the largest IT information website in China. Every day, technology consulting from home and abroad will be published here.

Domestic IT elites and technology companies are all members of this site, including Fang Tian.

The landlord Huada engineer: “The processor released by SoftCloud surprised me! Originally, I still had doubts about Mengzhen system. Now, I think it is necessary to develop a version that supports Mengzhen system .”

Football guessing and guessing engineer: “Well, my footwear software also intends to support the Mengzhen system.”

Everyday translation software: “Let everyone support it, the pride of domestic production, once the Mengzhen system is successful, it is also a good thing for domestic developers.”

Fang Tian smiled. Before that, not many developers responded. Now I feel the power of Phoenix processor. Many developers are willing to support it.

With the support of developers, there will be more and more dream-playable applications, and users will also increase, which will eventually form a virtuous cycle of ecology.

After that, SoftCloud Weibo sent a message.

Official certification of non-set-off computers-Tomorrow at 10 am, the first batch of non-set-off computers will be sold in Qianjin Mall and Shengtang, with the first batch of 100,000 units.

Some netizens don’t understand it, why do you need to make an appointment?

Yeah, it’s just a good thing to let everyone buy together.

After that, the official Weibo issued a note-mainly due to insufficient capacity, the production process of Phoenix processors is complicated, and only 100,000 units can be supplied for the time being.

Fang Tian thought that the second production line of the ingenuity factory is already being installed and commissioned. If the sales of the first batch of goods are satisfactory, the second production line will start operation.

“dong dong!” Gold Jade Ye walked in and knocked on the door twice.

She stood at the door and looked over: “Will you fix the computer?”

“Yes.” Fang Tian responded casually.

“Repair my computer.” Gold Jade Ye ordered.

“Why should I fix it for you? Are you my mother or my wife?”

Gold Jade Ye: “…”

This one who comes in is really ignorant of humility, is he not obedient under the eaves? That gesture is more uncle than grandfather!

After seeing Fang Tian’s overbearingness, the little sister-in-law also knew that he was amenable to coaxing but not coercion.

She came over and took Fang Tian’s arm, her attitude softened, and she said softly: “Fix me a computer, will I make tea for you?”

This attitude is right! Fang Tian smiled and stood up to follow her and walked into her bedroom. .

Her room is very tidy, and the air smells of lavender.

There is a Notebook on the sofa. She picked it up and placed it in front of Fang Tian.

Fang Tian sat down and checked, this computer is equipped with Winsystem, and now it can not be turned on, the only way is to reinstall the system.

Plug a USB flash drive PE and reinstall it.

Looking at the slowly moving progress bar, waiting time, Fang Tian turned to look towards Gold Jade Ye: “Your computer is still changed.”

Microsoft system is prone to problems. Many Small White don’t even know how to reinstall the system.

And SoftCloud’s dream system is not only stable, but even if something goes wrong, it can be easily restored.

“What brand is better?”

“New computer, the sun never sets.”

Does the sun go down? Gold Jade Ye is unfamiliar with this brand: “What a shame, cottage miscellaneous goods!”

Fang Tian’s head is a little dizzy and speechless.

Is this girl a netizen? She doesn’t even know that the online publicity reports are so hot.

“Did you not watch the live broadcast? Should you watch the news without watching the live broadcast?”

Gold Jade Ye sat on the sofa and threw a chocolate into his mouth: “I never go to a domestic website.”

Fang Tian remembered that this girl went to school abroad since she was a child, and all the websites on the Internet are foreign websites, and she has no knowledge of the domestic Internet.

She didn’t know that there was a great hardware company called Sunless, she didn’t know that there was a famous Internet company called SoftCloud, and she didn’t even know that her brother-in-law was a tech tycoon!

“dong dong!” Fang Tian knocked on the computer desk, and the grandfather said, “Make me tea!”

Gold Jade Ye twitched her little nose, stood up, and went out and told Butler Liu to bring a cup of Longjing in.

Fang Tian is speechless, I’m letting you make tea, why are you calling Butler Liu? But think about it, it’s strange that Miss Qian like her is willing to make tea for others.

It didn’t take long for Butler Liu to bring in a cup of Longjing and put it on the table.

Fang Tian drinking tea and watching the progress bar of the screen slowly moving, now only 10% is installed, this speed is really a turtle!

The Windowssystem is installed for her, and the software that she commonly uses is on Windows. If you install Dream for her, it is estimated that she will chop people with a kitchen knife.

Put down the teacup and Fang Tian returns to the room to rest.

“hey hey hey, you haven’t installed it for me.”

“Wait slowly, it should be installed successfully tomorrow morning.”

Fang Tian returned to his room and immediately opened the temple shopping network and looked at it.

Sunrise Computer released today, using the sales model of appointment snap-up, look at the number of appointments now?

1189383 people have made an appointment to snap up!

Over 1 million!

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