Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1524


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As sales are getting bigger and bigger, the biggest problem facing the sun is the lack of production capacity.

Fang Tian does not want to engage in hunger marketing, but the current output is indeed insufficient, mainly because the Phoenix processor process is too complicated.

At 10 o’clock in the morning, Fang Tian came to the ingenuity factory.

The ingenuity factory is a research and development base for Phoenix processors. It has today’s world highest chip design engineers and today’s world highest chip production lines.

The reason why this factory is called “ingenuity” comes from the idiom “unique ingenuity”, a unique and technologically innovative factory.

If China’s cutting-edge industry wants to surpass the United States, then China must train more engineers than the United States, that is, modern craftsmen!

There are 5,000 engineers around the Phoenix chip R&D team. These all are the best chip talents in the world today, which was cultivated by Fang Tian.

“Director Fang, you are here!”

As soon as he entered the factory, the director Zhao Yiming greeted him with a smile.

I haven’t seen Zhao Yiming for a long time. He is much older and his hair is gray.

“Old Zhao, you have worked hard.” Fang Tian looked at him and was grateful

Zhao Yiming said with a smile: “It is my honor to be able to do things for Director Fang. The sun is more important than my son. I am very happy to see it develop to this point today.”

Zhao Yiming worked in this factory in his twenties, feelings of several decades.

In the beginning, Fang Tian spent 1 yuan to acquire this factory and had 80 million debts.

A lot of people didn’t understand it at the time, but it turned out later that he staged a business Legendary, successfully resurrecting the rising sun!

Phoenix processor, the reason why it is called Phoenix, one of them means Phoenix Nirvana is born again!

From the BB machine factory that was eliminated in the past, after the acquisition, do MP3, then make the computer, do the Semiconductor…

Rebirth again and again, creating new glory again and again!

As Zhao Yiming said, moved towards the factory and Fang Tian shook hands with the engineers inside the ingenious factory.

The engineer loves him very much. Without the advanced concepts and breakthrough technology brought by Fang Tian, ​​he simply surpassed Intel.

Entering the R&D department, Fang Tian watched the new generation of processors being developed.

Phoenix 510 has undoubtedly succeeded, but impossible can slow down because it succeeds, Intel is on the way to catch up.

The team is developing the Phoenix 520 processor, which is at least 150% faster than the previous generation.

Fang Tian laughed, nodded is very satisfied.

Suddenly thought of something, Fang Tian said to Zhang Court Academecian: “In addition to developing high-end processors, we also need to make a low-end processor.”

Zhang Court Academecian is puzzled: “Why? Isn’t pursuing high performance our goal?”

“Yes, the processor must be stronger and stronger.” Fang Tian slowly said: “However, high-end processors also have a drawback, that is, high research and development costs and high product prices.”

As he said, his finger quickly typed three words on the keyboard.


“Netbook?” Zhang Court Academecian glanced at the name and probably knew what product it was. “A small book that can only be used for Internet access?”

“Yes.” Fang Tian nodded: “Be a low-end processor and put it in a netbook. Netbooks can meet the general tools for browsing the web and typing and chatting.”

Netbooks have been popular for a long time in previous life, and because of their low prices, they are very popular among white-collar workers and student groups.

Fang Tian’s requirement is to let engineers make a cheap processor and run it on a netbook to reduce the price of the computer to about one thousand yuan.

Playing games is not a game, but in this year, the price of computers is very high. Even if the price is thousands of dollars, many people are still discouraged.

A thousand yuan or so, it can cover more groups. For those who don’t like playing games, but just use it to browse the Internet and type and chat, this configuration is enough.

For people who use netbooks, they don’t care too much about the application ecology. With such a small storage MySpace, how much software do you want to install? A browser will catch everything in one net.

Mengzhen system’s biggest shortcoming is the lack of applications. Netbooks can allow Mengzhen system to quickly expand the number of users.

As for how much money the netbook can make, it doesn’t matter what Fang Tian cares about, and it’s even thought about how to make a loss, and everything is for the success of the domestic system.

As long as the user goes up, it becomes sticky to the Mengzhen system.

Developers find it profitable and will develop an application that supports the Mengzhen system version.

Zhang Court Academecian took a thigh excitement and said: “Haha, President Fang, this idea is really good!”

After that, Fang Tian walked out of the R&D department and looked at Zhao Yiming and asked, “How is the current capacity increased?”

Zhao Yiming said: “The second production line has been installed, and the third and fourth production lines are also under installation and commissioning.”

Now the sun sets and 100,000 computers are released every week, and about 400,000 computers a month, in short supply.

Fang Tian asked with concern: “How much capacity can be increased?”

Zhao Yiming said: “At the current rate, the monthly production capacity can be increased from the current 400,000 units to 1 million units!”

“Good!” Fang Tian is very happy.

Standing outside the plant, Zhao Yiming lit a cigarette and took a deep breath: “Director Fang, there is something to tell you.”

Fang Tian asked, drinking Coke: “What’s the matter?”

“I am old, it is time to retire, and the factory is looking for a successor.” Zhao Yiming said.

Zhao Yiming is 66 years old and his hair is gray. He has done so much for the factory for so many years and it is also time to retire and enjoy his life.

Fang Tian nodded: “I will pick one personally as the director of the factory.”

At noon, meet with Minister of Human Resources Li Ruiming.

The new factory manager is very important and must be selected by himself.

Li Ruiming sat in front of his desk and pushed the silver-rimmed glasses: “Director Fang, I wonder if you plan to promote talents from the factory or dig people out?”

Fang Tian touch the chin thought that most of the ingenious factories today are technicians, and there are not many talents with real management skills. It is really difficult to find a suitable person to replace Zhao Yiming.

“Let’s dig people out.”

Li Ruiming put a photo in front of Fang Tian. “This man came back from abroad, with super ability, and was scrambled by countless companies.”

Fang Tian took a look. The picture shows a woman wearing a black professional suit named Zhang Yayan.

Very young, in her twenties, but she has completed a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Electronic Chemistry at Cambridge University, in other words, a double master!

Served as an executive in a well-known British chip design company.

Zhang Yayan, not only proficient in electronic chemistry but also understands enterprise management, is indeed the talent needed by the ingenious factory!

Fang Tian nodded with a smile: “Just this, dig it up for me.”

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