Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1523


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Bai Wanjun was very anxious, and instructed Liu Chaodong to let Intel accelerate the progress and quickly launch the dual-core processor.

Moore sounds impatient. If you want to speed up the technological breakthrough, you can speed it up. Just to say, you have the ability to develop your own processor.

At once, Liu Chaodong shut up and said nothing.

Just kidding, Intel’s several decades of technology accumulation can only achieve this level. How can Wanjun make it?

Liu Chaodong hung up the phone with a blank face.

Next, the “good news” followed.

The assistant pushed the glasses and said, “Mr. Bai, Fang Tian and the Internet Cafe Alliance have cooperated.”

Bai Wanjun froze for a moment: “What? Cooperate with Internet Cafe Alliance?”

The assistant pointed his laptop screen at him, and the webpage is showing the news of the cooperation between Fang Tian and the Internet Cafe Alliance.

Bai Wanjun and Liu Chaodong finished, complexion changed.

In the future, the Internet Cafe Alliance will purchase computers that never fall, and give up other brands. In other words, Wanjun computers are also excluded.

Sunrise is swallowing Wanjun Corporation’s market share at the speed of a big shark.

“Mr. Bai, what can I do?” Liu Chaodong worried.

Bai Wanjun shakes the coffee cup lightly, and then takes a sip, his face is lightly said: “Their computer is only a niche product, impossible beyond us, don’t forget, their computer is equipped with Mengzhen system, a Ecologically incomplete system.”

Windowssystem has dominated the computer world for many years. The developers who develop applications on this platform exceed hundred thousand. Such a huge ecosystem cannot be established by SoftCloud at all.

The sun is setting in the sky, but it’s just for a while, it is simply beyond the Wanjun computer, unless Fang Tian has the ability to defeat the Microsoft system. Is this possible?

Idiots say dreams!

The success of the system is harder than the processor.

Bai Wanjun said calmly: “The Phoenix processor is really strong, but the system is not good. It is simply a delusion to beat Microsoft’s system with powerful hardware. If it is so simple, Intel and IBM have beaten Microsoft. When is SoftCloud’s turn?”

Hearing this, Liu Chaodong smiled!

But I suddenly thought that Fang Tian is a very magical person, and anything incredible can happen.

Bai Wanjun reminded: “The battlefield of Internet cafes, we can’t get it back. There are two battlefields, we have to keep it.”

“Two battlefields?”

“First, office users. Second, personal home users.”

The sales target of computers is nothing more than three major areas, Internet cafes, companies and individuals.

The first battlefield has been lost, and there is no room for loss.

Liu Chaodong’s face is serious and nodded. If the latter two markets lose, Wanjun Corporation will almost go bankrupt without dying.


At night, Mid-level Luxury Villa.

Jin Yuyan, who just finished bathing, came out wearing a white nightdress, holding a hair dryer in his hand and blowing his hair.

Gold Jade Ye walked in: “Elder sister, can you borrow your computer to use it?”

Jin Yuyan was slightly nodded and sat on the sofa.

The age of the two sisters is only 3 years apart, but Gold Jade Ye is more like an underage girl.

Uranium mine at home. After graduation, I went back to China. Gold Jade Ye didn’t think about working, either playing games at home or going to parties outside.

Gold Jade Ye opened the notebook, the screen lit up with dawn, and then the flowers bloomed and entered the desktop.

This screen is very beautiful, very different from Microsoft’s rigid interface.

“Elder sister, what kind of computer is this?” Gold Jade Ye asked curiously.

Jin Yuyan said: “The sun never sets on the computer.”

Gold Jade Ye wrinkled his nose, the name is familiar, it seems to have heard Fang Tian a few days ago.

She clicked the mouse and rummaged, feeling strange: “Elder sister, why don’t you have MSN?”

Jin Yuyan slightly smiled: “This is not XPsystem, it is a dream, of course there is no MSN.”

Gold Jade Ye is very curious: “You don’t need MSN, what software do you usually use to chat?”

Jin Yuyan thought, cousin really didn’t understand the domestic Internet. MSN, a chat application produced by Microsoft, had already been defeated by Fy Tian’s yy.

In China, no one uses MSN anymore, and social networking is dominated by SoftCloud.

“Using yy is better than MSN.”

“oh?” Gold Jade Ye clicked the mouse and looked, the desktop really had a yy.

Click to open, the software automatically logs in. When she saw the interface of the software, her eyes lit up!

“What a beautiful interface!” Gold Jade Ye used yy for the first time and was attracted by its interface appearance.

Friend grouping, chat group, emoticon et cetera, these things are not MSN.

She immediately clicked to register, registered an account for herself, and then added her elder sister.

“Sister, the first time I used this software, there was a feeling of first love! Who developed this software?” Gold Jade Ye was very curious and she was excited.

Jin Yuyan just smiled lightly and didn’t intend to tell her that there were some things that she would find better when she found out.

She kept clicking the mouse and opened the game center to play demonic beast.

Immediately, she went in to play immediately, the whole process was very smooth, much smoother than other computers, and the screen display effect is more beautiful.

“I want to buy one.” Gold Jade Ye shouted excitedly.

Jin Yuyan said: “I want to snap up. Go to Qianjin Mall and search for it.”

Purchase. Gold Jade Ye immediately opened the Qianjin Mall, searched for “sunset”, the page refreshed quickly, and clicked on the page to take a look.

The number of appointments surprised her.

5234000 people have made an appointment!

More than 5,000,000 people make an appointment to snap up!

“Here, is this still available? I really want it, what should I do?” Gold Jade Ye looked at the notebook on the page and was very excited.

Jin Yuyan got up and poured a glass of milk: “You tell your brother-in-law that he gave me this computer.”

At this moment, Fang Tian, ​​wearing ash-gray pajamas, came in.

“Fang Tian, ​​buy one for This Young Lady.” Gold Jade Ye talked so proudly.

Until now, she was reluctant to admit that Fang Tian was a brother-in-law, calling her name directly.

Fang Tian reached out and squeezed her pointed chin, said with a smile: “Call me brother-in-law, and I will give you one.”

Gold Jade Ye clapped his hand away and pouted: “Don’t call.”

“Just do whatever you want, grab yourself slowly, and wish you good luck.” Fang Tian finished and turned and went out.

As he walked out, Gold Jade stomped on his feet. “hmph, do you really think I can’t grab it?”

2nd day At 9:59 in the morning, Gold Jade Ye was so excited, his heart was pounding, and he was looking forward with anticipation.

Finally countdown, 3…2…1…

She immediately clicked to snap up, but the page was stuck, and it didn’t refresh for a long time, showing that the server was busy.

When the page loads successfully, click on the purchase…

Page display-all computers have been robbed and pulled!

The second non-stop computer sold in the second wholesale, it took 0 minutes and 27 seconds, and it was all robbed! Refresh the record again!

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