Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1522


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Bull X Internet Cafe.

This Internet cafe has a unique name, Fang Tian is back to the old place, and countless memories come to mind.

The first shot of the SoftCloud Empire started here.

“Mr. Fang, welcome to welcome!” Internet cafe Boss very enthusiastically greeted Fang Tian to come in.

Lin Keqing also followed, she walked beside Fang Tian, ​​and she would follow her wherever she attended important events.

I don’t know, I think she is the wife of Fang Tian!

Niu Boss is pleased to watch it: “Dear you, let our shop flourish!”

The reason why Fang Tian came to the Internet cafe today is not to come online to play games, but to discuss cooperation with the Internet Cafe Alliance.

In this era, Internet cafes are the most concentrated places for netizens. Whether they can win this batch of areas will play a vital role in the success of Mengzhen System.

Besides Boss, an Internet cafe company, he is also the president of the Internet Cafe Industry Association. Many domestic Internet cafe chains are members of this industry association.

Niu Boss took Fang Tian and Lin Keqing into a room and ordered the waiter to bring tea.

Fang Tian took over the teacup and said indifferently: “Old Brother, your internet cafe business is doing quite a lot, and it is the big guy in the internet cafe industry.”

This Niu X Internet Cafe, Fang Tian still has a fresh memory, it is the place where the first shot hit the SoftCloud Empire.

In the beginning, we were here to fight with a superb hound, a well-known system maintenance software.

It was that big battle.

Let the first app win 1,000,000 users!

SoftCloud’s software empire started at that time.

I once said that one day I succeeded, I will come back here and see.

For the development history of SoftCloud, Niu Boss knows best, he is the witness of that game.

Fang Tian at that time was just a student, a software studio.

But now, he is already the founder of a technology empire!

Bull Boss thumbs up: “You are a real cow, even the Operating System and processor are made.”

Fang Tian’s remarks turned to enter the theme: “SoftCloud and the Internet cafe alliance until now have very close cooperation. I hope the Internet cafe alliance will continue to support SoftCloud’s new products.”

In the past, the promotion of application software in Internet cafes has achieved great success. This time, the promotion of SoftCloud’s new sunburst computer is focused on the Mengzhen system.

Bull Boss patted his chest: “You can rest assured that SoftCloud is the pride of domestic production, if you don’t say it, I will support it!”

He took a sip of tea: “What do you need next?”

Fang Tian said: “There are two main points. First, Internet cafes are gradually phasing out other brands of computers and adopting products that are not falling.”

Hearing this request, Niu Boss touch the chin is a bit embarrassed.

“Why? Do you think that Mengzhen System has not established a complete software ecosystem, and there are too few softwares to play with?”

“No.” Niu Boss shook his head: “My company’s Internet cafes are installed with SoftCloud applications, and 99% of Internet users use SoftCloud for Internet access, even if only your company’s applications can meet overwhelming majority of Internet users. Usage needs.”

Coming to an Internet cafe is just two things. First, watch things online. Second, play games online.

On the Internet, an angel cloud browser can read everything.

Playing games, yy game lobby, is the largest game platform in China today. It is used by Internet cafes to play games.

So even SoftCloud’s own ecology can be satisfied.


Niu Boss said: “Changing the computer in the Internet cafe is a huge expense. Even if I want, other members of the Internet Cafe Alliance may not be willing.”

Fang Tian took a sip of tea and thought about it for a while: “So, every Internet cafe that replaces the sunless computer, every computer, SoftCloud Group will give a subsidy of 300 yuan.”

Today’s sunless computers, both performance and price, far surpasses other brands. Other brands, such as Wanjun computers, do they have Phoenix processors? Is there a dream system?

Better performance, cheaper prices, and subsidies.

Niu Boss smiled: “OK, I call on all Boss of the Internet Cafe Alliance to support you together!”

The day-to-day computer takes a cost-effective route, and its own profits are very meager. With such a subsidy, there is little money to make.

However, for the success of the domestic Operating System, Fang Tian will lose money at all costs.

If you want to beat the world’s number one Operating System without making any hard moves, how can you succeed?

Fang Tian slowly said: “In addition to replacing the computer, I hope you will support the Mengzhen system, and all the computers in your Internet cafe alliance will be installed.”

This point, Niu Boss is very decisive, he patted his chest: “OK. Internet cafes keep one or two computers, install Windowssystem, to meet the needs of very individual users.”

“The computers in the overwhelming majority of Internet cafes are equipped with dreams. Eventually, Windows will be completely eliminated!”

“Good!” Fang Tian reached out and shook hands with Niu Boss.

Later, Niu Boss used the network to hold an alliance video conference.

At his call, the 500 Boss of the Internet Cafe Union fully responded, supporting the sun and the Mengzhen system.

In this regard, Mengzhen system dominates the Internet cafe market!


Wanjun Corporation.

Office of the President.

Bai Wanjun and Vice President Liu Chaodong are standing in front of the computer, studying computers that are not setting sun.

The opponents are coming in fiercely, no research is impossible!

After some testing, Liu Chaodong and the engineers were shocked by the performance of the sunless computer!

The computer equipped with Phoenix 510 processor and running Mengzhen system is really smooth. After using it, I feel that the Wanjun computer is just Old Tortoise!

No harm without comparison!

Phoenix dual-core processor, very scary technology!

Liu Chaodong was nervous, his brow furrowed: “What can I do now?”

Bai Wanjun took a deep breath, calm and collected: “I heard that Intel is developing a dual-core processor, you call to ask, when will it be released?”

Immediately, Liu Chaodong quickly picked up the fixed phone on the table and called Intel Headquarters in the United States.

Liu Chaodong directly asked: “Mr. Moore, is Intel going to develop a dual-core PC processor?”

Moore smiled and said: “Yes.”

“When will it be released?”

Moore thought for a while and said, “It will take 3 years at the fastest!”

3 years? Liu Chaodong heard heartbeat almost stop.

In the rapidly developing IT industry, 3 years is enough to change the dynasty!

Liu Chaodong hurriedly asked: “Mr. Moore, what is your famous Moore’s Law? 18 to 24 months can double the performance of the processor. Why 3 years?”

Moore is very sorry: “Did you know? The performance of Phoenix processors is at least more than 1.5 times that of existing Intel processors!”

Liu Chuo, Liu Chaodong’s hand shaking with the phone.

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