Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1527


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2nd day In the morning, soft sunlight shines through the window.

“Ding Ding Dang… Ding Ding Dang…” The alarm clock of the mobile phone rang.

Gold Jade leaves slowly eyes opened. Leather habitually reaches out to the bedside table and turns off the alarm clock.

However, not at all touched the phone, but touched a smooth box.

She sat up confusedly looking towards the bedside table, and I don’t know when the bedside table had an extra express, a rectangular and exquisite box.

What is inside?

Gold Jade Ye Mengmeng looked at the box and opened it.

This look suddenly made her eyes bright, and the whole person was full of energy!

The sun never sets, and her favorite sun does not set on the computer.

Gold Jade Ye was pleasantly surprised, and after thinking about it, it must have been robbed by Fang Tian. That person loves money, but the efficiency is still quite fast!



Fang Tian is eating steamed buns and drinking milk and soy milk in the teahouse.

At this moment, a “jingle bell” sounded, and the mobile phone text message reminded the sound.

Took out his phone and smiled suddenly.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China—Your account number with 6666, received a transfer of 1000000, balance…

Fang Tian will not watch the balance. For local tyrants, 1,000,000 is nothing more than a fraction.

The reason why the 1,000,000 labor fee is proposed is not to make much money, but to reflect my own labor. My labor is not cheap!

Don’t talk to me about annual salary or monthly salary. My work is calculated in seconds.

After breakfast, Fang Tian walked out of the restaurant with a toothpick.

Ingenuity factory.

The old factory manager retired. Factory director Zhao Yiming, who has worked in the factory for more than 40 years, officially retired today.

It was Zhang Yayan who replaced him.

The factory made a farewell ceremony, farewell to the departure of the old factory manager.

Fang Tian looked at Zhao Yiming and said: “Thank you for your contribution to the factory over the years.”

Zhao Yiming looked at Zhang Yayan: “Director Fang, you really have a vision. Zhang Yayan has returned as a talent and can work for the factory.”

After that, Zhao Yiming got on his BMW and left the factory.

Zhang Yayan is officially the director of the ingenuity factory starting today.

The ingenuity factory, as the name implies, is unique in creating the first-class technology products.

This factory is different from other manufacturing factories, it is a research and development base, 90% of them are technicians and scientists!

Fang Tian stood beside her and delivered a speech. “Starting today, Zhang Yayan Young Lady will be the director of the ingenious factory!”

Thousands of people on the court, applaud!

“My goal is to build it into the world’s largest chip R&D and design center, create value for the company, and promote the progress of human science and technology civilization!”

After all, human brain computing power is limited, so humans invented processors, and mobile phones, computers, supercomputers, various smart devices, and artificial intelligence robots all need chips.

The progress of chip technology is the progress of human technological civilization.

His speech has always been so great, the engineers present were very excited!

In the evening, a reception was held to celebrate Zhang Yayan’s appointment.

After the reception, Fang Tian was interviewed by the famous German media, the German Picture Newspaper, at the hotel.

Reporter McNee sat opposite and smiled and asked, “I am very happy to be able to interview Mr. King.”

Fang Tian said with a smile: “What do you want to know? You can ask directly.”

Mackney asked with a smile: “First of all, I am curious, why are you called King, it seems that you are called like this on the Internet?”

Fang Tian took a sip of red wine: “King, as the name implies, means king. I used this nickname for the first software I made, dreaming of creating an empire.”

“oh?” McNee said: “Now, has your dream come true?”

“Not yet.” Fang Tian smiled and shook his head: “Operating System has not succeeded yet.”

A McNee reporter asked: “I have experienced the sun setting computer, and the Phoenix dual-core processor is indeed very powerful. I am curious, why can the Phoenix processor beat Intel?”

Fang Tian can’t always say that I was born again and come to this world era with many technologies?

If it is published, it will be caught and studied.

Fang Tian said with a smile: “Actually, it’s not as difficult as imagined to be a processor, at least it’s easier to succeed than Operating System. The annual investment of SoftCloud in research and development is amazing, plus early exploration, Beyond Intel is inevitable.”

German Pictorial: “It is said that Intel is developing a dual-core processor. Do you think it will overtake Phoenix?”

Fang Tian shook his head slightly, self-channel: “The technology of Phoenix processor is at least 3 years ahead of its opponents. While Intel is struggling to catch up, Phoenix is ​​already developing a new generation of processor chips.”

Mackney was surprised: “Can you reveal the new generation of processors?”

Fang Tian smiled and nodded: “Phoenix 520 processor, quad-core!”

The McNee reporter stared wide-eyed, Phoenix is ​​already doing quad-core.

“Phoenix processors will always lead their opponents and will maintain their advantages.”

If you want to keep the company ahead, you must explore in advance. It is like a mobile network. Huawei is very strong in 5G. It has been ahead of its opponents for at least two years. 5G has not been popularized yet. Huawei is already studying 6G.

Mackney asked: “Why does SoftCloud independently develop its own chip?”

Fang Tian thought for a while and said, “There are two main reasons. First, in order to have a better experience, the computer is fast and the sun is not fast, not only the Phoenix processor, but also the dream. system, but the result of perfect integration of hardware and software, 1+1 is greater than 2.”

“Today’s SoftCloud is the only one in the world, with its own Operating System and self-developed pc chips. This is an advantage that neither Microsoft nor Intel has.”

“Second, it’s from my personal sense of anxiety. With the growth of SoftCloud, it is possible that in the future, tall trees will attract the wind and face technical barriers. A ban will most likely make our company in trouble. Self-developed processors Chips can firmly control your destiny in your own hands.”

Max nodded: “As a final question, Intel and Samsung are the two largest Semiconductor companies in the world today. Do you think that the sun will not fall on the Semiconductor industry, can you surpass Intel and Samsung?”

Fang Tian confidently said with a smile: “I believe that within two years, if the sun goes down, it will definitely become the world’s largest Semiconductor manufacturer.”

Mackney was surprised: “Is it really possible?”

Fang Tian’s tone is very affirmative: “Yes. Our chip industry leads the world, and will continue to maintain its advantages!”

In 2019, the global chip market exceeds US$300 billion, and domestically imports US$200 billion in chips every year, surpassing oil and becoming the largest imported commodity.

What an amazing number!

Imagine that a Jinshan Yinshan is in front of you, and you feel excited when you think about it!

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