Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1526


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Then they walked into a restaurant for dinner.

It is logical that Fang Tian invited Zhang Yayan to be the director of the ingenuity factory, and she agreed.

Zhang Yayan returned to the country and returned to the sunless factory. Of course, she is no longer the sister of the past, and she is airborne as a top talent.

As the director of the ingenuity factory.

Fang Tian sipping tea said with a smile: “Miss Zhang, the production management of the ingenious factory will be left to you in the future.”

Zhang Yayan smiled nodded, thinking, not only willing to manage the factory for you, but also willing to give birth to you.

At that time, Chairman Fang visited the factory and gave a speech. At that moment, Zhang Yayan’s heart was taken away.

I have seen all kinds of foreign handsome men abroad, as well as children of powerful people, but the thing that makes her miss the most is Fang Tian.

Once, a British noble boy with a net worth of $10 billion. His father was Earl and his mother was the Queen’s niece. He confessed to Zhang Yayan, but Zhang Yayan refused decisively.

She said something that will make the noble boys memorable for life.

“I like to produce domestically, so the man I love must also be domestically produced! I will return to China and produce a child for our country!”

At that time, the British nobleman’s face was threatened, and he went back to think about her for a long time, and finally he gave up.


It’s a pleasure to have a meal!

Finance has also been negotiated. Fang Tian gave her an annual salary of 3 million, Zhang Yayan has no opinion.

How much the salary is, she didn’t care at all. She came back to repay Fang Tian. If it was really for the salary, she could stay abroad. Microsoft gave her a million dollars. Annual salary.

After dinner, the two got up and walked out of the restaurant.

By coincidence, I met Bai Wanjun.

“Miss Zhang, why would you rather join the rising sun than the Wanjun Corporation?” Bai Wanjun looked at her and felt puzzled!

Zhang Yayan casually found a reason: “It may be that Fang Tian’s personal charm attracted me.”

Is Fang Tian very attractive? Bai Wanjun feels that Fang Tian is not as handsome as he is.

“Is it a salary issue? I’ll give you 6 million annual salary!” Bai Wanjun in order to dig out this top talent; at any cost.

The chip is the short board of Wanjun computer. If Zhang Yayan joins, it will definitely play an intuitive and important role in the development of the company.

Zhang Yayan shook his head slightly, “It’s not salary, Mr. Fang only opened for me with an annual salary of 3 million.”

Bai Wanjun is even more puzzled. If you don’t want 6 million jobs, you can turn to a family with lower salary? Is there any hatred for money?

“Why? I can give you 8 million salaries, and 8 million after tax, and stock rewards!” Bai Wanjun each and everyone tempting cake thrown out.

However, Zhang Yayan remains unmoved. “Needless to say, I will never join Wanjun Corporation. Directly speaking, I don’t have any interest in Wanjun Corporation.”

Wangjun Corporation is the dead rival that never falls. If you join Wanjun Corporation, it is the kind of requite kindness with enmity!

Don’t say 8 million, 100 million, she won’t go either.

Speaking of which, Bai Wanjun also knew that the talk was broken. He was unhappy and left with his bodyguard in a hurry.

After half an hour, Fang Tian and Zhang Yayan came to the ingenuity factory.

When we left, the factory was called sunset, and now it has been renamed ingenuity.

Zhang Yayan walked into the factory with emotion.

When Fang Tian was acquired, the factory made obsolete BB machines, but today, it has become a world-leading processor R&D base.

90% of the employees are technicians and scientists.

“Mr. Fang, you are so amazing.” Zhang Yayan admires heartily.

The two were talking while walking in the factory building.

This factory is full of sense of future technology. Compared with those ordinary factories, this factory is more compelling!

“Miss Zhang, please, I hope that under your leadership, this factory will be built into a world-class innovation workshop!” Fang Tian asked.

“I will.” Zhang Yayan nodded.


Back home, Fang Tian immediately went into the bathroom to take a shower.

After coming to the capital, they all lived in mid-level luxury villas, but the past few days, I did not see the silhouette of the Old Master.

Out of the bathroom, Fang Tian moved towards Butler Liu asked: “Where did the Old Master go”

Butler Liu said: “Old Master went to Suzhou and Hangzhou to play.”

It’s okay, Fang Tian nodded, although his relationship with Old Master has eased, but he is not a Jin Family person after all, there is no blood relationship, people are more or less embarrassed under the eaves, less contact friction.

At the moment, Gold Jade Ye Duan in a white nightdress is sitting on the sofa and watching her Korean drama.

Fang Tian sat beside her, opened her notebook, and played games online.

Playing games by others is killing time. Fang Tian playing games is to create value for his own company.

Gold Jade Ye looked over and watched the game play smoothly.

After using the sunless computer, she discovered that Microsoft’s system is simply Old Tortoise, which is unbearably slow.

Watching Fang Tian play so cool, she was envious and wanted to buy one, but it was too hard to grab.

Gold Jade’s attitude softened: “Can I buy one for me?”

Fang Tian faintly smiled: “Call me brother-in-law, I will get one for you.”

Gold Jade Ye stomped her feet and refused to call her brother-in-law. Until now, she still felt so disgusted with Fang Tian.

Suddenly, she said with a smile: “You buy me one, and I will give you labor costs?”

Fang Tian released the keyboard with both hands, looked towards her: “Labor service fee?”

Gold Jade Ye Dao: “1000, you robbed me of a sunless computer, equipped with the Phoenix dual-core version, and I will give you 1,000 labor costs.”

For ordinary person, snapping up and getting 1,000 rewards for salvation is very attractive, but for Fang Tian it is not attractive at all.

He shook the head: “It’s too low.”

“So you said, how much money do you need to buy me?” Gold Jade Ye thinks, this person is love money, as long as the problem that money can solve is not a problem.

Fang Tian touch the chin thought for a while, and said very seriously: “1 million! Give me 1,000,000, I will buy one for you!”

Gold Jade Ye is covering her head, and it feels like a collapse!

Oh my god, this should be the most expensive Yellow Ox in history!

Fang Tian looked at her expression: “My labor is not cheap at all, even if you don’t want to.”

Gold Jade Ye looked at that one, and it was really heart-warming. It’s hard to buy a thousand dollars. 1,000,000. For her little rich lady, it’s nothing.

Gold Jade Ye wrinkled his nose: “OK, I promise you Yellow Ox. If I get a brand new sun setting, I will give you 1,000,000 immediately!”

Little Rich Lady’s money is really profitable!

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