Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1520


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Fang Tian’s face is so happy, the appointments are so hot, it is conceivable, how hot will the panic buying be tomorrow? !

2nd day At 9:30 in the morning, Fang Tian got up from the bed, went to bed and woke up naturally, counted money and got cramps in his hand.

After washing and wearing slippers, drowsily came to the living room for breakfast.

The servant has put the delicious food on the table. There are only two people who eat it with his sister-in-law Gold Jade.

She has never given herself a good face, Fang Tian has also been absorbed to pay attention to her. Picked up the fork and ate it.

After breakfast, Fang Tian put on a set of clothes and walked out of the house.

Gold Jade Ye looked at his back, wrinkled his nose, wandered all day long, woke up at 9 o’clock, and now I wonder where to go? Alas, how could elder sister accept such a man?

Global Building.

Fang Tian pushed the door and walked into Lin Keqing’s office. “Has the panic buying started now?”

Lin Keqing looked at his watch: “3 minutes left.”

Fang Tian walked over, took a chair and sat down, looked online, and now the number of appointments has exceeded 2 million!

2873890 people have made an appointment.

Unprecedented grand occasion!

A new product that has just been released a day is so hot.

The time passes by one minute and one second, and soon, the webpage enters the countdown of the last 10 seconds.



Fang Tian quickly clicked the mouse and snapped up immediately.

However, the page is stuck and shows that the server is busy.

When the page refreshes again, click Buy.

Page display-all computers have been robbed!

Looking at this cute tip, Fang Tian and Lin Keqing both smiled!

Later, the official Weibo, which is not setting sun, updated a message.

Sunrise Official Certification-Thank you for your support! Today, the first batch of 100,000 non-sunset computers was sold out in just 0 minutes and 56 seconds!

Fang Tian’s eyes are bright! It was sold out in less than one minute, which is definitely the first time in history! It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a business miracle.

The computer will not be released on the day of release. Fang Tian expects that it will be very popular, but the popularity is still far beyond his expectations!

After all, the sun is not equipped with Mengzhen, a computer whose application ecology is not yet perfect, but it has been sought after by so many users.

From this point of view, the charm of Phoenix dual-core processors is really great!

This should be the biggest reason to attract consumers to snap up.

Followed by price, while achieving high performance, the lowest price is also achieved.

Fang Tian then reposted this Weibo.

Soon, like thousands of comments!

Lin Keqing said with a slight smile: “Chief, now what we have to worry about is not the sales issue, but the sales volume is too large, and the production capacity cannot keep up.”

“hahaha…” Fang Tian laughed happily.

Are you free, don’t leave the factory to watch the past.


Santa Clara, California, United States.

Intel Headquarters.

The founder Gordon Moore sat in the office, holding a coffee cup in his hand, and the leisurely Earth Grade tasted the Blue Mountains.

His blond assistant stood aside and said, “Mr. Moore, have you noticed? Hua Xia gave birth to a company that launched the world’s first dual-core CPU today!”

Moore said with a smile: “Do you think this is possible? I read the news online, like fake news.”

“No, it should be true.” The assistant said seriously: “This company is SoftCloud. I watched the live broadcast of the conference.”

Speaking of SoftCloud, the ordinary person in the US knows not much, but no one in the US IT industry knows that the sensation it caused in China is too great, creating one after another Internet miracle.

Is Mr. King making hardware now?

Moore was disturbed. Intel and Athlon are fighting to compete for the world’s number one PC processor manufacturer, but how could they suddenly kill a Chinese manufacturer?

Also, Intel is preparing to develop a dual-core processor, and SoftCloud has already been released!

In 3 years, SoftCloud launched a dual-core processor 3 years faster than Intel. How is this possible?

Does Huaxia have this chip R&D technology? Does Huaxia have a complete industrial chain from software database to R&D and production?

Can it go beyond?

Moore said: “It’s important to note that I want to see the real machine.”

The assistant said: “Today I have successfully snapped up a non-sunset computer, which will be sent to the United States in about a week or so, when the time comes and we test it.”

If all this is true, SoftCloud technology is horrible!


Beijing City, Wanjun Corporation Headquarters.

Coffee shop.

In the afternoon, Bai Wanjun and Vice President Liu Chaodong sat together for coffee.

Liu Chaodong, a man who looks about 35 years old and wears a gray suit with a serious expression, is the Senior Vice President of Computer Division of Wanjun Corporation.

He is responsible for the computer business of the group.

The sun is rising and the computer is sold out, both of them noticed.

Bai Wanjun said: “The sun is not as powerful as Fang Tian’s propaganda? Intentionally exaggerating the publicity to attract attention?,”

Liu Zhaodong sneered: “Today’s world PC processor chip, which domestic company’s technology can surpass the US manufacturers? The Phoenix chip independently developed by the sun can surpass Intel, and the false propaganda is too ridiculous!”

How difficult is the research and development of processor chips, Bai Wanjun knows best. I have been using computers from Intel for several decades, and I want to research and develop independently. It is as difficult as heavenly ascension.

First, the capital investment is large, and Intel’s R&D expenditure exceeds US$10 billion!

Second, there are no cutting-edge talents in chip design in China.

Third, even if the design is developed, who can be asked to produce it?

The processor chip is not an ordinary thing. The average factory has no strength in OEM. A chip of a few millimeters has a few billion transistors.

In today’s world, the best technology is the only one that can make high-end processor chips, and only the United States. Does the United States allow high-tech output? ?

Which domestic manufacturer can produce high-end processors? The answer is that there is no one.

So, even Bai Wanjun who killed him didn’t believe it, it was pure Fang Tian fooling.

After that, Bai Wanjun sent a message in Weibo, publicly accusing Fang Tian and the sun never set.

Officially certified Bai Wanjun-Phoenix dual-core processor, is a scam, Fang Tian You have to make money, the most basic bottom line is gone!

As soon as this Weibo went out, it quickly went on a hot search.

Who is Bai Wanjun? That is Boss, the largest computer manufacturer in China. He publicly accused Fang Tian on the Weibo platform. Is the sensation caused by it small?

Netizens love the night during the day-by the way, the big guy came out and posted. I just bought a computer that does not set the sun, is it not a fake?

Netizen sit on top of a mountain to watch the tigers fight ——The two companies have hatred, malicious attacks?

Netizens are shocking-the hardware king came out to post, is this the rhythm of the two companies fighting?

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